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Through the wild array of verdure, a snaking path of sunlight played on the ground. The emanation consumed everything that was lowly and made it royal. As life crawled to the edges, canoes awaited, swaying in the river. The levels of water were higher these days. However, it had yet to prove a challenge for Gunxia. The layout still sparkled, it was as if Gunxia used the ill intentions of the heavens as his own master of decor. This village that expanded throughout all of the wilderness of Kumogakure, and increasingly was lending its influence abroad, was known to have to struggle against the Gods of water. The last 20 years had seen the village prosper under Gunxia, as he expertly tamed the mild efforts from above to undermine the village's agriculture and means to survive. This outpost was growing to become the main source of bronze, military, and agriculture to the neighboring civilizations. A branch of the civilization that had long established roots within Kumogakure's walls, was returning to display diplomacy and strength in unity. This branch was the Chikara. The brightly shining youth of the clan, Kenji accompanied the troop. At the time, Kenji was only 14 years old, but he was already leaving his family in awe of his sharp weapon acuity and his knack for yin chakra manipulation. Even the sages amongst the clan remarked on his unity with nature, and foresaw his mastery of Senjutsu. Unfortunately, the intentions of the Chikara were not completely devoid of any selfish motives. The Chikara were aware of how influential the Xia were becoming, and they wanted their people, specifically Kenji, to have a strong influence within the inner circle of power. This was not a complete secret, but it was taboo to discuss publicly. This innate tension, brewed a rivalry between the young Kenji and Yuxia. Yuxia was the son of the current leader of the village, Gunxia. Yuxia was also 14 years old and was a prodigy in his own right. Having received some of the best education in irrigation and civil engineering the youth had already amassed a great amount of wisdom and insight on how to propel the village forward for decades. Outside of that, the young Yuxia, had already rivaled the strongest shinobi in the village in earth and water chakra manipulation. Due to the immense quantity of books he had already absorbed, he was becoming quite a scholar in sealing jutsu as well. He had plans, that were still far off, on how to the tame nature differently than his father.

There was an exhibition to occur soon. The advertisement was to show the great potential of the Xia and Chikara, but the underlying implication was to greatly influence who be next to rule over the village of Erligakure. The exhibition would see Kenji and Yuxia duel each other. There was a strong dislike that was present between the two. The conception had long been, the Xia were the fighters that emerged, whereas the Chikara were the politicians. Consequently, the Xia were viewed as shortsighted, and Chikara had the knack for establishing empires and dynasties, and increased influence abroad. The Chikara were pacifist by nature, making them more appealing to create alliances with. A harmonious joint effort between the two cultures could have cultural shaping impacts, but neither side were confident that the partnership would adopts such a smooth nature. Up until now, the two sides hid their true intentions, but with some inner conflict rising up within the Xia, both sides felt now was the best time to come together and really be transparent in each other's goals for the future concerning the relationship of the Xia and Chikara. Each side was looking to use the spar between Kenji and Yu as leverage. Would there be leverage needed between the two rulers in training, or was one already outclassing the other? A spar of words took place between the two as they sat alone in the library reviewing the formalities of the new upcoming events. 

"Kenji, it is obvious the Chikara are trying push their ideals on us. Our rituals are almost completely transformed from our customs." 

"This is a joint ceremony, you did not expect the proceeding to go unchanged, did you? You are looking too deep into this, as always. Stop trying to make this into some sort of conquering." 

"Always political lately, I know you dislike how your family operates. You want to scream out 'Im faster, stronger, and can cut your throat whenever'. You crave to boast, not this tap dancing around the blatant truth routine."

"Battle is battle. Diplomacy is Diplomacy. Each shape the other. Every one knows there has to be conflict before a true agreement can be made. I'm not dancing around anything, I just understand that battle does not many we will not work together. Therefore, I am making an effort to not have it be personal when I defeat you the day after tomorrow."

Yu sprouted up from seat, "You fool!" 

Kenji growled as if a lion dwelled within him, he rose up to meet Yu, "Fool? I'm faster, stronger, and can cut your throat whenever! Or have you already forgotten!?"

The two rivals' foreheads collided, each of them refusing to budge. All of a sudden, blood began to trickle from Kenji's forehead. He growled even louder, refusing to... Kenji realized he want just bleeding by some accidental angle of contact that caused his skin to break, but his head was aching. Yu's head was significantly harder than his. His eyes broke away from Yu's and inched up. A layer of earth that was secreted from Yu's head separated the two. Kenji began to wince. 

"Is there something wrong? Not so big headed anymore."

Kenji formed an hand seal and suddenly Yu expelled a loud gasps and immediately began to grit his teeth. Kenji was using a pain sharing Genjutsu, but he was causing Yu to feel pain of a slightly greater intensity. Both of the two jutsus the two were using, were techniques they had yet to show each other, and were still very much in the developing phase. In the years to follow, they would look to go jutsu for jutsu, refining and mastering techniques that would caused the other to marvel. They both admitted they had underestimated each other as they pushed away and fell back into their seats. Kenji wiped the specs of blood from his forehead. Yu opened his book again, 

"I need to resume learning your fickle routines."

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After hours of silence and focused reading, Kenji's father entered the study. He gestured to Kenji it was time to return to the their to prepare to sleep. Both Yu and Kenji studied diligently, as they wanted to impress tomorrow, and again the day after when they met for a friendly spar. Kenjasi, father of Kenji gave hearty hello to Yu. "My boy, I hear you are as sharp as ever! The future of this clan is looking extremely bright thanks to the great elders here. Keep up the good work, and I will see you tomorrow."

"Thank you sir. You are always welcomed, your many feats are still sung in our schools."

