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1 Paint the Walls [D-Rank, Konoha] on Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:50 pm



Amaya looked down at the mission that had been placed in her hand. It was a small piece of paper, with not a lot of writing on it. It didn't need it, honestly. The mission she'd been given was simple enough; Paint the Walls of the administration building. Bah. Ah well, beggars couldn't be choosers. She had gone in looking for a mission, and had been handed just that... now it was just a matter of time of doing it.

She gave a nod to indicate she accepted the mission and walked out without another word. She momentarily played with the idea of going off, buying her own paint, and painting the entire building some odd color; like purple, or green... She snorted and shook her head. She wasn't that bored. She wasn't Ashi. Ah well, enough of being stuck in her own head, it was time to get to work.

She didn't waste any time locating the storage room that held the preferred paint color, brushes, rollers, stirrers, and paint pans. She blinked while looking down at it all, momentarily wishing she was a bit stronger. She really didn't want to have to make multiple trips to get it all to the site, and she still had to grab the ladders for the higher up areas; she wasn't going to dangle herself off the edge one handed, she wasn't that insane... yet. Grumbling she lifted up what she could - a few cans of paint with some brushes and rollers stacked on top of the lids, and carried them outside and over to the area she needed to paint. Once she had placed all that down she went back and grabbed the second load.

Back outside she stood back for a moment, placing her hands on her hips as she looked over the entire area needing to be painted, and then the ground below. She really didn't want to risk making a mess, and figured she might want to try and find a long enough tarp somewhere to lay down. So, back inside it was. The storage room she'd been looking around in didn't have anything remotely long enough to cover the area, so she wandered further down the hall to check the other one. After she'd flicked the light on her reddish gaze fell on a long grey roll of plastic tarp. AHA! That was exactly what she needed. It looked like it would be long enough, and if it wasn't... well she could drag it over a little bit when she went to go paint the other side of the wall.

With a grunt she lifted the end of the tarp, dragging it behind her and out the door, making a mental note to find some genin when she was done and bully him or her into rolling the thing back up and putting it away for her. Back outside she paused a moment, eyebrow raising. Well, someone had been nice enough to grab the ladders from her. Sweet. Well, that was going to save her some time, and a back ache.

Now that she had everything she was going to need to paint she popped open the first can and got to climbing. Thankfully, these ladders came with small little pull out shelves to place things on. Made her life a lot easier. The painting wasn't that hard once she got started and got the flow of it going. She used rollers for the large portions, only switching to the brushes when she needed to do either detailed work or smaller areas - thankfully there weren't that many.

About halfway through she had to stop, but only to grab few extra cans of paint. Then it was right back to work. The whole painting took several hours, but it was done nicely, if she said so herself.

Finally climing down from the ladder she took a step back, hands once more going to her hips as she tilted her head back, taking in the whole thing. She hadn't missed any spots, nor had she left any bubbles or anything that would cause problems later on. Definitely was finished, too. Good timing too, as her stomach was already beginning to growl.

She threw a glance around for a moment, spotting exactly what she needed. A lone genin off practicing Taijutsu. "Hey! Want some extra training to help you get stronger?!", she yelled over, startling the genin. She hid her grin well, especially as the genin ran over. She nodded to the ladders, tarp, and everything else that needed put away. "Heft all that stuff back into the storage room and I promise you it'll make you stronger."

The genin's face dropped, obviously they'd been expecting something of a more fun variety... but they did it anyway, all while Amaya watched, arms folded across her chest as she relaxed on the shade against a tree. Once the genin was done she gave a nod of thanks and then walked back inside of the building, stopping by the office to turn in her mission.

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