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1 Dragonball Ascension on Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:21 pm

Mikado Law




Many years have passed since the fall of Buu, and the events following causing the Kais to entirely reconstruct the universe, along with the life that came with it. Villains, heroes and new challengers alike have risen long since from these events, causing a brand new universe to blossom into fruition. While the heroes try their best to defend the universe and Earth, whatever darkness lurks around the corner can always be right around the corner..

[i]DBA is a plot-heavy, CBOX/FORUM roleplaying experience including a pure-roleplay system for those who simply do not have the time for the stats system. Interact, explore, and either defend or destroy the universe. The world around you is dependent on player interaction and is constantly changed by these interactions, so the world is constantly reforming and changing depending on sagas and players either duking it out or having a simple discussion. We allow canons, OCs, villains and heroes alike. Whether it be a tyrant of space, a cowboy of Earth, or that one snail from an obscure filler, DBA will always give you a chance with free creativity when it comes to character creation. OCs are unlimited in playable amount. Visit today, pop by and say hello!


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