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1 A meeting in the Slums (Social, NK, Private) on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:34 pm

Ryo Knetegawa


Ryo smiled as he walked through the slums with his two boys. Kuro and Shiro were out and about now and they were right beside him Kuro on his right, Shiro on his left. His hands were down at his sides and unless someone was looking for them they wouldn’t notice the thin blue threads that connected his fingers to the puppets. This was something that he was starting to do more and more, simply because it confused enough people into thinking he worked with ninken, so they were surprised when they stabbed the wolves and found them to be solidly constructed of wood and that they wouldn’t bleed or break so easily, not to mention it was an easy task for him to repair them when they did sustain any kind of damage.

Today he was engaging in a new favorite past time of his, and that was gang member elimination and mugging. He did this so that he could collect a stock pile of extra money so he could present it later to his teammate who had a sick mother who needed help. He was going to give her and him that help if it was the last thing he did. So, he moved through the slums keeping his eyes open for anyone of a gang that could possibly have some kind of money on them. Of course, that wasn’t really hard, but still he had to be alert otherwise there was a good chance that he could be injured or even killed if he was particularly stupid or overconfident. He made it a point to never undesitmate his opponents no matter how much of an advantage he had.

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Noel was flying around like usual when he spotted a strange boy and two wolves or dogs, he was not really smart enough to tell the difference yet since they pretty much seemed like the same thing. A black one on the right and a white one on the left, though they seemed rather tame so maybe they were pet wolves or dogs as his mind kept trying to figure out the difference. Noel then slowed down and landed following from the roof tops out of curiosity since not many animals

After the failure of a past mission, Noel knew they were entering gang territory as he decided to keep a close eye on the boy since even a pack of wolves might be nothing more then a bunch of weak puppies to a large gang of mobsters. Noel kept following and wondered why the wolves did not seem to notice the group of bandits gathering up behind the boy as Noel kept a close eye on them waiting to pounce down from above if anything bad happened as he kept vigil upon the rooftops. This boy may have been a bit lost and he hoped the boy did not think it was okay to stroll around this late as he should have been telling himself that as well.

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Ryo Knetegawa


Ryo smiled as he kept walking through the slums the bandits and gangsters weren’t hard to hear. They were trying to be silent, but they were hopelessly pathetic at doing so because they lacked the training of a shinobi. He continued to walk through the slums until he arrived at what was probably once a park. Sadly, this abandoned barren opening that he was standing in now was nothing anyone would call a park. This made Ryo growl deeply in his anger at this sight “These filthy gangs. They have ruined everything they have touched. I will slay them all like the vermin they are.” With a twitch of one of his left fingers Shiro’s mouth snapped and clacked a few times as if he was speaking or agreeing with what Ryo was saying.

After a moment, he turned around facing the ground of half a dozen that was here to start a fight with him. He smiled wickedly as his purple eyes seemed to blaze with flames facing down these bandit scum, these villains who ruined his village, and hurt his home. He would have none of it any longer. Twitching his hands, he sent the two wolves to spread out to the left and right of him frowning deeply “I would advise you all to do a few things. Give me all your money, lay down your weapons, and renounce your vile ways. Otherwise you shall not make it out of this former park without suffering injury.” He wanted to kill them, he wanted to warp them into the abominations they were, but he couldn’t do that. Kei wouldn’t approve and he wanted so much for his teammate to approve of him for reasons he couldn’t entirely understand just yet.

The gangsters all laughed at him, but Ryo just stood his ground and watched them carefully lifting his arms up carefully, but in the same manner as someone playing a piano would. The wolves seemed to respond to this silent signal and began to move towards the group.

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Noel was watching as he kept a close eye on the boy as the gang members were getting closer and closer to their target. Some were silent and some were not so silent, they were not really pro's. Noel did not have a good angle though so he was not sure if the boy was also a shinobi or just a normal boy taking two of his pet dogs for a walk. The boy stopped near a park as Noel kept watch from a distance keeping his eyes focused as it looked like they might soon start surrounding the boy as he kept wondering if he should help or not.

The bandits were now getting ready and were converging on the boy's location as Noel decided to get ready to swoop into action as he dashed in from behind as the one bandit got startled and made a muffled sound as he got knocked out by the blunt end of a fuuma shuriken hitting him right against the temple as he collapsed as two noticed this. The gangsters were shocked by the confident and cocky boy demanding they give their money as five of them charged after the other boy as Noel began to beat up the other two who got left behind with his fuuma shuriken it was an easy task since the knives and daggers these gangsters had broke before the might of his superior weaponry as Noel did not really get what was going on, but it seemed like the other boy was a shinobi of the hidden sand at the very least as he got a closer look.