Kenjasi and Gun (Yu's father) were the best of friends. They always found the young motivation that fueled their sons hilarious, and wished they still had that same energy to compete so rigorously. However, they had both taken a back seat to the younger shinobi already. Kenjasi was not the head of the Chikara clan, and was still very much a warrior at this time. Where Gun, was the ruler of the Xia and was hardly ever seen in battle anymore. Kenjasi was not skilled with chakra, but he was a master of virtually ever Bukijutsu specialty, and was immensely strong, physically and mentally. Gun was basically Kenjasi's twin, except Gun was known also to be more intelligent and much more skilled in chakra manipulation. Kenji inherited his father's bukijutsu skill, and his uncle's Genjutsu skill. Yu, inherited almost everything from his father, they were nearly copies of each other, both focusing on the same skill sets. 

"Before we leave, there is something I want to announce to the both of you. "

Kenji looked up, eager to know what information his father had that had not yet been told to him. 

"The 3 great animal sages will be attending the ceremony tomorrow. The Dragon sage, the Turtle sage, and the Lion sage. Each of them will debate among themselves, and decide which of them will train you two special shinobi for a short time. This will not be senjutsu training, but they will simply share advanced and fundamental combat knowledge and strategy."

Both of the grinned, and then they smirked at each other. Even the sages had ranks. The Lion sage was thought to be weakest of the three because he had no elemental affinity, but physically he was the most impressive in terms of speed, strength, and tenacity. The turtle sage was ranked next, known for his incredible defense and water mastery. He had long been an adviser to the Xia. Then, there was the Dragon sage, thought to be the strongest of the 3. It had been decades, since the Dragon sage had found a shinobi worthy of his teachings. So recently, only the Lion and Turtle sage has selected shinobi to mentor. This year, was expected to be much different. 

As Kenji and his father walked briskly through the chilly evening,  

"Father, you have waited to the day before to share this news... now I do not have time to mask my excitement. I know our clan has a close relationship with the Lion sages, that dwell in the Kasfarian mountains, but it would be a great honor to the first shinobi in such a long time to be chosen by the Dragon sage."

"Haha, it would be. This is always an interesting ceremony. The Xia have strong relations with the Turtle sage, since he acts as the adviser on dam construction. It is usually decided that he will train a Xia. You know very well of our clan's lineage dating back to working closely with the Kasfarians and the Lion sage. Both myself and the current ruler were trained by the Lion sage. The Dragon sage on the other hand, is very neutral, at times... he has even been an enemy of our two clans. 250 years ago the Lion sage and the Turtle sage teamed up to fight the Dragon from impeding on our rights. Times have changed..."

"Yes, I know... perhaps I should not be so excited to work with someone with such a spotty history..."

Kenji fell silent for a moment as he allowed his lust for power to forget about the transgressions against his people during more ancient times. 

Eyes glued to the ceiling, but the images in front of his was not of a plain ceiling, but of hundreds of people, and company of the sages. Boasts of being selected by the Dragon sage were being prepared in his mind against Yu. With the thought of one upping Yu before the spar, he smiled and was able to sleep calmly. A few doors down, Yu sat with his father Gun.

"I spoke with Chikara Kenjasi... the sages will be in attendance tomorrow..."

"Aha! Kenjasi must have said that to spark a little more fire between you and Kenji. He really does enjoy seeing you two clash with such vigor... but yes, they will be in attendance. Two of them will select a student to train for a short time. Not in senjutsu, but just useful skills."

"I see father... I know the story that you were selected by the Turtle sage, and that is why our people trust you so much with all of the trials we go through concerning the endangerment of our crops. And Kenjasi was selected by the Lion sage... the consensus is that the Turtle sage is stronger... did this affect the people's image of you, did they perceive you stronger?"

A small grin lingered on Gun's face. He knew that his son was thinking, if Kenji was chosen by a higher ranking sage, would the boastful Kenji ever cease his taunting. 

"Like you, Kenjasi and I were very young. You both received excellent training. In the long term, it had no bearing on our fully developed skill." 

Gun paused for a moment, as he contemplated where he should share more information, specifically about the Dragon sage...

"But son..."

"Please father..."

"The Dragon sage, being selected by him, it is like no other experience. I will be frank... anyone who trains with him, will simply be unstoppable. It does not stop there, his knowledge is even more dangerous in the hands of a strong Genjutsu user... You are becoming a man now. You need to hear the cold truth. This is extremely important, and hard for me to say, mostly because I consider Kenjasi my brother... If Kenji is selected by the Dragon sage, you must kill him, and we will have to declare war."

Yu's jaw locked up, as his body became tense beyond what he thought was possible. 

"Kenji's Genjutsu potential along with his bloodline ability is too dangerous in the hands of the Dragon sage. In addition, the Dragon sage cannot be fully trusted in the first place. Them teaming up, could spell the end of our people, and we will fade away as but a legend in the history books." 

"Father, I hate Kenji... but I hope I do not have to..."

"That is irrelevant! Your duty above all else is to the people, not to your family and not to yourself, but to our legacy, our prosperity. If what is called of you means you can never see your family again because it is for the welfare of the Xia, you will do that without hesitation. Again, if the Dragon sage chooses Kenji, you will kill him during the exhibition."

Gun immediately got up and went to his office, leaving little Yu alone to stomach the truth. By morning it was already digested. 

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By morning, Yu's brain was sluggish from the weight of his newly acquired duty. As a shinobi, Yu was not naïve to killing, but this was Kenji. He definitely hated him, but a part of him wanted to battle Kenji for decades just like their parents, prove that with development he would outshine Kenji and show everyone he was the rightful heir. Also, Kenji pushed young Yu to train harder. Now to snuff out Kenji's life, would be snuffing out a part of his own. He could not tell a lie and say that a large portion of his life has not been dedicated to competing against Kenji. Despite all of this, Yu would not hesitate. His strong will is what got him here. It was not in his nature to back down from a challenge or necessary hardship. If it came to that... if the Dragon sage chose Kenji to train, he would murder his... friend. If it came to that.

