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1 The Pack vs the One (Mission/Solo) on Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:47 pm



Coyotes VS Shinobi:
Mission name: Coyote vs. Shinobi
Mission rank: B
Objective: Kill or catch the pack of coyote's
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 290 ryo
Mission description: A pack of coyotes has been attacking villagers around the town entrance. The coyotes had already killed one kid who was alone outside the villages. The coyotes are strong and are with at least 5 of them seen outside the walls. You have to kill or capture the pack of animals before they can do more harm to the city and its villagers.
Mission details: The animals will attack you first in surprise and circle around you. They have great teamwork and it look like they can read each others mind.

For a while now Harichimo had sat in his temporary abode. A decent motel with basic amenities would suffice. He had space cleared aside so he could still workout and meditate. He hanged his monolith robe in front of the space as a reminder of how far he has come and how much there is left for him to accomplish. But he mostly spent his days sitting, plotting, and planning on how he was going to deal with his problems at hand. He had not heard from his family in a good time, fearing they may have been sworn to silence by some of the elders. Some days it got to much for him and we end up punching a wall, almost punching clean through. He knew the time was coming but for now he had to be patient and try to keep his mind clear. Today he decided a walk around the central courts might be a good idea. Harichimo walked into the bathroom of the room and looked at what was before him. A shell of what he used to be. His hair let down and messy, some stubble coming in on his face, and his arms left bare. He was disgusted and rushed to splash some water on his face. He then grabbed the kunai he never touched in his career. He felt the razor thin edge and took it to shave away the rust that had gathered from his face.

After some more time in the bathroom Harichimo would reappear now cleanly shaven and glowing more then he was before. He walked towards the door of the apartment as he tightened his bandage arm wraps in the style he enjoyed for so long. He exited the building and took in a breath from the crisp Iwagakure air. It filled his lungs with a renewed sense of life. He would walk through the streets and take in the sites that he had missed while he was in the deserts of Sunagakure. He would arrive at the courtyard where a water fountain took up most of the space. He walked around it and soon came upon the missions board which seemed to be relatively bare as of late. He scanned over the available jobs and spotted one with a picture of a coyote drawn on it. He grabbed the slip and it explained a dire situation in one of the smaller villages around the entrance. A pack of coyotes has gotten brave and started to cause a problem for them. Even going as far as to have killed a small child in broad day light. It made Harichimo mad that this kind of thing was happening while he was worrying about his own small problems. He took the mission and folded it up into his pocket and made his way to the gates and begin a walk to the troubled area.

Harichimo would walk down the path surrounding the village walls as he kept an eye out for the brazen predators. Outside the walls seemed to be just dead air. He wasn't hearing the hustle and bustle that most people would become accustomed to when living inside the walls for so long. The air was still with very little sound. Only a stray chirp from some birds that took refuge in the trees along the path. Harichimo appreciated the silence, only him and his thoughts on the path. It was the first time in a long time that he could think clearly. The calm air seemed like a signal for him to relax and take the stresses he felt off of his shoulders. Harichimo would take his jacket off and sling it over his shoulder in place of the stress and let the cooler air run over him. He took a deep breath as he continued the walk down the path in what seemed to be a more wooded area of the path. This was probably where the beasts would have made their home.

Harichimo scanned through the trees to see if there was any movement at his arrival. Everything still seemed calm except for a few crows that sat in on of the trees. Harichimo found it odd to see them now after he hadn't seem any on the walk over. With caution he decided to approach the tree. When he arrived at the base of the tree he did feel a colder sensation come over him. He looked around to see what may have cast such a dark aura in the area. He saw the paw prints in the dirt of what he assumed was the pack of coyotes. Harichimo was now in the den of the pack and he knew he was in serious trouble if he couldn't come up with a plan. But as he looked away from the tree he felt something smash into his back and he hit the ground hard. He looked up to see a set of fangs come for his face but he rolled to avoid them.

Harichimo looked behind him to see the pack of five coyotes staring him down. They quickly circled around him as they seemed to formulate a plan to take him down and kill him. With an sense of urgency Harichimo got back up to his feet and into his fighting muay thai stance. The coyotes seemed to take a step back but then back into their aggressive circling as if they liked the challenge Harichimo was going to give them. They circled him for what seemed like a solid minute before one made the first move. A coyote that was behind him made a dash to try and get a bite on his leg. Harichimo made a quick shift and retaliated with a roundhouse kick landing square on the dog's face with a yelp. Then another coyote leapt and would try to bring Harichimo down by biting his arm. Harichimo was quick to withdraw his arm and continue his spin to drive a punishing blow to the back of the second coyote leaving it to lay on the ground. Harichimo would finally get a break and return to his stance as the three coyotes left seemed to turn into more cautious creatures.

Harichimo got into a lower defensive stance and focused chakra into his arms for the rage technique that proved to be a staple in his arsenal. Then the three coyotes began to rush all at once in what might have been a desperation move. Harichimo moved forward as well he reached out with a jab and let the chakra force  blow back the coyote on the left then a second jab to send a wave for the far right. The two coyotes stopped in their tracks as the chakra hit them but the third one kept coming. Hairhcimo began to run forward and catch the coyote under the neck. With a mighty effort he pulled the coyote up and brought it back down to earth with a right over head punch. The coyote landed in a purple lighted dust cloud and dead as a bag of bricks. Harichimo turned and leapt towards the last two and brought his fists down on their skulls with the rage technique flashing purple and signaling the end of the scuffle.

Harichimo landed one knee and sat there for a second to take in what had happened. A pack of normal docile scavengers and opportunistic predators had felt brazen enough to challenge a fully healthy and capable human. They seemed smart enough to formulate a plan of attack but they were to primal and brave to realize they were out matched. What could have made these coyotes turn into aggressive hunters? Harichimo would shake his head and get the thoughts out from his head for now he had to get the bodies in a row and make sure he got the whole pack or else they would still prove a threat. He would get to work grabbing the coyotes two at a time and lined them up next to each other. And soon laid five dead predators at his feet. Harichimo looked over his arms at the little bit of blood that stained his arm bandages. A sight he hadn't seen in quite some time. Harichimo took one more stock over the quarry and started to walk away with a renewed sense of being. He had just made a huge difference for the people of the village. No more having to worry about being attacked by a group of wild dogs. Harichimo felt his inner drive coming back. The spark he had been missing for the past couple of months. He needed to forget his troubles and start to focus on whatever challenge was put in front of him until the time is right to tackle the problems at large. For now it was time for him to return to the motel and rest up for the next mission. Eventually he would have to seek an audience with the Tsuchikage, but the problems can wait until Harichimo is stronger and wiser.

Exit thread

1500/1520 Mission complete


Futon: S-Rank | Doton: C-Rank | Katon: C-Rank
Medical Ninjutsu: S-Rank | Taijutsu: S-Rank | Ninjutsu C-Rank
Mission Counter: D:4 C:4 B:5 A:0 S:0 SS:0
Active Passives: +2 tier to Speed (Specialization)

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