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Issei, on yet another D-Rank mission, didn't need to get himself hyped to do manual labor. He saw it as a way to get his physical training in for the day without actually making a trip to the training grounds. Plus, in his experience, when shinobi were tasked with "home maintenance", it usually encompassed a far greater spectrum of activities than it initially led on, which is why some Genin hated doing said tasks and felt overwhelmed and underappreciated. A better way to look at it was as if it were easy money. Issei arrived at a house just outside of the heart of Kirigakure's busiest district, which was crowded with people and alive with commotion. He wondered why anyone would want property in such a neighborhood, considering it wasn't very spacious and it was always loud. Regardless, that wasn't his problem nor his property, so he walked up to the front door and gave two hard knocks. "Hello! It's Issei! You wanted someone to help around your house?" No response. Issei waited about a minute before knocking again. "You there? This was the address on the mission board!"

The door swung open to reveal a portly woman with a hateful look on her face, glaring at Issei as if he had woken a bear during its hibernation. "Do you really have to make such a ruckus? Get inside!" Issei nodded, close to apologizing but opting not to at the last second. He entered the house to find a mess: the floors were wooden, creaky, and broken in some places, the roof had signs of water damage, and there was dirt, dust, and what looked to be excrement, all over the place. "Well? Get to it." The woman dropped a number of supplies in front of him, most notably tape, polish for the floor, a broom, a dustpan, and a mop in a molded bucket. She then retreated to another room, slamming the door behind her.

Now, Issei was not an expert on home improvement, far from it. He set his priorities to cleaning and would fix whatever he could afterwards. Picking up the broom and dustpan, he got to work, sweeping the entirety of the house at breakneck speed, with such force that he could hear the wood of the broom creaking at times...or was that the floor? Once he'd swept, he picked up the mop, found a new, cleaner bucket to put it in, and then soaked it before going over the floors again until they were spotless. He used paper towels and cleaning solution to wipe down the kitchen and the bathroom, which were both horrifying, to say the least. He cleaned the toilet and shower with a brush, then went over the windows and mirrors with glass cleaner. Slowly but surely, things didn't look so bad or smell so bad, either.

Issei couldn't do anything about the water damage in the ceiling, but he applied vigorous amounts of duct tape to the spots on the floor that were a little too perilous, and then knocked on her door. By that time, the sun had set and it was dark out. "Uh, I cleaned and fixed everything as best I could! Could you sign my mission completion form so I can turn it in?" She opened the door just a crack and stuck her hand out, snatching Issei's pen and signing the form in a scribble before putting the pen back in Issei's hand and slamming the door. Issei smiled. "Cool, uh. Have a nice day."


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