Through the night, Yu had devised a plan. He would do every thing in his power to prevent Kenji from being selected. This was just as important to helping the village. The idea had just came to Yu. If it was in the best interest of the Xia that Kenji not be selected by the dragon sage, instead of waiting for him to be chosen and kill him, just stop him from being chosen all together. Everyone and Yuxia knew, that the Dragon sage was very formal. He demanded the utmost respect from everyone. The Dragon sage subsequently viewed the actions of the those in attendance for the ceremony as a direct reflection of their reverence to him. Any forgotten line, any wrong step, any action out of sequence would be met with either the Dragon's sage's wrath or his disdain. Yu's plan was now to sabotage Kenji in secret. He did not have much time.

Once the ceremony starts, it would be difficult do anything to impair Kenji undetected. Therefore, Yu had to set some type of snare early this morning. If only he knew Genjutsu to the level of Kenji, he could make him paralyzed with fear during an important speech he had to give, or cause him to go the wrong direction during the lining of the bronze vases. Yes, Genjutsu was the easy way out. Ninjutsu could accomplish similar feats, it would just require more creativity on his part.

Yu had mastered the shadow clone jutsu. Yu would arrive to the ceremony location early, and leave a clone behind to sneak around and create obstacles for Kenji. Causing him to be late and to be in distress. Not only would he be late, but his mindset would not be optimal for such a grandeur event. Kenji was already crude enough to begin with.

Kenji was up and about. He brushed his teeth vigorously, so his teeth would beam with the same intensity of his self confidence. Sparkling on his bed, was the prescribed garment for the ceremony. The cloth was interwoven with turquoise and gold. It was a magnificent arrangement. It was well creased and spotless. Swinging open and revealing the future to come, a future cradled by a dragon possibly. Revealed was the path that led to the stadium. Before stepping out... Somebody else is here.

Yuxia's clone that hiding along the path a little further ahead. His eyes dropped with fear. Yu's clone felt like Kenji could hear his eye movements. There is no way he can sense me, or that anything is wrong. I made the path look identical to the original.

Yu's clone had mimicked the path, but it was really quicksand and popping muddy substance. It's intent was to snare Kenji and ruin is uniform. Could Kenji have detected it. Then from the wings appeared a man approaching the path. If this random man walks on the path, it will ruin trap.

Kenji yelled, "I knew it! Sir, do not take another step!! This path is reserved for those attending the XiaChi ceremony. "

"My deepest apologies, I was just trying to do my daily landscaping."

"Understood. You can resume tomorrow."

"Yes sir."

The man walked off gingerly. My senses are as sharp as ever.

As Kenji praised himself he stepped onto the false path. Immediately ripples ran through the path, while also swirling. Dread drizzled throughout his dome, forming sweat to fall. He calmed himself for a moment and concentrated chakra in his feet... but he still could not escape. The path became to bubble and was soiling the bottom of his uniform, soon, his entire outfit would be destroyed. What is going on... Yuxia!!! He is trying to sabotage me!!!

Kenji yelled, "Yuxia!!!!" Yu's cloned snickered behind his cover. The real Yu could observe everything that was going on and he was very pleased. He looked up to the sky. Kenji, you will hate me, but I just saved your life and tranquility between our two clans. The deed was done, and Yu's clone vanished. Right as the clone did, a burst of mud was expelled from the ground, drenching Kenji in the wet soil. Just like that, the path was restored, but Kenji was wrecked. I never expected the honorable Yu to stoop to these tactics. This style is reserved for me...

Kenji would have to return home, and pick up his spare uniform. This would surely cause him to be late, and knowing how strict the Dragon sage is, ruin his chance of the Dragon sage choosing him.

The Dragon sage was snarling at the ceremony being delayed due to the absence of Kenji. 10 minutes late, Kenji finally arrived. His father exhaled deeply at the sight of his son. His gaze drifted away from Kenji in displeasure. Kenji was more so furious about disappointing his father than the sages. This was an important showcase for the Chikara as well, not just for himself. Gunxia rose triumphantly.

"Yes! The pride of the Chikara is here. We can now begin. Thank you all for showing up, and especially to the sages to be so gracious in your offer to train our star pupils."

The ceremony proceeded with intricate recitation of legends and missions for the future. The sages were given offering to show the XiaChi gratitude. The vases were lined up showcase the influence of the Xia and their rise to power. It was perfect. Kenji and Yu performed flawlessly in their roles to represent their respective clans.

Gunxia rose again, "Now we will hear from our sages. They have already deliberated and will now decide who they will train."

A envelope was handed to Gunxia.

His eyes began to sparkle. He knew his son had something to do with Kenji being tardy, and he was happy. The goal was to not allow Kenji to be trained by the Dragon sage and...

"Without further adieu. Kenji Chikara will be trained by the Lion sage. I am sure this develop into a long standing relationship that will benefit both of you. Yu Xia will be trained by.... the Dragon sage. MY son must have really impressed today and I am very thankful for the sage's interest to train Yu."

Yuxia's plan worked perfectly. The two of them collided alone in the Pendulum room, where they would battle tomorrow.

"Congratulations Yuxia. You went to great lengths to ensure your spot. Just know, now you will never know if you could have bested me fair and square. But you will know tomorrow. In a direct fight, you will not be able to hide in the shadows and use low class sabotage methods to emerge victorious."