He watched as the wolves made strange movements at the raising of hands as he kept his focus as he felt like he saw something connected to the wolves but would need to get a better look as one of the bandits took a swing at his neck from the side as it hit against his forehead protector hanging around his neck slightly as he already evaded. He then kicked the guy square in the face while not having formal taijutsu training he had superior strength even though he was small as the last guy picked up a broken log and swung it as Noel ducked under with a look of focus and determination before hitting hard with his fuuma shuriken against the guy's knee cap as he fell forward the log falling on the bandit as the boy stood there as the dust cleared so he could look at what the other bandits and the boy were doing.

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Ryo Knetegawa


Ryo was happy to have this challenge, however he passed the group to see that there was indeed another figure in the mix. He tilted his head to the left while both his wolves with his instructions tilted their heads to the right. He wasn’t sure what this person was doing, but when he started to engage with some of the gangsters. Ryo couldn’t however pull his attention from the five guys moving towards him, and his wolves. He smirked licking his lips slowly, all at once the two wolves rushed forward to slam into two of the five gangsters. The first of the men to get close to Ryo was soon set upon by Kuro. The black wolf slammed into the man his tail lashing out with a blade that seemed to spring from the tip he slapped the man in the head with the flat of the blade. This sent the larger gangster stepping back quickly a blade in his hand was completely worthless, and barely made of metal. Quite a very sad thing, but Ryo would be sure to take it for his clan to melt down later.

His gaze was snapped to his other son Shiro, by the flash of a staff, this staff was made of metal most likely a pipe of some kind, but it was brought down towards with such force that would be deadly to humans. Snapping his left hand back Shiro seemed to melt away from the blow causing it to strike the sandy ground beneath the man. The shock of such a force put behind metal and striking something shook the man’s arms, but he held onto the weapon. With a few movements of Ryo’s finger’s Shiro’s tail shot out growing longer before it curled up over the wolf’s back to slap the man backwards into the sand. Snapping his hands backwards Ryo recalled the two wolves to stand in front of him. They moved fairly quickly because he had given up the desire to continue letting these clowns see his children as flesh and blood. He wanted them to see that these were puppets that they couldn’t defeat.

The man closest to Ryo was caught off guard, but the two puppets weren’t going to let the man recover. They slammed into him knocking him full to the ground both wolves smashing the man’s head into the sand with enough force that there was a soft splat or thump sound as the head was struck against the sand. The remaining three men slowly spread out even more seeming to want to take the various sides of Ryo, the one coming up the middle was coming straight up to Ryo with a blade in hand it was a bit longer than a short sword, but again it was made so terribly that Ryo was surprised it was made of metal. The others were closing in with metal daggers left and right, trying to keep Ryo from picking them off by closing on him as one group.

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Noel stood and looked on as the dust cleared the boy with the strangely white hair was fighting, but his dogs were not ordinary dogs either. As he noticed most of the gang members were being taken out so easily. Then something strange happened as it finally became more obvious that the boy was not a seijutsu user, but a puppeteer.

The boy kept vigil as the one man began groaning as he got up, as Noel was busy watching he slammed the blunt end of the fuuma shuriken down hard on the man's head knocking him out again. The three of them surrounded the boy, and not wanting to risk taking a chance on them getting lucky Noel took out one of the men with daggers as the man got stopped in his tracks when he noticed it. But it was too late as the wind seemed to strike him all over his body with small cuts and bruises as a crater formed on the ground that was half a meter deep and this was Noel's unique skill Air Slash, also known as Fuurin Kazan.

The boy just wanted to help a little bit, with those two puppets the boy probably had the upper hand but three on one would have been too reckless or just too careless and if anything did happen Noel would feel bad about it. How the boy would deal with the other two would be interesting to say the least and he really did want to see a puppet master in action even if those two were too weak to allow for an accurate display of his art.

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Name: Fuurin Kazan : Air Slash
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Fuuton
Range: 30m
Specialty: Bukijutsu(Bladed Weapons)
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4
Description: Focusing wind chakra into the blade the user slices the air from bottom to top as a bluish colored moving wave of wind chakra moving like a sharp wave like motion travels at around 25m/s in a straight line with a radius of around 2 meters.

The jutsu has a knockback of around 10 meters and also knocks any D-Rank and lower projectiles for this same distance to the sides of the technique. A C-Rank projectile would be knocked slightly and land somewhere around the location of the jutsu. The jutsu creates a small ditch into the ground that has a 0.5m radius. The height of the jutsu is 5 meters from the start location that lowers itself over distance to a 2 meter height at the end of 30 meters.

The jutsus main effect is knockback but it causes random one inch cuts with only one specific cut(chosen target) of maximum 3/4 inch depth. The knock also causes minor bruising if slightly hit, but major bruising for direct hits.

Ryo Knetegawa


Ryo was just starting to plan on how he was going to engage all three of the thugs, but thankfully that problem was solved for him. The winged kid took out one of the dagger wielding morons. This was the perfect moment. The other two were so stupid they actually turned to look at the one who had attacked their comrade. This left them with their backs to Ryo, and he was only too happy to take full advantage of it. Striking the man on his right he sent both of his puppets to tackle the man. As they sent him sprawling into the dirt Ryo’s fingers twitched and both tails lashed out stabbing the man in the back as he was tumbling down onto the flat of his face. The grunt and gasps of the man being stabbed caught the last man standing unawares. He whipped around to see that he was the last man standing.

