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1 Delivery Required {C-Rank Mission} on Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:14 am



Rakurai had woken up at dawn, that seemed to be a habit of his always either right before sun rise or as it was rising. He was not sure why he always woke up at the same time everyday, but ever since he had recovered at the hospital all those years ago it had always been the same, well except for the days that he did not sleep at all. He started his day as he usually did every other day with a work out, but first he needed to do some warmups so that he did not pull something. After doing some stretching to get his body prepared for what is was that he had planned to do. Starting with some set ups he positioned himself on the floor of his room and placed his feet under the edge of his chair. As he began he kept count in his head, 'one, two, three, four, five...' as he continued counting he thought about what he should do for the day as he had nothing really planned. 'Twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five..' There was always the training grounds, although if he spent all day at the training grounds he would have to think of some kind of lie to tell Madam Selene. Rakurai doubted that she would actual believe him, but as long as she did not know he was going out to train for the second day in a row, then he would not have to listen to her complaining about him over working himself. 'Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven,forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty.' With that Rakurai turned and began his push ups, and after fifty of them he did a little shadow boxing. His alarm went of letting him know if was now seven in the morning, with his training done he headed to the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth.

As he showered his hand ran across the scar across his chest and he thought back to that day he woke up in the hospital with no memory of who he was or why he was wrapped in bandages and in so much pain. The nurses and doctors all came rushing into the room, every single one of them had hundreds of questions but he had no answers the only thing he knew was that his name was Rakurai. They told him he had been there for weeks, some travelers had found him washed up on the river side and rushed him to the hospital. The doctors said it was a miracle that he was even alive they had don't the best they could, however he would have the scar for the rest of his life but the pain would go away in a couple of days. It was still weeks later before they were able to remove the bandages and he was able to see the scar for the first time. The disfigurement ran from the top of his chest on the right side down diagonally to the left side, despite their best efforts this was the best they were able to heal him. The police came and asked a lot of the same questions during his stay at the hospital, but their investigation into who he was and where he came from kept hitting dead ends. Due to his age they could not just send him out onto the streets, and so he was escorted here to the orphanage.

Tap, tap, tap, tap. Raku's daydream was interrupted by the noise which he heard coming from his bedroom as, but he did not think anything about it as he got out of the shower and started brushing his teeth, but then he heard it again. Tap, tap, tap, tap. This spiked Raku's interest quickly spitting out the tooth paste and wiping his mouth before walking out of his bathroom into the bedroom looking for the source of the noise. Tap, tap, tap, tap. He heard the noise again drawing his attention to the window to see a messenger pigeon sitting on the windowsill tapping its beak on the glass. Rakurai walked over to the window opening it just enough to allow the pigeon to fly in and land on the back of his chair, it was then that he noticed the parcel tied to the pidgeon's leg. As soon as Rakurai removed the little birds package from its leg it took off out the window back to where ever it was that it had come from. Rakurai slowly unrolled the letter and read.

"Dear Kumo Genin,

If you have received this letter then you have been chosen for a mission of the most urgency, report to the Kumo post office at once!"

How odd Rakurai thought to himself what could be so urgent at a bloody post office? Still it was not like he had anything better to do in the first place, and so he finished drying off and grabbing a clean set of clothes and throwing them on, strapping his kunai and shuriken pouch to his right leg. Looking briefly to the clock on his beside table to see that it was just after eight thirty in the morning, before grabbing his coat. As he headed for the door Madam Selene step into his path, "and just where do you think you are off to?" she asked in her normal condescending tone, it was then that Rakurai realize it was his turn to help Madam Selene with the cleaning of the orphanage. Rakurai smiled because the note that he received actually saved him from having to do chores with her all day, he handed the note to Madam Selene before simply walking out the door. He knew that even though she was his guardian the call of the Shinobi was a higher authority than her and so he knew that she could not stop him.

