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1 Naruto Sagaverse Official Timeline on Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:07 pm




Timeline Index:

C.E. = Common Era (Post Year Zero)

  • Birth of Naruto Uzumaki: Seventh Hokage, Child of Prophecy, Savior of this World, Hero of The Hidden Leaf, Konoha's Orange Hokage.

  • Birth of Sasuke Uchiha: Child of Prophecy, Savior of the Uchiha, Sasuke of the Sharingan.

  • First Destruction of Konoha: Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox is unleashed upon Konohagakure.

  • Death of the Fourth Hokage: Minato Namikaze sacrifices himself to re-seal Kurama and save The Hidden Leaf.



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2 Re: Naruto Sagaverse Official Timeline on Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:50 pm



Rise of the Thunder God:

Spring 1332 CE: New Kage have risen to power, in Konoha, Rippa amongst them, while in Kumogakure, a yellow emperor has claimed power. Going by the name of Hastur, he seems to be a volatile element in the region, drawing eyes to the region of Kumogakure no Sato. The world collectively holding its breath as the state of peace in the world seems to come into question with the Rogue Kage's politically radical views of uniting the world under his banner.

Could the worlds over two hundred years of peace finally come to an end?

The Fall of Sunagakure!

Led by Mitsuo Sarutobi under the banner of ending suspected corruption within the highest echelons of the nations' leadership. Coupled with Cobra Commander and Sykren, they launched a successful assault against both the offices of the Kazekage and the Daimyo of the Sand Country leading to the total ruination of the village and the demise of many ninja and people who either would not flee, or attempted to stand up against the relentless force that crashed against them.

When the dust cleared, there was little but rubble and glass left in their wake, the people of the city left homeless and destitute, forced to flee against their will to unknown lands in hopes of finding peace. Yet with the countries ninja force largely dispensed of, the nation has become a wasteland of brigands where the strong prey upon the weak and where the noble fall...

Hark the Herald Comes!

Hastur, wanting the world to come to realize his greatness, sent Raiu Mizuki on a quest with several artifacts of his own chakra to plant the flags and herald the rise of the God of Lightning. Though the reception was mixed, the black raiton receivers that peppered the land bestowed images of a great sage within the hearts and minds of the people. Whether it be prophesy, thread, proclamation or something else entirely... the effect as the refugees fled Sunagakure have led to Kumo taking in a vast majority of their number into their boarders openly after the villages destruction.

Culminating in a meet at the Chuunin exams, where the united remaining Kage and their surrogates met with the new Raikage. Intercepting the message, Mitsuo was invited, calling upon those in attendance to weigh in on his deeds in Sunagakure. Deciding that he should not operate without oversight, Hastur attempted to lay claim to the former Hokage, to great success. With this alliance formed, Hastur and Mitsuo warned the other nations of their task to end all disorder, chaos and corruption, under the banner of absolute order.

Meanwhile, throughout the world, something was skulking in the shadows, a movement rendered invisible for the longest of times...

Thread Tracker:

  • Dark Clouds Gathering
    Not able to find her teacher, Mizuki attempts to reach the new Raikage in hopes to figure out what happened to Lin.
  • Hark! The Herald comes!
    Leaving Kumogakure and halting all of her other duties, Iwagakure is to become the first Village to receive the honour to hear about the new Raikage's arrival. From one rocky Land to another... how's the weather over there? Would you fancy a brooding storm?
  • Rock around the Clock (B rank mission)
    Having almost arrived in Iwagakure, the road between the mountains still harbours a few obstacles that need to be dealt with first.
  • One flag down, three to go.
    With the ANBU of Iwagakure having spotted the black raiton rods, Mizuki's missions in Iwagakure was a success and thus her road leads her into the raging chaos turning Sunagakure upside down.
  • The Dark Messiah (C rank mission)
    Finding herself in the middle of an assaulted Sunagakure, Mizuki becomes a beacon of hope as she uses the Raikage's rods as a gathering point and attempts to help as many civilians towards safety.
  • Black Spiral Dancing
    After the ordeal in Sunagakure, Mizuki moves to her next destination: Konohagakure.
  • Any port in a storm (C rank mission)
    While on the road to Konohagakure in hopes to meet its renowned leader, Mizuki makes a brief stop in the docks to plan her next destination. A brief moment of clumsiness could cost her dearly...
  • Ferrying through the lands
    After visiting Konohagakure and spreading the word of the new Raikage, Mizuki sets sail to Kirigakure.
  • Visiting the Seven
    Arriving in Kirigakure, Mizuki decides to step into the world of the Seven Swordsman to indulge a personal interest of hers.
  • The Road Home
    One last trip, and the young genin forever changed from her trip would finally return home.

  • The Grand Pantheon
    Meeting witht he Kage and their representitives from every Nation for the first time, Hastur, after calling them all to his door, met them with open arms, and a declaration of order.

What Lies Beneath.

Summer 1333 CE: The Chunin exams had come to an end, Nova; a puppeteer representing Kirigakure had won. The four remaining kage/representatives of their nations held a summit to meet the new Raikage. Though largely superfluous the Kumogakure summit shed light on a new balance of power with the nation of Kumo, having ascended from near the base of the worlds balance to near the top of it in a matter of stark moments. Hastur, through sheer force of character procuring Mitsuo who sought to reveal himself and his deeds in Sunagakure as one of the slayers of the nation of Suna to his side. While simultaneously, Hastur had Cobra Commander, another of the Sand countries' killers judged by combat against Nozomi; one of Kiri's seven swordsmen. Losing her bout, Cobra Commander had a bounty placed on her head and has accumulated the vast majority of the criminal guilt for the nations' fall.

The Kage, in agreement with how to handle the fallen sands, each vowed action within the lost nation, but sought to by and large pursue their own best course of action individually rather than as a united front effectively attempting to vassalise it for themselves; Konohagakure attempting to bring stability and safety to the citizens in a care-effort, including protection, food, medical aid and more. Kirigakure would send a score of Hunter ninja to pro-actively hunt banditry and lawlessness in the nation while Kumogakure wished to bring order and new rule in the form of an interim government... that there had been little luck in establishing other than a small forward front in one of the larger oasis townships in the sands. Though, with goals in such stark contrast, and with no united effort, it was likely to bring more chaos to the sand nation.

However, in the short time that the Sand Nation has fallen into disarray, dragons have taken residency within the ruins and are now claiming them as their own. An organization yet unknown to the world, its leader mysterious, seeks to build a nation for itself, taking advantage of the untrusting and volatile nature of the surrounding nations that seek to overthrow their impending paradise...


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