No more thought needed he ran away as fast as he could, leaving his weapon behind him as he did so. There was nothing left for him to do. He sighed as he sat down right where he was standing moving his puppets to nuzzle and rub against him, both of them looking like regular wolves. He looked to the two of them kissing their muzzles as they walked around him “Kuro, Shiro, we have to let the ones who run away go. Let them tell the story about those who would prey upon our fellow citizens in our village.” As he made them lay on either side of him their heads and front paws in front of him he looked up at Noel with a smile “Well hello there! I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is here taking care of these foul gangs. My name is Ryo Knetegawa, and who exactly are you?” he asked his eyes seeming to be hawk-like and highly alert. Even his puppets seemed to be agitated, but ready to react at a moment’s notice.

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The fight looked rather strange and this little boy shinobi was different from the other one. Noel and Ryo seemed so different since Ryo was clearly more brutal and merciless in his style in which he seemed to want to kill these bandits like some kind of murdering blood thirsty bounty hunter. Though shinobi who specialised in assassinations would usually follow this path as Noel was more suited to scouting and simple missions as it was unclear how he got the status of chuunin to begin with.

Noel watched as the strange boy sat there snuggling with his puppets rubbing against him like they were alive, then again he figured this was probably like play pretend just without holding the dolls with your hands. He did feel like it was interesting as he watched how the wolves circled around the boy before listening to the reason why this murderous boy let go of the one, it was to leave fear in the heart of the gang members in the slums, even though it was a lost cause.

Noel noticed the boy seemed to be smiling at him as he felt a slight chill and a bit of curiosity as he heard the boy greet him in such a friendly manner it was a bit baffling. He seemed to be happy that Noel joined in and gave his name as Ryo Knetegawa and asked him for his name as he got a bit nervous as he looked down whispering softly.

It was so muffled it could not be heard, so soft that even Noel noticed as he took a deep breathe and then replied in a soft voice once again, but a bit louder this time so it could at least be heard. "I am Noel..." as he just looked down to the side not wanting to bother with his clan name after some of the things he had learnt a while back. This was a strange encounter as Noel did not know how to react now that the threat was gone as the one guy made a muffled sound before being knocked out by Noel again.

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Ryo Knetegawa


Ryo smiled as he nodded his head gently nodding to both his puppets “These are my sons, Kuro, and Shiro” When each one was named they nodded their heads. After a moment, he knelt and released his jutsu the two puppets becoming lifeless next to him. He didn’t seem to mind this as he took out Kuro’s scroll first and unrolling it before he lifted the black wolf puppet onto the scroll and sealed him away inside of it. As he was rolling up the scroll he looked up at the other boy smiling widely “So, what brings you to the slums? Did you just want to come and beat up these filthy gangsters?” After his question, he repeated his sealing process with Shiro. Once his children were sealed away he stood up dusting himself off and then went about to each of the downed gangsters rummaging through their pockets and taking all the money, they had on them as well as their weapons.

Looking back at Noel he held up the rusted-out dagger “These are hardly worth anything, but I will take them back to my home. We can melt them down to form the fangs, claws, and other weapons that our puppets use.” He said with a cheerful voice stuffing the money into his pockets and then holding onto the weapons “Oh, don’t worry the money isn’t for me. It is to help someone in need. Anyway, I want to thank you for your help. It would’ve been a bit harder for me to handle them.” Of course, he kept one eye on the other shinobi he wasn’t able to completely trust the other one despite them being of the same village. The only reason why Ryo was going so far to be interested in Noel was the fact that he had wings and he wanted to know exactly how, and why he had these wings. Still, he wasn’t sure if it was a delicate subject so he wasn’t going to bring it out just yet, but he was definitely working up to it.

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Ryo Knetegawa


The youth didn’t seem to be in the responding kind of mood, and this only served to make Ryo angry. He tsked in his mouth and remembered the little winged boy’s name. This was a slight in Ryo’s mind, and while he allowed people three strikes he was not someone that could handle his temper very well if provoked. He finished picking up the spoils of the fight and sighed shaking his head “Well, I guess that’s that. I shall see you around I am sure. If you’d like to come help me out some other time I wouldn’t mind it.”With that he waved at the other and ran off heading home with his spoils but of course he stopped by his teammate’s home to secretly leave the Ryo he had collected for his mother. He hoped that it would be of some use to his friend, and he also knew that if he had just given it to him it might not have been appreciated. Still, Ryo felt this was what he needed to do, and so he was the one to do it.

Heading home with the metal he had he knew that it would be put to proper use, and who knew perhaps his daughter would benefit from it in the future.

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