Despite the fact that the note claimed that it was urgent and his desire to get out away from the orphanage as fast as he could. Rakurai knew that it really was not that important, so he decided to just take his time. The post office was in the center of the village so there was no way it was an attack, and if it was as important as the note claimed they would not be calling on low level Genin to help. If it was something major they would of called on the higher ranking shinobi, for no other reason than their skill level. As he strolled down the road he saw a couple of the other kids he had graduated with run past him, no doubt that they received the same letter as he did only they were fool enough to believe it actually was an emergency. Rakurai just chuckled to himself as he continued at his slow pace down the street towards the post office. He even stopped by the bakery and bought himself a pastry along the way, before continuing on to the post office. By the time he finally reached the post office it was a quarter to ten, and there were dozens of different Genin and even a couple of chuunin running in and out of the building.

As he approached the desk of the post master, he smiled and said, "I received a letter telling me to come down here." without even looking in Raku's direction the post master tossed a stack of five envelopes and a piece of paper that were bound together before snorting, "instructions are on the paper" and then returning to what he was doing. Rakurai removed the paper and opened it up to read the instructions, "these five parcels must be delivered by noon if you wish to get paid" was all it said, however below that was a map of the village with five red dots which he assumed were the indicators of where it was he had to go. After looking over the map Rakurai realized that there was no reasonable way of getting to every delivery by noon, "excuse me it says I have to get it done by noon but its already ten, there is no way I can get to all of them in just two hours their spread all over the village." The post master did not answer him right away and so Rakurai spoke again, "isn't there a way you could give me more time to get them delivered?" At those words the post master chuckled before turning to Raku with a big grin on his face, "if you wanted more time you should of got here sooner" he snorted out before pointing at the door and yelling for Raku to get a move on it.

Rakurai grabbed the letters and ran out the door there was no way he was not going to get paid for doing this, he would not allow that but if he wanted to get paid he would have to move fast and that means he could not use the road as there were to many people to get in his way. He quickly channeled chakra down to the bottom of his feet as he took off at a sprint the only way he was going to get this done was to use the supernatural walking technique and avoid all the people. As he ran he pulled the map out to see where the closest house was and to his surprise there was a line leading to the closest house and a green dot on the other end that was moving, its some kind of fuunijutsu he thought to himself not really worried about it as he was more concerned about getting to the houses. It took him fifteen minutes to get to the first house, even with him running across the rooftops which was not a good start but after delivering the letter and looking at the map again he saw that the red dot that marked the house was gone and the line was showing a path to the next house. He took off as fast as he could down towards the next house jumping from rooftop to rooftop in his desperate attempt to get to all the houses by noon, he cursed himself for taking his time getting to the post office he had no idea there would be a time limit.

Twenty minutes later he arrived at the second house, and once again when he looked at the map it had changed just like before showing the way to the next house. He only had an hour and twenty five minutes left and still over have the villages distance to cover, but none the less he took off as fast as he could to get to the next house. It was eleven fifteen by the time Rakurai reached the third house meaning he was down to forty five minutes, the good news was that according to the map the fourth house was not that far away and then he just had to get to the fifth. Luckily it only took him ten minutes to get to the fourth house, the downside was that the last house was on the far side of the village from where he was and he was down to thirty five minutes left.

He took off as fast as his feet would carry him towards the final house, luckily he was able to make it there with a minute to spare. He dropped the letter through the mail slot, and pulled the map out just in time to see the map disappear and be replaced by the words "thank you, your payment is waiting for you." Raku let out a sigh of relief, "thank god, I did it" he said as he threw his hands behind his head and headed back to the post office, his work here was complete now he just needed his payment.

{Exit Thread}

{using mission to acquire C-Rank Jutsu Lightning Release: Javelin}
WC: 2004
C-Rank Mission: -1000
Strength trained to E-2: -150
Speed trained to E-3: -375
Endurance trained to E-2: -150
Perception trained to E-2: -150
Reaction trained to E-2: -150
Total words used: 1975

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