Yu was elated, Kenji could live. He was surprised by how much his relief for Kenji's life dwarfed his joy of being trained by the Dragon sage. Yu guessed now, he would have two amazing means of progressing.

"Do not get too eager... we will have many more fights to come"

Yu spoke with a solemn and unusual tone. It caught Kenji off guard. Yu was not boastful, but he usually gave a little banter. Kenji extended his hand. Their hands clasped.

"Tomorrow, I will not be late"

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Hundreds of people were present to watch the exhibition between Kenji Chikara and Yu Xia. The two faced off against each other. The pride of their clans were on the line. Now that the Dragon sage had selected Yu Xia, it was now unlikely that the Chikara would gain strong influence within the Xia power circle, however, if Kenji impressed and completely outclasses Yu, then perhaps people would question the Dragon sage's decision. Therefore, this fight still had political implications. The sages were all present, they too wanted to know just how the two shinobi would match up against each other, and did they pick the finest of the two. Kenji had a regular katana, and his gloves of reflection pulled tight. At this point the blued haired illusionist was well known for his reflection based Genjutsu. Kenji was also feared for... being a dirty fighter. At this point in Kenji's career, he would use any trick to gain an advantage over his opponent, if it came to that. Yu on the other hand, was not as flashy as his rival. He was the epitome of efficiency. The pride of the Xia was extremely well rounded. At this time his versatile repertoire of earth and water Ninjutsu was already revered, and his physical strength and endurance was far advanced for his age. It would be a battle between nature jutsu after nature jutsu from Yu, against the agile Kenji, utilizing bladed weapons and reserving his chakra until he found the most precise moment to ensnare his opponent in a Genjutsu.

The two shinobi had bumped heads plenty of times, resulting in skirmished here and there. Aside from that, because they lived far from each other, they typically competed against each other by competing against their respective villages shinobi and through accomplishments. Both had already completed several missions and had held their own against Jounin level shinobi. They were resourceful and respected for what they were and feared for what they would become. This battle was just a sneak peak into an inevitable clash between two prime S rank level shinobi in 8 years. As it stood now, they were 5 meters apart from each other inside the Pendulum dojo. The roof was opened and now included sky scraping seats to allow people to watch from above in the clouds. A calm breeze brushed the hair of both shinobi, but judging by their expressions they might have been in a vacuum. Nothing existed outside of the onslaught of tactics and jutsu they would lay on one another. Proctor stepped between the two. He gave a glance to both, his face just as still. The audience was clamoring, he raised his hands to obtain quiet. Both parties would need to hear the rules of engagement. After explaining the terms, he gave them permission to start as he slowly removed himself from the frame.

Kenji slowly unsheathed his katana, still 5 meters away, Yu was not worried about an attack yet. The xia youth was surprised that Kenji was drawing his blade so soon. He looked at the blade with confusion. His style was to probe from distance with projectiles, using his great skill and avoiding close combat as long as possible because of his frailty. From 5 meters away, he slowly built up speed to attack. Yu could hear Kenji's foot steps but they were sounding fainter and fainter. Upon this realization, Kenji had leaped into the air, now hovering of Yu. Yu Xia stood his ground, and then Kenji vanished. A whizzing sound grew closer to Yu, and eyes now settled on an airborne Kenji, 10 meters away, and 3 shuriken but a few feet from his chest.

A Genjutsu already, but when did he...

There was no time to ponder how he was caught, he had to deal with the shuriken to come. Just like that, Yu was on the defensive, would the momentum build or would Yu manage to change the tide.

Yu was well of Kenji's affinity for fighting behind diversions and there was no way in Yu's mind that he was planning another attack behind the shuriken. Yu was impressed, right out of the gate, Kenji put together a triple layered attack. Genjutsu, shuriken diversion, and the killer attack, which Yu could not guess what it would be, but he would have to act fast.

As the shuriken closed in, Yu formed a few hand seals and spewed mud from his mouth, looking to stifle the shuriken. And it was sure to work. Right as the mud stream looked to enclose the projectiles, they suddenly halted and their path flanked out wide. The shuriken were set on slamming down on Yu from above. Given his posture leaning forward due to him still being in the middle of his Jutsu, he was in a difficult position to evade the downcoming shuriken. He snapped his jutsu off, letting the mud splatter to the ground. He took out is baton, and prepare to whack the shuriken away. As he braced himself to knock the shuriken down and end Kenji's manipulation over them, he could sense the Chikara fast approaching.

Yu Xia, gave the shuriken a forceful whack and sent them flying in Kenji's direction. Kenji could no longer manipulate them. A flick of Kenji's katana slammed the shuriken to the ground. Yu formed a series of hand seals, and suddenly a vortex of water surrounded Kenji, Yu leaped away. Kenji was caught in a vortex of water. His body was being knocked around inside. After about 30 seconds, his body spat out onto the ground. Water collapsed into a puddle underneath Kenji.

Yu saw this as his opportunity and he began to manipulate the earth underneath Kenji. It was absorbing the Chikara, and looking to bury him alive. In the process, wind chakra enveloped Kenji and ripped through the earth. Kenji stood tall apparently unscathed.

Kenji wanted to break through Yu's defense , but he had so many Ninjutsu and so much chakra. Kenji feared his Genjutsu was not enough currently. To give himself some more time and to unnerve Yu, he formed the hand seals for his common fear Genjutsu, he would cause Yu to see his greatest fear. This was sure to take Yu off his game, and give Kenji the chance to slice and dice.

Yu suddenly looked up and saw abnormally large drops of water fall. Enough to cause craters in the earth. Yu backpedalled and fell to the ground in trepidation. Then suddenly Kenji could feel rain hitting him...

Has it suddenly started to rain for real...

