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1 City brawl {C-Rank mission} on Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:17 am



It was not very often that Rakurai took the day off to rest but the few times he does he found it near impossible for him to stay in the same spot for to long. Even in the company of others he found it best for him to be moving around in some manner to keep himself from insanity, which was why he was always walking around the village or help Madam Selene around the orphanage. Today he chose to take a walk around the village and maybe do some site seeing and truly relax something he had not done in a couple of years, since he first arrived in the village.

As he got closer to the busier part of the village he over heard some of the gossip going around the village mostly concerned about the other villages some about the Hidden Clouds village but not many of them. Rakurai had a well drawn map in his head of the village between his time training and exploring the village over the past couple of years. Rakurai wasn't really comfortable with the dealings of politics or anything that would concern more than himself he had his own problems and could not care less about the gossip going around the village. Most of the rest of the afternoon he spent most of his time at the Thunder Temple which was by far his favorite place in the entire village. After having ask the caretakers he was allowed to meditate there for a few hours feeling the strong presence of the electrified air as it seemed to rejuvenate him filling him with positive energy and enthusiasm. After he left the Temple he continued his walk around the village, but he made sure to stay clear of the battle plateau and the Arbiters Grounds as he didn't want to be tempted to train on what was suppose to be his day off, and finally he came to rest under the shade of the Great Durian Tree as the sun started to set in the sky. Rakurai sat there watching the sunset and the change over the village as the lighting changed. Once the sun had fully set and darkness over took the village, Rakurai decided it would be good to head back to the orphanage to get some sleep.

As he headed down the street he watched as the street lights began turning on one by one until the street was a glow from their light. As he neared the orphanage he heard shouting and swearing in the distance down one of the side roads and his interest was peaked, wanting to see what was going on he headed down a small side street in the direction of the noise to go and investigate the source of the commotion. Rounding the last corner he could not believe his eyes there was a group of people surrounding another smaller group of about five people that seemed to be having an all out brawl while the others cheered them on. Rakurai pushed his way through the crowd trying his best to get a good look at what exactly was going on, as he reached the front of the crowd surrounding the five that was fighting he figured out that he was right they were having a fist fight free for all, and although it got his blood pumping watching it none of them looked as if they were Shinobi. There is no sense in letting them beat each other up he thought to himself as he jumped into the group in an attempt to stop them from fighting. As he entered into the small area that had became this brawling arena ducking and dodging swings from all over, it was clear to him that none of these people had received proper Martial arts training and that they were just waving their fists around in hopes of hitting their mark. They were probably all drunk judging by the smell that was in the air, at first he just tried to stop them by asking them to break it up. However it soon became clear that it did not work out that way and soon he became one of the targets for a couple of the attacks and he had to defend himself.

His goal was not to injure anyone simply stop the fighting and send everyone home in one piece. After getting away from the attacks of the first two he was able to punch one of them in the gut, not hard enough to do any damage just enough to knock the wind out of him and make him fall to his knees. The second one was not as easy but still was not difficult to subdue after blocking a couple of his wild punches he was able to get him and the third guy apart and after a couple of slaps he was able to snap them to their senses and send them on their way. The last two looked at each other as Rakurai turn his gaze upon them and he could see the fear in the two men's eyes and so he decided to mess with them a little bit and moved like he was going to hit them like he did the others which caused both the fall backwards landing on their ass, before they quickly scrambled to their feet and taking off, problem solved Rakurai thought to himself before noting that he would need to right up a report about this incidence to avoid getting in trouble himself considering he is suppose to be a protector of the village and they were all villagers. With the fight over the larger crowd disbursed a lot of them booing at Rakurai for breaking up the fight before it got good, but he just shrugged it off and with a huge sigh he headed for the orphanage to write a very long report which he really was not looking forward too but knew he had to since it is now part of his life as a Shinobi.

{Mission completed}
{Exit thread}

WC: 1018
Using mission to acquire C-Rank Jutsu Lightning Release: Arc Restraint

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