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As the sun beat down through the blinds of his room, Shiyuan rolled himself over to avoid its rays. "Ugh...morning already..." he muttered groggily as he opened his sleep crusted eyes. "Guess I should get up..." he mumbled as he rolled off his bed onto the floor lazily. Struggling to gather himself, Shiyuan stood up from the floor and went to the bathroom to wash up. He splashed water on his face and brushed his teeth while still half asleep yet somehow functional. After freshening up a bit, he went back into his room to put his clothes on. He quickly threw on his normal green baggy clothes with his face mask. He grabbed his beloved 4 pointed hat and put it atop his head. He went over to the counter and grabbed his drinking gourd to fill it with a light brew he had made the day before. It was enough to give him a buzz but not enough to where he wouldn't be able to function. He strapped his gourd to his side and picked his trusty gunbai up off the floor and slipped it into the holster on his back. With a quick double check to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything, he set off out his front door towards the Administration building.

As he walked towards his destination, he grabbed his gourd and took a swig of his brew. "Ahhh that's good stuff," he pondered to himself as he placed the gourd back on his belt, "I'm going to have to make some more of this when I get back".  As the alcohol began to take its effect, Shiyuan began to sway a bit as he walked enjoying his travels a little bit more than he normally would. He continued walking throughout the city towards the admin building. Before he realized it he had reached his destination, a bit buzzed of course. He walked in and went over to the receptionist's desk and spoke. "I'm hereeee to see Lady Raiiiikagge please..." he said to the receptionist with a bit of a slur in his voice. "Are you Shiyuan?, " the woman behind the desk asked him with a bit of confusion and concern in her voice. "Yeaaaaaaa," he responded back as he stood swaying from side to side. "She will see you in a few minutes as she is currently in a meeting so please have a seat over there," she directed him. "OK.. thankkkssss," he replied as he staggered his way over to the couch where he plogged himself down and stretched out a bit to make himself comfortable. "Well since she's busy...might as well take a quick nap..." he thought to himself as he pulled his hat down over his eyes so that it wasn't nearly as obvious of his intentions. "Man...this brew is gooooooooooood..." he chuckled to himself as he began to relax a bit to allow himself to nap. His thoughts shifted towards the squad he would be apart of soon after his meeting. "Hopefully she's not to hard on her squads...that would be lame. Well even soo at least I have my brew...," he pondered to himself as he nodded off.

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Raiu Mizuki


Finishing her breakfast, Mizuki cleaned up the table. It had been a solitary breakfast, as her father's schedule had become increasingly filled with requests of all sorts, leaving little room for him to come home. With mother still being at the hospital, her health holding a stand-still as her illness fought the relentless attempts of the doctors to get rid of it, and her sister out there somewhere being an irresponsible brat, Mizuki had found herself to be alone most of the time - a feeling she had found increasingly more difficult to deal with.

Today was slightly different, however, as she had received an invitation to meet up with the Raikage. Mizuki wondered if Lin had shrugged off her duties just for this, or if she really had finished all of her work and was left some spare time because of it. The kunoichi expected the first, if Lin had any inclination to follow up the path she had walked on inauguration day. With a pout, Mizuki thought her sensei could be just as bratty as her sister sometimes. Rereading the letter, Mizuki couldn't say if this summon was Lin looking for some leisure time or if it had a more serious tone to it.

Tucking away the letter and picking up her katana, Mizuki left the house and made her way towards the Raikage's building. She hadn't really bothered to dress up for the occasion, wearing a simple black dress that left her arms bare and reached to her knees. Her long, black hair was left to cascade over her back and partially over her chest, and her equally black katana with the silver kanji marking her name rested as usual on her hip, ready to be drawn at a moment's notice.

It wasn't that she had intended to be so 'dark', but she couldn't exactly say she had been feeling well either. The kill during the missions still played in her mind, and the obliged solitude had made her feel uncomfortable, allowing her plenty of time to think about all that transpired in her family currently. With a sigh, she shook her head, not wanting it to distract her from the meeting that was about to happen.

A brief walk later, the Raikage's building appeared and Mizuki entered. The room exhumed an air of quiet expectation, she found, balancing between a disciplined assurance a kage called to image and the unease of intimidation brought forth by actually having to meet said kage. Mizuki almost felt at home here, perhaps because it was little different than being at the Raiu's dojo. Other than that, the room was rather sober, arranged in a similar fashion as a waiting room at the hospital - chairs, a small table and something to keep the visitors occupied while being supervised by the receptionist behind her desk.