As if dream became reality, the rain drops were growing in size, just like the Genjutsu, and the arena was slowly being destroyed. People were evacuating, and the shinobi were gathering together to plan how to combat this natural interference. Kenji cancelled the Genjutsu and rushed over to Yu.

"This is real, we need to get to our parents and find out what to do."

Yu's eyes were still unfocused.

"Yu! Snap out of it!"

Kenji grabbed him by shirt and yanked him up to his feet. He proceeded to pull him along to where Kenjasi and Gun were.

"At this rate, the dam will not hold the rising water levels. We need to get the people to safety. Yu and Kenji, glad to see you two. A very skilled spar, but this is real now. Help the civilians to the safety zones. Aftewards, Yu will reinforce the dams and transport the flooding, Kenji will assist Jasio in activating the "Great Rescue" Genjutsu in order to have the animals in the area assist in our efforts."

There were 8 safety zones in the village, much time and effort used because of their frecquenct encounters with severe flooding. This was shaping up to be something they have never seen. The rain drops were so big and falling at such a high rate, the ground was rumbling.

Kenji and Yu worked together to get all the civilians to safety. Afterwards, Yu helped his Xia people implement special civil engingeering ninjutsu, that used earth and water chakra to keep the water in dam from breaking through.

Kenji was with his uncle Jasio. The "Great Rescue" Genjutsu used to manipulate the chakra of animals in the area to assist in a supplementary way. It could not force animals to fight or defend, only transport good, build structures, and send messages. But it took a lot of effort.

Days had passed, the dam was reinforced, and the animals were constantly building and transporting support materials as well. They were also able to obtain assistance from other villages. They had weathered the storm, but the Turtle sage had warned them, this was just the beginning. There were much worse storms to come. Gun Xia was well trusted by the people, and he would be in charge of the great flood efforts.

Kenji and Yu faced each other once more before Kenji departed. "I will be back soon to help"

"The Xia are strong willed, we can handle this."

Yu turned and walked away, leaving Kenji to see himself off. Kenji rejoined with his father and returned to Kumogakure.

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The next 8 years would scar the land of the Xia irreversibly. The next 8 years were marked as the "Great Flood". Year after year, it proved too much for Gun Xia to handle. He inevitably entrusted the safety of the people and their prosperity to Yu Xia. After the exhibition he had with Kenji and the training he had received from the Dragon sage, the people could not think of a more worthy heir. Despite he resume, his first years saw the same fate as his father. Mumbling around the village started, and the peopled questioned the decision and wondered if they should have elected a Chikara instead. This doubt was met by a will this world had never seen. This was the fuel he needed, no, this was the fuel that was necessary. The last 4 years of the flood, he did not have a cordial moment with his feet, almost never slept. Losing the support of the villagers was scary, but he fortunately caught it in just in time. Without his family and friends backing him 100%, he would die...

This time was not a time of flourishing, it was a time of survival. It was not a time of flash, it was a time of grit. This was stamped in history to show the true fiber of humankind. Unfortunately, humans were made up of more than just teamwork and dignity. There was also fear and greed. Despite the ups and downs, one thing remained the same, Yu's dedication. He spent days consulting the sages, countless hours reviewed advanced civil engineering jutsu, and most of all staying close to the people, and keeping their mind at ease. To keep this up for so long, took a tremendous toll on Yu's body and health. Present time, the flood has receded greatly, but the Xia were still struggling to establish stability. Yu was a young man, only 22, but his body was like that of an 80 year old. His beard reached his naval. He was hunch back and he could straighten his fingers, so they were constantly curled. His steps were slow and unsteady and he required assistance for most things. This was never heard of, but this was the price he was willing to pay. Despite his decrepit body, he could still fight. He had to supplement most of his movements with chakra but he could still compete, not that that was important recently. Yu could not remember the last time he fought for blood. Anyways, the man still had the will of an oak tree, with the trust of his people he could endure anything. The Dragon sage, one of the most crafty and resourceful beings to ever lived, even remarked at Yu Xia's resistance, and even said he was annoyed with his will to live. That how strong his life force was, it was sometimes suffocating to those closest to him.

There was a settlement nearby, that was subject to the same hardships as them. As of late, they were very prosperous. For quite some time it was a mystery why. It still is to the people, but Yu and his advisors knew. It was Kenji. Kenji and his connections were able to pull together great resources and introduce new crops that were not at the mercy of the harsh conditions so they could eat in abundance all year round. That was area Kenji was surprisingly skilled, farming. Growing up on the Rice Paddy fields, gave him that unique skill set. It was not just that. Kenji had became a hero and a Sannin. He even contributed to the war effort in Kirigakure. Yu could not believe it. Kenji was a legendary Sannin of Kumogakure, a powerful sage. Yu was no fool, and he knew Kenji was still up to his old tricks. The progress was not completely legitimate. As a skilled spy, it was no surprise he was using espionage and Genjutsu to manipulate many people to save that settlement... but who was Yu to condemn that, it was after all, for a great deed. Jealousy was growing in Yu.

A few weeks later, a concert was held in the nearby settlement. It featured Kenji's wife, Katy Larry. Yu's brow furrowed at this knowledge. He knew this information would cause the wheels to turn in the heads of the village, and they would connect the dots of the settlements success to Kenji. Then... they would call for Kenji to help them... this was beyond what Yu's will could withstand. As expected, within days the people began calling for Kenji and denouncing Yu's efforts as merely keeping them afloat, but they wanted to sail. At this point, Yu could only summon Kenji. And prove once and for all he was the best man, he was the one his people needed.

