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Orochi Tenshi

Orochi Tenshi

Without a single care in the world, the youthful kids of the leaf were roaming down the streets. Filling the whole place with joy and bothering noise, as some of them were bragging loudly in a corner about the tales of their parents, discussing as well how famous and strong they’ll get once they will finish graduating from the Academy. Peace was such a wonderful thing to cherish and preserve, but not all of them was living the life of their dreams, not all of them were filled with such joy. It was nine in the morning, and the sun was already up and well placed above that ocean-like horizon; sparkling like a never-ending firework and competing with the shadows casted by the well-known Hokage Rock.

“What is your name, child?” a warm voiced inquired from the other side of a small and brown table which was purposefully located nearby the wooden doors that were meant to keep Konohagakure safe in case of any unwanted visitors.

“My name is Mana, Maeda Mana.” the words came out from the mouth of a little girl which answered on a barely audible tone, leaving behind the impression that she was filled with shyness. Those eyes were eerie and resembled the special kind of black which she inherited from her father, alongside that dense hair which had the same tint of color that could be seen on the feathers which belonged to the darkest ravens. Going all grim was bad for a first impression, and so the Kunoichi chose to wear a grey dress with a few red stripes around the waist; it was an interesting piece of clothing which displayed her naked back, while covering half of the neck.

“That is a beautiful name darling, but do you have any documents to identify?” the woman asked skeptically but with a smile on her face, just doing her duty, making sure that everyone was identified before entering the village. Mana nodded in silence whilst reaching down in her pouch with pale fingers which were covered in a few, but healed scars; however, the black nail polish gave them a more feminine look despite her nails being cut short. The older woman reached out for the documents before putting on her pair of glasses to inspect them carefully, realizing in the end that everything seemed genuine and not counterfeited at all.

“The Land of Moon?” the woman rhetorically asked while looking at the birthplace section. “That’s a neighboring country. You can take them back now, and sign here before entering.” she added while placing a large book underneath the eyes which belonged to Mana. As such, the little Kunoichi reached out for a brush before soaking it with ink, compiling to everything and even marking out her name without letting out a single word in the process. Slowly, she took back the documents with the intention of placing them back inside the pouch, heading after everything was safe and secure with an impeccable calmness further down the streets of Konohagakure.

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Konoha is perhaps the most peaceful and also the most bland of the hidden villages. The cerulean sky and angelic-white cloud overlooked a village where the air was fresh with the scent of freshly cut grass, the lay was always flat and peppered with single and two storied structures, with a few instances of water towers and important buildings; who were over four stories even. Leaves floated about in the air, like some sort of ever-present ornament, giving a feeling of tranquility and nature.

The streets were littered with easy-going folk, slowly filtering in and out of flower shops, vending stalls and other mundane supply retailers. It was yet another calm, peaceful and boring day in the hidden Leaf... or was it?!
Opposite to, and coming in the direction of the Uchiha, was a rather peculiar person. It was none other than Asmodeus himself, the pirate-turned ninja. His hair was a messy black with a few golden streaks in front. He wore a white full blouse, tucked into his long, black trousers and some sort of fisherman's boots to finish. His left hand clenched a small vase made of translucent, avocado colored glass. He clenched it by two fingers around the neck. It was half filled with a blood-red liquid, and yellow-labeled with a cheap sticker of "red-wine" written on it. His golden yellow  eyes looked glazed over and shifty, and his cheeks were flushed pinkish-red; he bumped into passers-by occasionally. He made his way, shifting from left to right with a series of sudden stops, staggered steps and uncoordinated footing.
Suddenly he sidestepped into a man carrying a bag of groceries, spilling a loaf of bread and some celery sticks on the sandy but hard ground. The civilian man yelped with an angered demeanor, but Asmodeus quickly interjected:

"Hey, lady! watch where you're *hic*, going."

he said, with a slurred tongue. It was only nine in the morning, and to see someone in his condition was largely frowned upon within this peaceful town, and much to the nearby crowd's chagrin. Shifting through the people, he would eventually come to Maeda Mana, the fourteen year old newcomer. Asmodeus was a bit taller, standing at 5 foot 9 inches-- but in his current state he was hunched a few inches short. Then when he was about a foot or so away from her, he would, without warning bump into her as well, on the side of his free right hand. Should he do this, he would also utilize the blatantly overt distraction, to slip that right hand of his into the young woman's pouch in an attempt to sneak away with its topmost article; her documents! He would hide it within his long and frilly sleeves before retracting his hand to his personal space, before continuing past the person.

