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Speed training:
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The life of a Genin was a very simple one at most, but for Hitokaru, it was a huge milestone. She never imagined that she'd be able to achieve such a feat, as she was quite the trouble maker, and spent little to no time prepping and training herself. However, now that she had finally achieved the title, she was ready to take things seriously. She wanted to prove to everyone that she would amount to something, and the trouble maker that they once knew her to be was actually a very skilled ninja. But to prove that, she would need to train herself first.

She awoke from bed early with a loud yawn. She rose slowly from her blankets, only to be blinded by the violent rays of the sun. She placed her hands over her eyes and stumbled out of bed to close the curtains. "Too... bright..." She mumbled. She closed the curtains and went back to her bed, completely forgetting what she was scheduled to do for the day. She lied there for several seconds until finally bursting out of bed. "Training! I completely forgot!" She rushed to put on her clothes. She then burst out of the door and ran to the training grounds. "I'm so sorry, I completely lost track of time." she bowed as she spoke. It was very rare for her to act so seriously, so it became very clear she had been quite serious about her training.

"Well, if you're done wasting our time, the lesson will now begin." she was given an angry look before the instructor continued. "This lesson is entirely self taught." The instructor gave a sadistic laugh and then trotted off. "Uhh..." Hiitokaru mumbled to herself. This instructor reminded her of herself, as she would do something very similar in such a situation. She didn't dwell on this for too long, as she felt it was time to get started. Her fighting style heavily revolved around the quick movement of her hands and feet, so she felt that speed was a great way to start her Genin training.

She wasn't sure where to start, so she just walked toward the training logs. She began kicking, kicking, and kicking them, causing the leaves from the trees to fall. As they fell, she got an idea. "Hmm, maybe I could try cutting down the leaves." She thought to herself. She grabbed a Kunai from her pouch, and began her training. Her plan was to throw a kunai at the tree, causing it to shake and lose a few leaves, and she would then proceed to attempt to catch the leaves by stabbing them with the second kunai. "Sounds good!" She said to herself.

She threw the first kunai, but failed at acquiring the leaves on the tip of her knife completely. "Whhaaaa!? This is a lot harder than I expected." She tied her hair up, and continued to try. She threw the first kunai, and rushed toward the leaves. She thrust her right arm forward as quickly as she could in an attempt to catch the leaves once more. A few of the other students began to watch her, feeling that her method was a lot more productive than theirs. She hadn't noticed that she started a trend, she was more focused on herself. Training is the perfect opportunity for one to make friends, which is what she longed to have all of her life. However, now was not the time for friends. She had a goal to achieve, and she was serious about it, and once she gets her mind fixated on a thought, plan, or idea, it is very challenging to get her mind off of that goal. She was a diligent worker, and nothing could take that title away from her.

She panted and gasped for her, she had been at it for a few hours, but had failed to catch even a single leaf in all that time. She sat on the ground, and pants. "Assess the situation, Hitokaru." She said to herself. She was exhausted, but she wasn't gonna quit until she had proven that her speed had increased, after all, it is what her taijustu relied on. "Just thrusting forward isn't working, so you have to come up with a faster, smoother approach. She then stood up, and got back to work. She threw her kunai at the tree, and instead of lunging her arm forward, she waited until the leaf had fallen directly into her line of sight, and she whipped her arm across the leaf. A few seconds afterwards, she looked at her kunai. She stared at it blankly for a few seconds, and then suddenly began to cheer. "I did it! I did it! I knew I could!" She was proud of herself, but everything wasn't over. She wouldn't be finished until she was able to catch multiple in one leaf falling.She continued on with her method, and managed to catch every leaf that had fallen in several droppings.

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