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Special Jounin

Missions are the principle source of income for both individual shinobi and the Hidden Villages from which they hail. In the minds of their clientele shinobi villages are not unlike mercenary groups, selling military force & advanced intelligence, security, tracking, and investigative services at a high price. Clients are willing to pay those exorbitant fees for one reason and one reason only, the skill and abilities of shinobi are unlike any other service one can buy. For many smaller nations that were incapable of maintaining a standing military force to rebuff larger, antagonistic forces, the ability to hire shinobi from these villages became a crucial aspect of their own defense.

The Hidden Villages, especially those representing The Five Great Shinobi Countries who boasted the greatest military power and strongest shinobi, came to rely on these contracts as the primary source of income for their villages, lacking traditional commerce or financial industries on the scale that civilian settlements possessed to support their own economy. On Naruto Saga that tradition continues, with missions representing the most common and straightforward method for characters to obtain currency (Ryō) used to pay for equipment, training, and various other aspects of the Sagaverse that require such payment.

Taking a Mission:

Before requesting or accepting a mission, all members must be cognizant on limitations placed on characters with respect to missions that exceed the rank of said characters. For the purposes of safety from the position of IC village leadership and congruity from site administration, a character may only request solo missions up to their own rank. For example, a Chuunin (C-Rank) may only request to solo missions up to C-Rank. Characters may request missions of higher than their own, however, doing so either necessitates the assistance of at least one other Player Character of their rank in order to take a mission of one rank higher or a Ninja of higher ranking than themselves in order to take a mission of their rank or lower.

Characters wishing to embark on a mission must go through the appropriate process, as with any other aspect of the site. Both the proper location to post custom mission applications and lists of pre-made available missions can be found in the Mission Section. When selecting pre-approved, repeatable missions members should post a reply to the mission's thread requesting permission and, for the quickest possible response, post a new reply to the Mission Modding Request Thread. Once permission is granted members are free to complete the approved mission at their leisure in the appropriate location (specified in the mission itself). In order to collect rewards members must "turn in" their mission(s) by posting a new reply in the original mission thread, linking their completed thread. At that time it is also advised that, once again, members post a reply to the Mission Modding Request Thread to ensure that a mod does not overlook their mission.

Members may participate in up to two mission simultaneously at any given time and no more, unless in a squad, until one or both of their current missions are completed. Missions taken and completed, even if incorrectly permitted by a moderator, are voided and may not be redeemed for any purpose. Likewise, the act of copy/pasting an illegally taken mission at a later date in an attempt to circumvent these limitations is prohibited. Missions count towards a member's overall thread limit.

  • D-rank - Assigned to genin fresh from the Academy. They pose almost no risk to the ninja's life and usually consist of odd jobs like farming and babysitting work.

  • C-rank - Assigned to more experienced genin or chūnin. They are missions with little to no chance of combat against other ninja. Examples are guarding people against bandits or highwaymen, background investigations, eliminating or capturing bandits or thieves, and capturing or suppressing wild animals.

  • B-rank - Assigned to experienced chūnin. They are missions anticipated to involve combat with other ninja. Examples are guarding people, espionage, or killing other ninja.

  • A-rank - Assigned to jōnin, concerning, among other things, village-or state-level matters and trends. Examples are guarding VIPs or suppressing ninja forces.

  • S-rank - Assigned to experienced jōnin and concern state-level confidential matters. Examples are assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents.

*Note* Missions are a transactional agreement between two parties, one of which commissioning and offering reward for a service and the other completing said service. Missions are not personal plot scenes in a vacuum. Unless some individual or some entity/organization is specifically contracting your character to complete a service do not apply for it as a mission. Topics that consist of a Player Character performing a task completely of their own volition with no official/financial interest at play should be completed as standard threads.

Mission name: (What is the name of the mission?)
Mission rank: (What rank is the mission considered? D-S)
Objective: (What is the mission asking for?)
Location: (Where does the mission take place?)
Reward: (What is the reward for completing this mission?)
Mission Description: (The details of the mission IC.)
Mission Details: (The details of the mission OOC. The information in this field is unknown to the character(s) taking part in the mission and is largely meant to guide direction and outline specific events.)

[b]Mission name:[/b] (What is the name of the mission?)
[b]Mission rank:[/b] (What rank is the mission considered? D-S)
[b]Objective: [/b](What is the mission asking for?)
[b]Location:[/b] (Where does the mission take place?)
[b]Reward:[/b] (What is the reward for completing this mission?)
[b]Mission Description:[/b] (The details of the mission IC.)
[b]Mission Details:[/b] (The details of the mission OOC. The information in this field is unknown to the character(s) taking part in the mission and is largely meant to guide direction and outline specific events.)

If there are any NPCs (non-player characters) whose abilities cannot be described quickly and simply, such as ‘a bandit with C-rank stats and a B-rank sword who can use Suiton, Doton, and Ninjutsu library techniques of C-rank or lower’, please add them into the mission application using the template below.

[b]General Appearance:[/b]

Ryo Rewards

D: 150 Ryo + 75 for crime
C: 300 Ryo + 150 for Crime
B: 500 Ryo + 250 for Crime
A: 1000 Ryo + 500 for Crime
S: 2000 Ryo + 1000 for Crime

Alternate Rewards

However if you have no desire for ryo, then you may take an alternative reward. You may use the mission as payment for a jutsu of equal or lower rank, bypassing the normal Ryo and wordcount requirements. As another option, you may receive an item of equal or lower rank to that of the mission, though it cannot exceed the Catalog's prices or power. Repeatable missions may not yield item rewards, and the item in question must be tied to the mission itself somehow.

Completing Missions

In order to complete a mission, you must meet a certain word count requirement before it's counted as complete. Note that even if the mission is completed by multiple people, the word count is not divided but rather each individual must meet the word count requirement in order for it to be complete for themselves. With this in mind, the Mission completion word count requirement is as follows:

D: 750 words
C: 1500 words
B: 2500 words
A: 3500 words
S: 5000 words

After minimum is met, you can earn 25 ryo per 100 words for regular missions, with the cap for this extra Ryo being double the mission payment.

After minimum is met, you can earn 50 ryo per 100 words for crime missions with the cap being double the mission payment

Extra words used for additional Ryo payout still count as part of the mission, and as such cannot be used for any other purpose.

At no time are you able to do more than two missions. They will count against your maximum thread count as well. You will need to wait until your current missions are approved before you can take any more.

For standard missions aligned with the Ninja Villages, completing the above word-count requirements will leave you with your rewards, without complications. The same, however, cannot be said for missions that cross the Five Great Nations, often known as Crimes. Crime Missions require 25% more words to complete, and the thread in which you do them must be at least 3 posts long. Crime Missions are not simple, everyday tasks, and even at higher ranks the gravity of your work may find you at more risk than those who serve the Elemental Countries. Crime Missions are at risk for invasion; to reflect this, you cannot post once, complete the minimum word-count, and expect to be safe. You also must wait at least 24 hours OOC before exiting the crime mission thread. Would be criminals should beware engaging in crime missions that would attract attention to themselves or their actions as such missions have the tendency to attract local ANBU and law enforcement.

Narrator Missions are a special classification of missions specifically published by the site as official pieces of the In-Character world and/or ongoing site story. These missions may be either permanent fixtures of the setting or temporary opportunities bound to a limited timeframe or event and may only be embarked on by any individual character a single time. Narrator Missions may possess restrictions in access or rewards/compensation that lies outside of typical Missions standards. Members may not submit applications for customized variants or entirely unique Narrator Missions.

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