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1What about a dungeon system? Empty What about a dungeon system? on Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:34 pm

Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō


What are DUNGEONS?
Dungeons are pre-made missions maybe related to a bigger plot in which people can do and repeat to receive a REWARD at the ending.

For example, certain missions need to be done at least 10 TIMES (this requirement can be fulfilled by 10 players doing the mission once) in order to UNLOCK another type of MISSION, something which pushes the MAIN STORY further.

How does the REWARD SYSTEM work?
For example, an A-Rank dungeon requires "X" amount of words related towards the event, and at the end of the thread you "Roll" to get a reward.


  • EP Points
  • Pre-made Items
  • Titles? For example, Hero of the Leaf.
  • Endless possibilities

The names here are just for placeholder, and will get improved if people enjoy the idea.

Main Story - The Land of Iron decides to wage war against Konoha.

Dungeon Mission [A-Rank] - Defend Konoha's outpost which is under attack by the enemy.

What do they have different from normal missions? Well, they contribute to a much bigger PLOT in where people can use to develop their character.

CO-OP Dungeons

Doing these missions with another player, will have BONUSES
(this can be used to promote role playing between members)

Example of BONUS SYSTEM:

  • 20% more Ryo

A TITLE System can be added as well.
Example of TITLE SYSTEM:

  • A permanent 10% less WC needed for training
  • A permanent 10% increase ryo on every mission
  • ETC



[D-RANK]: 10 | [C-RANK]: 8 | [B-RANK]: 5 | [A-RANK]: 2 | [S-RANK]: 3

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