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Yoichi Uchiha

Yoichi Uchiha

Mission Deets:
Mission name: Sour Investment
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: A kid owes another kid some money and hasn't payed up. the one who gave the loan promised you a portion of the return if you got the payment.
Location: Konohagakure
Reward: 185 ryo
Mission description: the client loaned a new genin some money so he could get some equipment to start his training with, in good faith that he would repay him. well it's been a month and the client hasn't repayed, and his interest, while not exactly fair, has significantly increased the money the kid owes. find him and get the ryo by any means.
Mission details: the kid you are going to beat up, has 3 kunai, 5 shuriken, and knowledge of how to throw them accurately. the target also has D-rank taijutsu, and will use fire punches and kicks that can deal minor first degree burns on impact. if you paralyze, or stun them, then they will give up. or you can knock them out, but you CANNOT kill them or you fail the mission.

A small part of Yoichi wondered why he accepted this job from someone. Or even why he'd been singled out as the one to do it either. Maybe it was the eyepatch, somebody had thought he looked intimidating and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Well, to be fair, none of those statements were really untrue. If they were, he'd have just declined to do anything, and wouldn't be currently stalking the genin right now. But in all honesty, being little more than hired muscle wasn't exactly Yoichi's style. He'd more or less stopped doing anything for the village, only taking on the occasional mission to keep himself an active shinobi in Konoha, and to keep a low profile, but that had proven to be a rather boring lifestyle for the most part, so for now, Yoichi decided to go along with the client's wishes. Besides, it might prove to be a good warm up fight if it came down to it.

Hidden and changed by the Transformation jutsu, Yoichi looked like a normal man of approximately his height and build, but with brown hair that was cut in a crop, with a fairly average face and unremarkable clothes. This was literally the basest of transformations, used as a throw away that nobody would be able to identify. Even if it was a simple thing to shake down the genin for his Ryo, Yoichi wanted to do it right, and not be identified. It was a test of not only his strength, but his ability to cover his steps.

Tailing the genin for a little longer, Yoichi waited until they were close to an alley and rushed towards the genin. "Hey, help me! Someone's getting mugged down here!" he said to the kid. Of course, Yoichi didn't look like much of a fighter, more an average civilian, and the Genin was eager to prove himself, so he went along without a hitch. Once they were both deep enough in, the Genin started to become puzzled.

"Hey, where's the mugging, what's going on?" he asked, reaching for his kunai instinctively.

Yoichi meanwhile had started to block the exit, having led the boy down a twisting alley to a dead end. "Oh, the mugging? I was talking about yours. You owe someone some money, Morio Amari. You know what you owe. Pay up, and with interest, and I'll let you out of here without any issues." Nobody would see them unless they'd followed down with them, but Yoichi had made sure to plan this ambush out well in advance, so there would be no help coming. Nobody else had been within earshot of Yoichi's asking for help.

The genin started to sweat nervously a little, but steeled himself away. He certainly wasn't going to go down without a fight, and had already made up his mind that he wasn't going to be paying anything back. Besides, he was a shinobi, so why should he worry about some hired thug? He knew the guy who he owed wouldn't be able to get anybody who could easily beat him, or at least wouldn't want to pay more than he'd loaned out, so anyone who could come after him would be well within his pay grade of people he could fight. It would cost way too much to hire someone who could take down a shinobi.

Pulling out his kunai and shuriken, the kid laughed. "He's not getting a cent from me! I'm a shinobi, you can't threaten me!" he said, launching the projectiles at Yoichi as fast and accurate as he could.

Of course, that was no issue for Yoichi to deal with, side stepping a couple of them, hearing the thud of metal behind him as it hit the wall. Pulling out a kunai of his own as they were thrown, he was ready to block the rest of them, deflecting the shuriken and all but one of the kunai into the ground next to him, and sidestepping the final kunai, grabbing it by the ring as it whizzed past him. "Wrong answer." the Uchiha grinned, launching the kid's weapon back at him.

The blade whizzed past his head as he ducked, his hands seeming to glow from the use of Katon chakra. Yoichi's smile stayed plastered to his face. Oh so he was going to make it interesting then? That was perfectly fine. Moroi charged at Yoichi, launching a flurry of blows towards him, and Yoichi spent most of his time evading the punches rather than attempting to block them. There wasn't much need for it. Soon kicks started to come his way as well.

It didn't take long before the kid started to slow down, starting to tire out from his ceaseless barrage of blows. That, combined with the low morale of not even landing a single blow, soon started to see drastic changes in his fight style. Abandoning his punches, Moroi decided to try and make a dash for it past Yoichi, but ultimately, Yoichi decided to stop him. Grabbing his left arm as he tried to snake past him, Yoichi slammed the genin into a wall, and then drove his fist into Moroi's solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him.

As Moroi fell to the ground, Yoichi sent a quick kick into the side of his head, knocking the boy out in an instant, sending him skidding a few meters. Going up to the kid, Yoichi tsk'ed a few times before picking up his wallet. "Should have just paid up when you had the chance. I'd have lied about roughing you up." Taking the requested amount of money out of the wallet, Yoichi shook his head, and ripped up the rest of his money. It was a rude thing, to not pay back someone you owed, especially when it was evident you could. Tossing the now empty wallet onto Moroi's unconcious body, Yoichi leapt up the walls and through an open window at the top floor of one of the buildings, finding himself in a hallway devoid of people. Releasing his transformation jutsu, Yoichi now appeared as himself, walking towards the exit. Time to collect his fee from the loaner.

WC: 1039/600
Mission Complete
Remaining WC: 439

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