Finding said receptionist taking note of her, Mizuki bowed as she stated her business, "Raiu Mizuki, here to see the Raikage, please." The receptionist nodded and pointed at the chairs, giving her the same reply she had given the stranger sleeping on the couch. The Raikage was currently in a meeting, so she'd have to wait until further notice.

Mizuki took place on the chairs, eyeing the sleeping stranger for a minute as she wondered why exactly he hadn't the etiquette to sit properly to begin with, but since it was quite early in the day she then assumed it had to be just that. Too tired to remain awake. She shifted her gaze askance to the receptionist, he simply shrugged and continued to take care of her own business. Mizuki guessed he wasn't just a beggar seeking a comfortable resting place, and left it at that as she waited for Lin to appear.

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A beautiful day, as always. Henso was busying about the bar, scurrying to and fro to deliver orders of food and drink to the patrons, doing his best to keep up with the constant changes. There was little else he'd rather be doing on a day like today, than to be outside staring at the clouds, yet here he was working again to keep a roof over his head.  Henso was wearing his black dress pants offset with a white button up shirt, buttoned to the top. He'd opted not to wear his school uniform esque black jacket, but still had the string laced in the neck region of his shirt in a bow, like a makeshift bolo tie. Over his front and down to the top of his thighs he wore a white apron with a few stains on it, the logo for the sky bar emblazoned smack dab in the middle, black and gold lettering as well as a black symbol for the bar. Upon his forehead was a shiny hitai-ate, gleaming as though the sun had just peeked behind the clouds to smile upon it. In reality it was just freshly cleaned as it had been every day, the sash the metal was attached to being a dark black to match his pants. The ivory skinned male was smiling as he worked, his hair kept back with his hitai-ate's help, showing his magenta hues perfectly. The white haired boy was so busy that he barely noticed a tap on his shoulder, his boss.

"Letter for you, Watanabe. Looks important."

"Thank you sir I.. Oh no! I'm late for a meeting with my new squad! I have to go, I'll make the time up, I promise!

Henso had opened the letter to find his name in bold ink, as well as the details of a meeting that included him in the administration building. There were to be two other squad members he'd meet there as well as the Raikage herself as his sensei. He'd have to leave quickly, as he was already well behind the time frame they were supposed to meet. With a wave to his boss and the others wishing him good luck in the bar, the young man ran out the door without a second thought, dashing down the steep stairs towards the village. The sky bar was atop quite a large mountain and it wasn't exactly close to where the administration building was located, but that didn't bother the genin. He was going to get to where he needed to be as quickly as he could and hope that he wasn't too late for the introductions. Nearing the bottom of the stairs, Henso had to dodge an oncoming couple, yelling back apologies as he barreled past them, turning down the path towards the administration building. It didn't take too much longer to reach his destination. Panting and out of breath, basically exhausted, Henso opened the door to the reception area and leaned on the door frame, waving at the receptionist with a smile on his tired and sweat dripped face.

"Wa.. Watanabe, Henso. Here.. huff huff.. Did I miss the meeting?"

"Uh.. No, dear. Just sit over there with those two and wait, the lady Raikage is in a meeting and will be with you shortly."

Henso stood on his own again and bowed to the receptionist, closing the door behind him. With a deep breath in the nose and out the mouth, he regained his composure. The young ninja  walked calmly and quietly over to the chairs where one person in odd green clothing with a strange hat appeared to be taking a nap, and a young girl about his age sat incredibly proper.  Henso took a seat in between the two, about a chair away from each, leaning back against his chair. Being six feet tall, he was a good head or so taller when sitting than the girl was and didn't know about the stranger.  He had forgotten to change out of his work clothing, as he'd rushed to the administration building straight away and quietly sighed to himself for the oversight. He would probably look a fool in front of the Raikage and his peers. Placing a smile upon his face, he decided that he wouldn't worry too much about appearances. If they were to be his squad members, he was sure they would judge him on ability and personality, rather than his strange clothing choices. After all, the green clothed person sleeping next to him was probably and exemplary ninja.



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