"Hey man, get ahold of your *hic* self"

he slurred again during the crass encounter. Asmodeus had never seen this young lady before within the ninja ranks of Konoha, thus assuming her to be an ordinary civilian. So, he was now surely in for a surprise. .  .


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Orochi Tenshi

Orochi Tenshi

With slow and heavy footsteps, the Kunoichi was being guided like the leaves where from that small breeze which forced them into a pleasant dance; she was going, further and deeper inside this great and known village. Even though she was taught great discipline and obedience, Mana was still at a young age and she could easily get distracted by everything which laid in her surroundings; especially, since a long time passed from the last moment in which she entered a large village such as this. Being surrounded by such a high number of people was a bit confusing at first, since many things here could be considered a distraction for her. With those being said, that pair of eerie eyes were shifting constantly from a direction towards another, taking in all of the things that Konohagakure had to offer on a first glimpse.

Even the drunk Nara was once in her sight, but those eerie eyes which belonged to Mana did not remain lingering towards his direction for mere then a mere fraction of a second. And so, she gazed upon the small river which ran throughout the village, walking forward with that chin of hers just above the right shoulder. In that moment, the Nara stumbled upon her and took the young girl by surprise. Eerie orbs turning quickly against the unknown person’s face, which basically gave him a free permission to roam inside that pouch of hers. With that right arm of hers, Mana started rubbing the other as soon as she backed away from Asmodeus; distracted, she could not see that her documents have just gone missing. Those papers did held some kind of importance as they’ve represented the proof of her existence, of the name which was bestowed upon her, and they were really going to be pissed at her if those documents were lost so easily.

“Watch were you’re going.” Mana hushed almost silently, without really carrying if those spoken words managed to reach his ears or not. She was not looking or expecting an answer, and so the young lady started moving away from the scene; in other words, she did not care for an apology or if the man had anything to say. Without a doubt, this was probably seen as a very rude behavior from the young lady, but she was instructed and told many times not to interact with other people. Somewhere between five to ten steps were taken while Mana continued rubbing her arm; eerie eyes were starring onto the paved road before moving on the arm itself. In that moment, the young Kunoichi realized that her pouch was slightly opened, and so those fingers reached inside as quickly as possible.

Mana’s eyes had widened like saucers once she realized that the documents were missing; Asmodeus was the only person which stood and went the closest to this white husk. Without further ado, she turned around almost instantly to locate the man and run after him; looking for a taller figure with golden locks in a messy black hair. The face was the only thing that she would remember, since those eyes did not look elsewhere. “Hey!” the young girl shouted without really spotting the man, hopefully trying to locate him with a look that scattered upon every person in the area. It was probably best to spot him after his moves, but the lady did not pay that much attention to this subtle detail that would have made the job much easier.

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The under his pretentious guise as a drunk, the pick-pocket went according to plan, but needless to say, he was in for an utter disappointment. He did not turn back, overconfident and expecting the young lady to be completely oblivious. Then he would flick his right hand, as if making a card apparate out of thing air. Sure enough, a single sheet of paper was procured. It was forcibly folded and creased unevenly from the transaction, and he held it up to the sun as if expecting something else. His face grew a disappointed look as he shook the page mid-air, expecting something to fall out. But no jewelry, not an earring, not even a shilling or spec of gold was there.

"Fiddlesticks!" - he said, disgruntled.

