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Help set up a check point in the wilderness

Again we find Jin, on his way through the great desert of the land of Wind, heading towards the hidden village of sand. Will he ever get there? he often wondered, having spent a couple days in this sunburnt, wind-tossed environment, to his annoyance. Sweat glistened on his face, as the very short child trekked through a sheltered area surrounded by tall rock formations and patches of cactus plants. He held firmly with two hands to the straps of his backpack near his chest, bracing them as he leant forwards to counter-balanced the weight.

He came across clearing, where a group of Sand ninja was carrying supplies down a square shaped hole in the ground. Jin was ecstatic to see them, for he knew he was close to the village, and immediately ran towards them to ask directions. As he got closer, he overheard the conversation. They were trying to get supplies into this underground bunker, and complaining about the heat, wanted to also return to their families. Jin, with his good natured self struck up a conversation with a man whose arms were occupied with a stack of boxes. The boy offered to help, to which to would be paid by getting safe passive to the hidden Sand village. The shinobi pondered for a bit, thinking that it was quite hard for such a small child to tote large packages of tinned food, military weapons and all other sorts of heavy apparatus.  It nevertheless, there was always work to do inside the bunker. Jin was then hired to do some sorting within. Hopefully, this was the last side quest, for he was getting exhausted faster and faster as the days went by in the desert. A decent nights sleep on a warm bed would probably remedy this, he thought.

Anyways, the ten year old went inside, and down the rugged stairs, ushered in by torches on the sides of the walls. Inside was a large circular room, like a ballroom, at least ten meters to the ceiling. It was bright, as flake lot torches were uncountable around the perimeter. Sand nin were working like clockwork, bringing heavy boxes down the stairs, going into the storage room at then back and ticking off check lists. Jin gulped, mastering himself to go speak to a person who help a clipboard-- she looked like she knew how to run this place. Jin said that he was commissioned to help sort the items inside the storage room. The woman made some vague expression, she didn't want to give a child such work, but due the heat and lack of labour, she reluctantly complied, giving him a list of things and where they go.

He nodded with a determined look, and saluted the woman like a soldier. Off he went, into a much darker room. The many rows of iron shelves seemed to hide the fire lights from illuminating everything properly, casting a light shade on every row and column. He affirmed his objective again with some motivational words, then got to work. As the ninjas brought in boxes, he assisted the packers by taking charge of exactly twenty five percent of the load, for there were three persons sorting the items already. His share was no joke, there was 8 boxes of rations, two palettes of throwing weapons, and twenty large bags filled with cloth like material; probably towels and rags from his estimation. He got to work, ripping open the boxes and removing the all the items. With respect to the tinned rations, he sorted them, placing two small ones, and a medium in one area of a certain shelf, and repeated this until there were no more. With the weapons, three shurikens to one kunai in one section, and the katanas and tantos to the bottom shelves. Though he was small, he managed to keep up with the adults in the room, as they would finish around the same time after three hours.

Jin was commended for helping them save time, and he went back up the stairs, out of the bunker to speak to the person that hired him. Thanked once more, he awaited for the team to organize everything, as the next stop was back to the village, and his long awaited distinction-- Sunahakure!

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