Kenji strutted through the village of the Xia. He saw many familiar faces. Some still bright and others were sunken. Many people teased Kenji for being late again, this time he was several years late they joked. It was music and shock to his ears, to hear people openly supporting him, and calling for him to take the helm. One thing that was unchanging, was the people's support for Yu... with that gone, Kenji knew Yu could not be in good spirits, and began to understand why he was summoned in the first place. It was a power play. Yu wanted to demonstrate some how, that the man they praised in Kenji, was still inferior to him. They had not seen each other in 8 years... Much of Kenji's time was dedicated to Senjutsu, almost immediately afterward the start of the Great Flood, Kenji began training at the Kasfarian Den, then after becoming Jounin, he went off to war. After returning to Kumogakure, he became a Sannin and got married, and since has travelled the world cleansing it of evil, and indulging himself along the way. He never forgot his rival... and it seems he hadn't been forgotten either.

Kenji arrived, and was ushered into Yu Xia's office. Kenji saw an old man sitting behind the desk. He looked around for anyone that resembled his friend, but he was unsuccessful. Kenji stepped closer to the seated elder,

"Will Yu Xia be coming, or will you be speaking on his behalf. Either is fine with me, but after 8 years I did expect a more personal welcome."

"You fool!" His eyes fought through the heavy bags, revealing their amber tint.

Kenji witnessed first hand, what taking on a Great Flood, essentially all alone, could do to a man. He could not relate.

"I know it is not like me to listen to you, so you're probably surprised why I have not been back despite you telling me not to return."

"No, not at all. Your ascension is well documented. Even your latest deeds next door are being exalted."

Kenji nodded as he sat down.

"From what I have heard, things are getting much better around here... relatively speaking. What is it you would like talk about?"

"I know about your campaign next door, and so does everyone here. It is no coincidence that soon after your involvement our ties with them weaker."

Kenji shook his head.

"Do not pin this on me. YOU have gone publicly against me. Why would a village support another village that is against the man that is helping them. It is only common sense they would want to distance themselves from the Xia."

Yu decided to cut to the chase, he knew Kenji wanted to take his spot.

"Do you really think you can do what I do? As soon as there is no more profit here, do you really you will get the sustained support to back you in these efforts."

"That is where you are wrong. I am not giving my supporters anything. Have you forgotten my trade... they owe me. They fear me. I just want to use this leverage for good."

"You cannot use it here..."

"Are you deaf and blind? I already am."

Yu tried to spring up in anger, but a growl of pain squeaked through his lips.

"Do not try it, you are not an able bodied man anymore. I know you have not fought in a long time, you would not even be able to reach your kunai pouch."

"You talk big for a dead man!"

Kenji stared into Yu's barely opened eyes.

"I was supposed to kill you 8 years ago. I was ordered to by my father. If the Dragon sage was to choose you, I was to kill you in the exhibition. That is why I sabotaged you... I wanted you as a rival, but ultimately my people came first. Don't you see, I am willing to do anything for the Xia!!!"

"Kill me... I'd have to let you. I was fortunate to be selected by the Lion sage. Look at me, I am as ferocious as ever... you are wilting. What has the Dragon sage given you?"

"You cannot understand the power that has been bestowed upon me... You have a choice now, if you want  to rule my people, you will have to fight me to the death."

Kenji was furious at Yu's stubbornness. Why could he not see that it was over. Then Kenji realized... this was the same Yu. The former Yu, would have realized Kenji was the best option for his people and he would have stepped aside gracefully. This was to egocentric... too much like the Dragon.

"Yu, you are thinking of yourself, not the Xia. For the Xia, because they are a part of me too, I will kill you. The Xia will see glory without you."

Yu funneled chakra through his body, granting him sudden and great nimbleness. He grabbed his sword from under the desk. The sword uncoiled for Kenji's neck. Kenji did not even flinch... The sword stopped short. Yu looked at his arm and saw a tree branch restricting it.

Kenji did not want this... he whispered softly, "Long live the Xia..." 

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6The Great Flood [Private/Training] Empty Re: The Great Flood [Private/Training] on Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:23 pm

The Xia meant so much to Yu... So much that he could not imagine them going on without him. Not for the culture's sake, but for his own. Without the stamp of his people... who was YU? This was essential to his identity. Kenji knew this very well, ever since their exhibition match. The way his Genjutsu affected Yu was like nothing he had ever seen. He had never seen a skilled shinobi react that way to his Genjutsu. Kenji showed Yu his greatest fear, this fear was the decimation of his culture... and it left him paralyzed, to the point he was traumatized shortly after the Genjutsu as well. If only they could work together... but allowing Kenji to take over had too many implications. The major one being, the loss of trust from his people. Yu had sacrificed too much to accept anything less than the full devotion of the Xia. To keep that devotion, if he had to kill the man who was next in line... that is what he would do. A part of Kenji wanted to just leave, but the people were not going to stop their campaign for him... Yu and his guards were not going to let Kenji leave. Also, if Yu did not need to prove to himself that he was the best, Yu would surely ambush Kenji. Kenji was keen enough to know that Yu needed to defeat him fair and with honor. Yu would get his wish, as he was snared by Kenji's binding Genjutsu, he would not defeat Kenji with honor, but he would die with it.

As Yu stood paralyzed, his guards dashed over. Suddenly a ripple reverberated through the ground and repelled them.

"If I die by his hands, you will usher him in to rule this village!"

Yu's glance shot back over to Kenji. A few moments passed. Yu was immobilized but Kenji did not attack. It was shocking to everyone. Kenji was so fast he did not need his opponent to be impaired in the slightest to gift a fatal blow. But here, with his opponent stationary, he refused to strike. Instead, the Sannin remained sitting in his chair. Yu's sword was still stretched out, the leader of the Xia was still struggling to break the illusion to finish his course through Kenji's neck. The Genjutsu stalemate had lasted long enough for Yu.