He walked in a straight, controlled path now, holding the paper back up to the sun. His eyes squinted and his mouth gave an accompanied open-snare, a recoiled look as if staring into some excessively bright area. There was writing within the sheet, so he would naturally unravel it to at least see it. With the same hand, it was flicked by the topmost corner, as if dusting of a piece of cloth. He held it squarely level with his line of sight, hand fully extended.

"Maeda Mana?! What a strange name. Land of Moon?!!!" he blurted.

Suddenly he would stop, reading that last part with genuine concern and grabbing the paper with both hands now, his left still clenching the bottle with two fingers. A flurry of thoughts raced through his head; he had come here from Water country after songle-handed taking down a powerful pirate gang, the Kurayami-- but leaving one member alive. Now this, a stranger who came from the Moon teritory, just south-south-west of the Kaiju ocean near Water country. Was it a hired assassin? or spy even? Whatever it was, it surely spooked the Nara.
He looked over his shoulder now, as the young lady had cried out upon realizing something was amiss.

"That's a rather wee assassin. But ehh, I best not take any chances."- he muttered to himself.

Then, surely enough, he would walked back towards her. Keeping a decent distance away, say the length of a small shop building, he would flash the paper towards her, arms extended with a cocked head. He had mastered his posture now, standing tall seemingly unphased by the liquor.

"Say. What's a Moon girl like you, doing in a place like this?"- he queried with a clean, crisp and deep voice.

His brazen yellow eyes locked onto hers after taking in her features. Upon further scrutiny, that casual grey dress of hers looked stark in contrast to her hair and eyes, which was as black as a moonless night-- if weren't for the red stripes, she would look almost entirely black and white. It was a minor stand-off, as the two looked at each other from the distance within a reasonably wide street. The passers-by went on their way, not caring to make a second glance at them as if it was yet another mundane social encounter. Asmodeus' expression was bland; his mouth was flat and widened as if someone made a distasteful joke.
He would wait for a response, looking at any expression that would give away her profession. A regular response from a civilian would be that of anger, shock and elevated concern, for he did blatantly steal her beloingling. What he looked for specifically was a more calm, collected persona, for an assassin would not flinch at such a small endeavour. He gulped, hoping that it wasn't the latter, for that, would spell trouble...


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Orochi Tenshi

Orochi Tenshi

Luckily for the young girl that her first encounter with a thief was one who had the decency to return with the stolen goods, an act that stood pretty much against the definition of stealing; however, the documents were probably useless for him. This was mostly a good learning experience, in where life would teach her to be warier of everything and everyone who surrounded her. With eyes scouring everyone around the vicinity, Mana managed to pick up the man who was responsible for this thievery, but mostly due to the fact that the Nara started walking back towards her direction. Apparently, he was flashing the paper in mid-air like it was some piece of garbage or newspaper which held little to no meaning at all; however, it had no effect on the little girl since she was not the type to build up anger or express resentment at all.

“What am I… why are you even questioning me?” responded without showing any kind of emotions in that tone to the Nara’s inquiry, slowly letting those eerie black eyes lock against his own golden pair of orbs. Apparently, the man wished to keep some distance between themselves and it probably a very good idea; however, Mana was not bothered by such a thing and she attempted to approach the man closely with that right hand extended. It was empty, but the gesture indicated that she wanted that piece of paper returned, since it was rightfully hers. “Do you mind… giving it back?” the Kunoichi asked with a small pause, whilst fluttering her opened hand back and forth to make a motion which was quite known in the terms of body language.

During the conversation, Mana would lower her eyes down to witness the whole garment which this person had, finding out that the boots were in particularly odd when most of the villagers were wearing sandals. Perhaps, the man had relatives which originated from other places than Konohagakure, or perhaps he was the type of man who paid a much greater attention towards his clothing, and lifestyle. Nonetheless, the mind should not be kept occupied in such a delicate matter, since the focus was needed to be redirected elsewhere. The situation itself needed to be handled with extreme care, since the Nara was a total stranger for this young lady, and breaking up in a fight would totally not favor either of them. Bad timing and location, since it was morning and they were both located in the middle of the street with a fairly large crowd around them; trouble, was not a thing worth seeking.

