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1 C Rank Mission - City Brawl [Private] on Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:20 pm

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Mission name: City Brawl
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Stop the Brawl
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 160 ryo
Mission description: There has been a brawl reported somewhere in the village, your job is too put a stop to it, either peacefully, or by force.
Mission details: There is going to be 5 people in an all out fist fight all with D-rank strength. They can be talked down, although it won't be easy, or you can simply knock them all out. However you can not do any serious damage to them what so ever, or you fail the mission. (serious damage is anything like maiming, killing, sending to the hospital, ECT)

2 Re: C Rank Mission - City Brawl [Private] on Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:11 pm

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
It had been a few weeks since Mizuki had taken care of some blood feud between bars, but here she was again. It seemed that her previous interference in the feud between the Backwater Bar and the The Rusty Penny Cartel had forced an uncomfortable peace between the two at first, but now two weeks later, that peace was broken and the harass had started again. So, once more, the bartender of the Rusty Penny Cartel had requested assistance. Considering her previous experience in the situation, Mizuki had been called to solve the situation, with the same rules as before: no maiming or killing. While she was certain she could subdue the situation before it escalated, she equally wondered how long the newly enforced peace would last before the gangs fell back in their old feud.

Wearing her official grey & white Kumo-nin garb this time, protector tightly around her forehead and katana on her hips,
Mizuki made her way to the place in question, running over the rooftops to remain out of sight as much as possible. Since it wasn't sure when exactly the Backwater brigands would appear, she'd have to hold a stake-out. The bartender had given a rough estimation, since the Backwater brigands seemed to have a sort of routine in their day, but that estimation still spanned an hour of the day. Sitting on the rooftop nearby, she patiently waited for them to appear.

Half an hour later, a gang of five arrived, not bothering to keep their approach quiet as their voices boomed through the streets and urged lesser loyal clientele to leave the perimeter. Mizuki recognised four of them, but one of them, a much broader and stronger looking man was new. She guessed he was the brute of the gang. Quiet, no brain, all brawn. He even grunted a little bit once in a while. Mizuki could only wonder in disgust what filthy products they shipped in the slums to make people this buff without any proper shinobi training, but she wouldn't get an answer to that as she generally didn't patrol the darker alleys of the city.

After creating two clones, Mizuki ran down the building as the clones hopped from one roof to another to reach the inn's roof and wait there for their entry. As she appeared, the leader of the gang turned around, scoffing at first for her dare to walk inside the inn again.

"Hey, you, what do you think you're doing?"
"My intentions were to go get a drink. Please, do not bar the entrance as it may be considered rude behaviour.", she replied in her usual diplomatic way. Somehow, the situation reminded him from a scene in the past as his mind slowly began to realise he had been in a similar situation before. Then it dawned him, and his eyes grew big.
"Y-you again?"
"Have we met before?", she asked, feigning innocence. "Because if we did, this means I would have urged you and your gang not to harass this inn anymore. To see you do so again would be a most disappointing experience."
"A-actually", he stated boldly, "We were hoping to meet you again. You see, I got a new friend that isn't pleased with how you treated us."

The muscle stepped forward, his size one serious head higher than hers, and looking down upon the shrimp she had to be in his eyes. Standing strong, he folded his arms and shot her a hostile glare. She could tell the man was used to beating up people, but she doubted he had the proper training to be much of a sport. Still, that muscle showed he'd pack a punch if he did hit her.

"To my memory, you agreed to leave the inn as it were. But here you are to seek retaliation? You disappoint me, but I'll offer you the opportunity to reconsider nonetheless. Please, leave the area and do not return again."

The leader grinned and shook his head. He wouldn't back down, having made up his mind as he assumed the shinobi wouldn't be a match for the muscle he had brought with him. She sighed at his defiance and pointed at an area away from the chairs and tables. Once again, she hoped to avoid structural damage, and oddly the muscle simply followed without so much as a complaint. As the two of them positioned themselves, Muscle Man smiled, seemingly satisfied he'd be able to beat up a woman. Mizuki in turn sunk low in her stance, resting her hand on her katana as she loosened the ribbon with which it was generally attached around her waist - she could not use lethal force, so rather than to draw her katana, she'd have to use her weapon still sheathed. Everybody, including clones, watched with anticipation.

Muscle rushed towards her, faster than his weight would give him credit for, and swung his meaty fists wildly at Mizuki. She was obliged to dodge, as she didn't wish to be hit by one of those and was driven back more and more with every swing of his arms. He seemed to have some endurance despite it all, but she couldn't tell how long he could maintain this wild fighting style of his. Hopefully not too long.

The duel between the two went on for a while as Mizuki dodged and countered, but seemingly did little other than hit tickle him. The man was pretty resilient to
bruising, and with her katana sheathed he had little means of taking him out. It seemed like a losing fight, and the man seemed to think the same as his grin became wider with every passing swing. The outcome became more apparent as he was able to place a few well aimed blows, making Mizuki lose her balance a few times, and even ending flat on the floor at one time. The man was already rising her arms in triumph. As if he was in the ring.

Getting back up, Mizuki decided she'd have to take on the situation a little different. She picked out her kunai instead as that one wouldn't be as lethal as her katana, and worked in some basic kugutsu chakra lines. She flung the kunai at a nearby pole, keeping it under her control with the chakra lines and went back to Muscle for another round. Once again, the fight seemed to give her little winning chance, but this time she dodged around her opponent so that the chakra lines could slowly weave them around him. And then, at some point, the noose tightened. His feet got entangled in the chakra lines the moment Mizuki poured a little more chakra into it, making him lose balance. Like a large tree, he hit the floor hard, and she immediately follow it up with a simple technique that would leave most citizen knocked out for a while.

Somewhat panting from the exhaustion and the upcoming illness, she eyed the rest of the group to see if they'd dare joining the fight. She knew they were less resilient, which meant her katana's scabbard would have more of an effect, but seeing how she had just taken out their muscle, the group seemed rather hesitant.

"You lot have been most defiant. I suggest you return home and cease these pleasantries. If next time I need to return, I might not be in such a forgiving mood."

The group left it for what it was, dragging along their friend with them and leaving Mizuki alone. If anything, she would have to talk about this to the superiors, perhaps requesting permission for a little more punishing measures or a proper investigation in their hide-out.


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