"Is this all you have learned over the years. Holding a man in Genjutsu."

Keniji's eye twitched in frustration...

"I give you the courtesy of meeting you face to face... and even accept your brutish duel, and you have the audacity to have a shadow clone stand in front of me?! With this irreverence perhaps my legend has not traveled well enough."

In the blink of an eye, a kunai flung from Kenji's fingertips was sticking in Yu... or at least his...

The doton chakra infused clone melted to the floor. Kenji's perception picked up on the slight creak beneath his chair. It was surely Yu attempting to emerge from the floor to attack Kenji. The Sannin still had not moved from his chair. He stealthily weaved a few hand signs. As Yu was about to stab Kenji, he felt a poke on his shoulder. Yu's focus slipped for a fraction of a second, and his gaze found no one behind him. His eyes ricocheted back to find the chair flying out of the frame and Kenji's fist making a dash for his chin. Kenji was too close and too fast. Given the impeccable timing, Yu took the full damage as he was caught completely off guard. He had incredible endurance, but such a perfect shot even knocked him back to the door. As his back pressed against the door, he slid to the floor.

"Guards, it is not too late to help. Ask yourselves which is preferred, life or a noble death?"

Kenji was not underestimating the tactics Yu was really willing to stoop to once his live was really in danger. Kenji was also not underestimating Yu's ability. If Kenji knew anything, it was that Yu could take one hell of a beating due to his strong will to live. It was ever more evident due to his current frail state, he was still clinging on to life.

"Now that I think about it, maybe you could have killed me then. But now... you will have to show me something"

Yu Xia's low eyes changed form. His skin became scaly... 

"A partial sage mode... it looks like the Dragon taught you something after all."

It would be much harder now for Kenji to abuse his speed, thanks to the impeccable perception gained through sage mode, even if it was incomplete. The floor rumbled, and the room became lob sided... the whole building was suddenly collapsing. Kenji could only imagine how durable Yu was while in sage mode, and it appeared he was trying to take advantage of that. As the building toppled Kenji could hear people from the outside screaming. Kenji looked around the vibrating and falling room, Yu and the guards were gone... What is going on? Where did everyone go?

The roof was ripped off, revealing a floating Yu. Kenji smiled, he can fly. Smoke began to engulf Kenji from all the debris from the crumbling walls. He closed his eyes and vanished into the demolition. Once the building finally descended into a pile of rubble, Yu floated above it. Due to his sage mode, he could sense Kenji's life force inside. He wondered if the fellow sage was defeated so easily. Like a hidden gem sparkling in the rough, a spark of electricity roared and died, and then launched from the rubble as a missile with a target. It was another decoy. Yu's keen eyes, could tell by the energy, it was not strong enough or worthy to be dodged. His scaled ate the lightning chakra easily (not literally). 

Kenji exploded from the rubbish. He slid across the ground. He was slightly hunched over, while a wild mane and blue skin. Kenji had decided to release his inner sage as well. With his level of endurance I cannot afford to play around, so I will start by using my regular sage mode.

Kenji saw no reason to use perfect sage mode yet, seeing as very few could survive his regular sage mode. Kenji used his katana to channel a burst of wind chakra to propel him into the air to reach Yu. The startled dragon Yu was the merry go rounded to the ground. As Yu bounced along the ground he sensed Kenji, his eyes locked onto him as he was on his way to landing. As soon as Kenji feet hit the ground, Yu sensed his energy moving towards him. Kenji was too fast to dodge, but he collided with a dome of earth chakra surrounding Yu. Portals of water formed around the dome, and instantly began shooting concentrated jet streams of water. Kenji stabbed the earth, and used the hilt of the katana as a foot hold to leap into the air. He corkscrewed the air, using his agility to gracefully weave through the beams. Kenji was now above the dome. A beam of blue light shot from Kenji's ring and materialized his Supeketuro scythe. He was not sure how strong Yu's earthen dome was, but he was confident it could not withstand his scythe. 

Before Kenji could bash the dome, a dent appeared in it, and soon teeth form, and finally a dragon jetted from the top. Kenji changed his form, and in two fluent motions, gathered a position to accurately cut the head of the dragon off. Yu began to sweat inside. There was a hole through the top now, but Yu was able to see everything because of his sensory ability, and he was losing faith. Now with his Dragon jutsu cut to oblivion with such ease... he was not sure if he had the fire power to defeat Kenji. 

"I knew your katana was one of the deadliest, but it looks like your latest installment has gone under the radar."

The people watched on in awe. They were being pushed back by Yu's officials. Yu began to bounce up and down, after building some momentum he jumped and spun out of the roof of the dome. Kenji lunged over Yu's head, and swung his scythe over his head. Yu was disoriented by the style of attack slightly. He was able to side step, but Kenji fluently went into a crouched spin upon landing, swinging his scythe at Yu's legs. The scythe only nicked Yu, but he was starting to feel strange. He was beginning to think that Kenji had not used Genjutsu in a while, and suddenly he felt tentacles protruding from his skin.

The crowd was completely gone now. It was for their safety, but now Yu felt completely alone. Mentally he had lost the support of his people, and now physically too. He could not see them. He did not have their love pushing him on. Now his will was falling. Kenji was too much for him he feared. As his dreams turned to nightmares, his body was being crushed by his own mind due to Kenji's Genjutsu. Yu lied on the ground still.

"I see you are planning on sparing me... do not bother. I have known from the beginning you did not consider me competition. You even used your regular sage mode out of pity, I am aware you are capable of a much more potent sage mode. My will is gone... old friend."

Kenji scythe retracted into a sapphire ring on Kenji's finger. He knelt down before the fallen and brittle Yu. 