Mana was instructed carefully to avoid getting herself in trouble, and staying out of the spotlight would decrease the chances of adding suspicions on her arrival. Even without her knowing, Hataro probably instructed some men inside the village, to observe carefully her behavior and report if anything was not going accordingly to plan. As those thoughts stormed her mind, the Kunoichi started paying more attention towards her own persona, even though she couldn’t blend in perfectly due to her militaristic and warmongering personality.

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She responded, but with a collected demeanor. Asmodeus didn't quite yet know what to make of it, so he would continue to press the matter further. Her eyes to him looked as if she was experienced by many battles-- either that or due to pain and suffering over the years; they didn't seem to be phased by the trivialities of everyday life anymore. These types of people he reckoned, were quite different from the usual class of villains and crooks he came across over the years in the Land of Water. They were much more... cold, and mysterious, as if emanating from unfathomable depths of some dark ocean far away.
Moving on from that dark thought however, he would continue his observations. She motioned to have the document returned, to which he snickered in response:

"M'fraid not Moon girl." - he remarked, rolling up the paper and slipping it into a hidden pocket within the chest area of his white full-blouse.

"Not till you tell me why you've graced us with your presence" -he gestured, with his left hand, swishing the beverage around before taking a sip.

"Ahhh. See, the Hidden Leaf is a safe house of sorts, where I run my ugh, business-- and I prefer my business to be, how shall I put it... unbothered, by spies and whatnot. Say, you're not a spy are you?" -he pointed, with an index finger in the most accusing way possible ,

"Cuz if you don't enlighten me, you might just become one!" - and gave a coy smile,

revealing a hidden Leaf headband out of his right pocket. Of course, Asmodeus implied that he would tell the gaurds lies about the girl being a spy within the village. Having in possession her only piece of identity would further provoke the authority should she not be able to procure it. The Nara, though raised poorly and in the worst way, still had the clan's blood running through his veins, and strategy was obviously not foreign to him.
At this distance, she would probably get a whiff of the man's cheap perfume and the stench of alcohol soaked clothing. . .


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Orochi Tenshi

Orochi Tenshi

Once those eerie eyes were unlocked, they were shifted a bit lower just to witness the boldness of this Nara; stealing was already a crime which was not tolerated in this village, but now he was also trying to blackmail this young girl. Perhaps, the man was just trying to push the buttons of this particular Kunoichi in order to find out more about herself; interrogations had many forms and the most efficient ones did not involve beating up the other. Without a doubt the Nara was intelligent, but a few mistakes were accidentally displayed once those statements were made, and it was truly odd that he mentioned his business so carelessly. Talking about spies alongside that small hesitation while speaking about his affairs, were more than enough to hint that this person was probably being involved in some shady activities. Maybe it had something to do with smuggling, since the man was apparently wary of people who came from outside the village; at least, those were the first thoughts which were forged into the young girl’s mind.

Despite not being the brightest and well-read person in the room, Mana was still capable of using basic logic which allowed her to think of a few solutions for this unfortunate encounter; most of them were not considered diplomatic. That coy smile gave away the impression that this man was feeling a bit overconfident in this particular moment, causing Mana to raise that right arm of hers in order to reach and rub that forehead with the use of her own fingertips; clearly thinking was not her strong point. After thinking this through, the that arm was slowly raised before being folded with the other against the chest; the Kunoichi was preparing to give out a response. “I have no interest in your affairs. Also, my presence here does not concern you.” were the words which the young girl used to respond towards this persisting Shinobi, with no honest intentions of being rude at all.

