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1 Night patrol {D-Rank Mission} on Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:09 am



There were missions and then there were punishment and tonight Rakurai felt as if this was a punishment. He had received a letter yesterday instructing him that he had been chosen for the night patrol today. He was not psyched about it but he knew that he was in no position to decline the order as he was but to serve the village and follow whatever orders he received without questions. Today he woke up at the same time as he always did at sunrise and he knew that he had a long night ahead of him so he set out to tire himself out so that he would be able to take a nap before his night shift patrolling the village. He started off with physical exertion through training followed by helping Madam Selene with some physical labor around the orphanage, before he sat down and ate a very large lunch and then went to lay down. Later on that day he awoke and he began to get himself prepared for his night shift of walking around the village to make sure everything was going as it should. After he had made sure he had all of his gear ready he headed down stairs to leave, as he headed for the door he saw a small package sitting on the table with a note. He picked up the note to read it to find that the package was a lunch Madam Selene and her assistant Andrea prepared for him, he just hoped Andrea had not been the one that cooked any of it or he would not be able to eat tonight. He stuck the package in his pack before heading out the door and down the road to the administration building to report in and find out where it was that he would be patrolling. The sun was setting so he still had some spare time before he had to be there and decided to take the scenic route to get there. As he walked down the road he saw most of the shops were already closed and then the other ones were closing as he walked by. The cool summer breeze that flowed through the village street got Rakurai's hopes up as it smelt of rain, maybe it will storm tonight at least then I could have some fun he thought to himself as he arrived at the administration office. Going inside he saw a bunch of other Genin that he had graduated with along with a few people he had not met yet gathered around the front desk awaiting their orders. A man came out from a door behind the desk with a stack of papers and sat down at the desk before announcing over the clambering of everyone in the building "alright, alright, now shut up!" he shouted across the room so loud that even standing in the back of the room Rakurai felt as though the man was standing next to him. "As I call your name come get you assignment and then get out." the man said in what sounded to be a very annoyed voice. The man began calling out names and one by one everyone got their orders and headed out the door. By the time the man called Rakurai's name more than half the others had already gone. He was assigned to the market place so he headed out to start his patrol.

The market place was completely deserted by the time he had arrived and began his patrol. Aside from some stray cats fighting in the alley it was a quite and very boring night for Rakurai, and despite his wish for rain it never came. When the sun began to rise he headed back to the administration office to receive his payment for his night wasted.

{Mission Complete}
{Exit Thread}

WC: 640
Using mission to acquire D-Rank Jutsu Solar Flare.

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