"Listen to me... the people still love you. But you need my help. We can do this together."

"You do not understand.... I want to... but my nature... literally will not allow me. I have become a slave to my own pride. Now, now I will burn."

Kenji could not understand. He shook his head and grabbed Yu by the collar. The illusory tentacles faded away.

"You can change, it is not that hard when you have support. You have me friend. You built me as much as I built myself. Everything that I can do for this town is partly because of you. Even with me ruling, you are still to thank."

"I gave away my chance to change."

Kenji shook his head once more. Again, he could not make sense of what Yu was talking about.

Kenji grimaced," AHHHHH!"

Kenji fell to his back, his hands were burned. His vision became blurry from the pain. His shaky eyes honed in on Yu Xia. His body was covered in flames. The flames grew so bright Kenji had to look away... Is this some desperate fire jutsu?

Kenji felt the heat soon subside, he lowered his guard and turned to look at Yu... but he was gone. All that was left was a hole in the ground with flickering flames along the edges where Yu once was. Yu's guards rushed over to observe the disappearance. They asked if he did this. Literally, Kenji did not set Yu on fire and send him into the depths of the earth, but something told Kenji that his presence was to blame for Yu's demise on this day.

He looked to the guards, "Yes, I am responsible."


Gravel clumped together to make a road. A luxurious palace sat atop a hill up the dirt road. It was a gloomy day with crimson clouds drawn by the veiled sun. The Dragon sage reclined on his lush bed. Off to his side was Yu Xia. Yu's face was darkened by shadows, and his features were indistinguishable. But splashes of water from his head periodically dripped to the floor. 

The Dragon sage spoke words of encouragement to the Xia man. 

"Your will has endured more than any other man. I was right in choosing you. You fought the flood valiantly, I did not expect you to last this long... do not worry, I will show how to truly rule a nation and build an empire. Be patient, and you will be a god to your people again."

Yu's yellow eyes spoke from his silhouette weakly. "Long live the Xia."

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Meeting Between the Dragon Sage and Yu Xia

Yu Xia was in the Dragon sage's underground lair, that was in a secret location. It was dark and luxurious. Snakes of all colors twined around the stairwell. A fountain sat at the entrance that spouted wine from its outlet. This meeting was during the height of the Flood. Yu had been struggling greatly, but recently made tremendous progress and made a strong stance which gained him the seemingly unconditional support of the people. The Dragon sage was pleased with this. He was sure that Yu would not last much longer, so he wanted to meet with him. In the wide arsenal of the sage, he possessed an unnerving repertoire of forbidden sealing jutsus. He had been scheming for a while for the perfect host to possess so he could reenter the world of men and rule over them. The Dragon sage needed one of two things to rule. He could either possess someone with incredible Genjutsu ability, which would allow the sage himself to manipulate the people with illusions. The other option was, find some one with an incredibly strong will. The Dragon sage created a sealing jutsu, that was based on will power of the person it was placed on. If that person's will ever broke, they would be incenerated and the Dragon sage would be able to take over their body. The stronger the hosts will, the more power he gains after taking over. This is what caused Yu's death on that fated day...

"Yu... if you want my continued support and training, there is something you must do. You have to wear my "Seal of Will".

"What is that?"

"It is a seal that grants you access to a portion of my power, but if your will is ever broken and you doubt your abilities to the extent you want to die... you will be incinerated and I will take over your body."

"My willpower is insurmountable, you know this. It sounds like a great deal for me."

The Dragon sage for a while thought the same thing... but Yu's will was only insurmountable as long as he had the support of the people. He knew, one day Kenji would be able to crawl underneath and rip that support from him, leaving nothing but ashes in place of Yu. The Dragon smirked.

"Indeed, so let us make it official."

The Dragon stood up. The jutsu required 1 billion hand seals, so the Dragon sage summoned 1 million hands from his body, and began weaving various hand seals. Once it was over, the Dragon sage put his claws on Yu's chest, and carved the seal into him, forcing blood to dribble out from underneath his skin. 


After losing his will at the hands of Kenji, and being returned to the Dragon's castle, he knew just what he had planned all along. At the time, Kenji was a distant memory, and he had no clue he might used against him like this. 

Current day, Yu Xia sat before the Dragon sage, and wondered just what he had planned for his body. Yu's will was so strong, he could only imagine what abilities would be granted to the evil monster. What type of carnage has Yu put in motion? Yu thought to himself, that the only being that could stop this ghoul was another sage, but not just one, maybe not even 3 would suffice. 

"Why so gloomy Yu? Perhaps this will cheer you up. I am not a Dragon sage, never was. I just take on this form. I am a fallen angel, here to restore order. I now have the life force necessary to sustain my life force above ground... as you have probably already contemplated, my existence will be threatened by other powerful sages... like Kenji. There are a few others like him who have obtained perfect harmony with nature and will disturb such a vile presence like mines. In the past, my force has been dulled, but at full power, the natural energy I emit is so vile, even the strongest sages will vomit. Thanks to you, they will be the first to go."

Yu was still deblitated by the effects of the seal, he was torn to pieces by how easily he was manipulated. He was blinded by the power the mystical being could grant... now he was at his mercy. "Kenji, I believe the Xia will live on through you my brother... and not be corrupted by this monster"

Yu's body became a cherry red, as the power of the seal flare. The veins in Yu's face sprinted to his eyes. He could not let out a scream. He collapsed face first.

"Do not worry, I will let Kenji have his fun. But his fate along with all the sages will be the same as yours."

Total WC: 9,906
Trained Perception from B rank to S rank
: 8400
Total Ryo: 2000 ryo
Remaining WC: 1506 (To be used later)

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