Firmly she continued standing on her own ground, without giving up in spite of the fact that this man just threated with lies that were meant to be spread against the ears of the Konohagakure’s guards. “Also, unlike you, I am giving you a choice.” Mana spoke on a neutral tone before extending one opened hand, requesting the papers once more with the following argument. “We forget about this, and you return my paper, or I can simply yell that there’s a thief amongst us.” was the choice given by the young Kunoichi, turning the tables in this game of blackmail. With the user of her index finger, the Kunoichi pointed out against his chest before leaving out a few more words “Evidence of thievery, in your pocket.” that were meant to further prove her point. As such, she now waited for the man to make a choice; the stake was higher for him, especially after revealing that he was a member of this village.

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Asmodeus seemingly ignored the girl as she spoke, preferring to look at his wind bottle. It shun where the sunlight struck its curved edge in the center, with the brilliancy of a well cut diamond. He took another chug with one hand, and wiped the side of his mouth with his shoulder-sleeve. But he was indeed listening, for she said some things which made him burst out with laughter.
"Ahahahaha!" laughed Asmodeus as the young woman rebuked, standing her ground and even turning the tables on him. He was genuinely intrigued by the game they had now been playing-- a tug of war where the stakes seemed high enough to cause panic. But as arguments go, the combatants play by very set, logical rules, giving respect to others where it is due. However, but most unfortunate for the Nara's enemies; he doesn't play by many rules, if any!

"Very persistent, Moon girl. I'm actually beginning to like you." he said, shaking the wine bottle at her with a friendly gesture. But the air about this man was not friendly at all-- and it was this contrast which made him an unpredictable pickle of a problem. "And to your proposition, I'll make a third... ,with that said, he took the paper, and stuffed it into his mouth! The man brazenly chewed it like spaghetti as its lower ends shortened and eventually vanished. The man seemed unaffected by the dry, bitter taste of paper which would churn the stomach of many a man-- indicating that he has done a good deal of similar atrocities. Taking another sip of from the bottle of red wine, it would be gone in a single gulp.
"Now where were we. Ah, yes, back to square one. So what's it gonna be? Hmm?!" again that fox-like grin shot back at her.

As he waited for a reply however, a look of concern took over his face as a flock of crows fluttered from the eastern side of the village. His eyes widened, for that usually meant something was amiss with his operations, and he needed to tend to it at once.
"On second thought, I must be going now-- you take care!" he blurted, in the most contradictory and friendly way. This man was certainly one of the more mentally estranged ones it seemed. With a hop and a skip, he lunged atop the entrance roof of a vegetable stall, then jumped again way across the street again to the top of a two tier building. On its edge, he would look down at Maeda Mana for the last time. "Name's Asmodeus. And that's Captain Asmodeus to you!" he yelled. This man was obviously unfamiliar with typical shinobi conduct, not caring about concealing his name or his profession, should one be so obliged to ask. He went about it quite overtly, as if the police force had already known-- maybe he bribed them off? ... But whatever it was, he was an aberrant, a free radical that should be kept in check.
Then, with an exaggerated bow, as if to usher in the end of some great performance, he did so briefly, taking off to the east along the rooftops.



9Safe Passage [OPEN/NK] Empty Re: Safe Passage [OPEN/NK] on Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:59 pm

Orochi Tenshi

Orochi Tenshi

Not something that would happen very often, but apparently, Maeda Mana was taken once more by surprise; a bit shocked, that the Nara before her eerie eyes managed to adopt a third option. Perhaps, the man wished to follow on his own will, and not listen to those words which she just spoke. Nonetheless, this young girl had a very calm composure and did not seem to show any kind of impulses when that document was eaten by Shinobi. A baffling expression rested upon that doll face girl, leaving her to wonder why the man choose to act like a rebel instead of showing something along the lines which defined diplomacy.

“Why did you…” the Kunoichi attempted to question the leaf, but the chance expired quite rapidly since the man was about to depart with his own shares of affairs. Everything was quite messed up in that head of hers, considering that this person had the nerve to do such an act and the courage to present himself; however, the bow was the cherry on the cake. An elegant bow was given which was understood by the girl as being quite the opposite of the rude gesture which was done earlier.

She had no idea who or what this person was; perhaps, the young girl was just bad at reading people.

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