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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

With the affairs being somehow finally over, the Uchiha packed everything tightly before deciding to return back towards his homeland. One more thing was needed to be done, something that the silver-haired man considered as hole which needed to be filled; something, to remind him of this wretched world. With that being said, Tenzō searched in a few small villages located in the Land of Wind, for a certain person that would be capable of helping him to acquire the thing which he needed most right now. As such, the scouring of those lands began in order to perform an inquiry for the location of an extravagant artist which had a very unusual method of working; however, it resembled the old traditions very much when it came towards the craftsmanship of tattoos. With his methods and sets of skills, the artist made himself known all over the country, but his reputation did not stop there; getting himself renown even beyond the borders of sand in just a few years of work.

After two days of searching high and low, the Leaf Shinobi finally managed to locate the small village in which this man was located; despite being known, the artist changed locations from time to time, moving towards a different kind of place to find and meet more clients. As such, the Uchiha finally arrived at the old inn where he would find the person which he kept searching for these passing days; but alas, the goal was now within reach. After meeting up with this person, Tenzō explained the things which he wanted and those were along the lines of a tattoo that would represent a portion of the personality that was bestowed upon this pale vessel. Chaos was certainly not something which this person saw as evil, but it was mostly seen as an opportunity to rise and benefit from it; complaining and going with the flow was something which this person did not wish to do.

After exchanging a few talks at the beginning of the session, Tenzō made acquaintances with the artist; Akito was his name, a forty-year-old man with at least twenty in the arts of tattooing. Pain was something which did not seem to bother this particular man, since people perceived it different to begin with; everyone had their own level of tolerance to it. Despite using a primitive method of piercing the skin, this particular person made sure that no infection was going to bring itself upon the wound, taking great care in his arts while keeping a high level of sanitation. After a few hours of enduring through this pain, the silver-haired man finally got the chance to clean himself up from all of that dripping blood which gushed out from the newly made art, before getting himself bandaged properly.

With everything now finished and wrapped up nicely, it was time to return towards his godforsaken country and home village. Who knows what things might have happened while he was away, and probably Konohagakure needed to appeal towards his services; after all, the Uchiha was still in good terms with almost everyone in there. Most of the people which were somehow close to him were no longer present in his life; heck, the man would be even surprised if his former students would actually recognize him anymore. Despite all of this, the ANBU could see the mountains which acted like a natural border for the Land of Fire; almost leaving behind the Hidden Rain Village, since it stood between the Land of Wind and Fire, separating the two large countries with their own piece of land.

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