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The forest was silent when a man walked through the trees, breathing heavily while every moment looking behind him, checking his surroundings with extreme care, as if something or someone was following him or at least the man in question did have the idea that something or someone was.

The night was pitchblack, with a new moon in the sky, hidden from humanity's eyes behind its own shadow, the stars from far away, the only light in a dark and dreary night's sky. There were no shadows in the forest, there was only darkness as far as the eyes could see, as if stumbling through a void, with no beacon to guide people.

The man suddenly stopped, leaning against a tree, carefully turning his head around a few times, before finally relaxing for probably the first time during that entire night. Yet the man was no man at all, but a woman wearing the skin of a corpse, the remains of a victim of probably the worst way for a man to die.

Silently, the person who looked like a man placed a satchel on the ground and started to undress himself, until eventually there was only a naked person standing in the darkness. The sound of skin tearing and ripping apart resonated through the darkness of the forest, revealing a woman with fair alabaster skin and raven black hair where earlier a man seemed to be standing.

Slowly the woman opened the satchel that had been placed on the ground and started dressing herself, pulling on each and every piece of clothing with a soft satisfied moan, as if feeling the silk, spandex and leather was a heavenly feeling in and of itself. For most that would've been hilarious, but to her: the former Anbu captain and former head of the Ouroboros clan, it was just as such, a heavenly feeling after having worn nothing more than coarse and rough cotton and cloth for a while.

Alas, just as she managed to complete her attire, by placing a mask in front of her face, a sting of pain entered her, her hand rising quickly towards her face, pressing against her empty eyesocket behind the mask. It was a reminder of her failure and as long as she was unable to mold her chakra properly, she'd have to live with that damn accursed hole, that wound that proved that she had yet to stand atop the pecking order of the shinobi world. It was a cruel reminder to the illussion which the people called reality. " day,
I will come for you and when that day comes... you will know what it truly means, to suffer the equivalent of a thousand deaths."

Letting out a sigh, the woman known as Lamya or Orochi Risu, would stagger a bit and try to walk as calmly as ashe could in the opposite direction of the village, hoping she'd at least reach the border with the land of wind before it was morning.


Uchiha Tenzō


Many people consider darkness as their ally, when they just merely adopt the dark and use it towards their own advantage; however, some men are just born with it and in time they only end up getting consumed by it without their acceptance. And finally, there are those which simply accept it without resisting and with opened hands, as they know that the brightest stars can only shine in total darkness; this man was Uchiha Tenzō. A man born beneath the brightest sunlight but molded by the darkness of the shadows, a man not scared to embrace his true nature and follow the path which will bring him closer towards the completion of his own goals. Clear and peaceful nights such as these were perfect for the silver-haired man who would embark on lonely walks to clear up whatever thoughts were perturbing and keeping him away from a good night sleep. Recognizing who you were represented the first step in finding out your own limitations, in order to seize them and take over with total control.

Feeble and disturbing noises were being carried by the wind in the far distance and their presence even reached out and kissed the ears of the Uchiha, feeling him with curiosity. Apparently, there were other people awake at this ungodly hour of the night; and most of them which worked this late were probably up to no good. Perhaps, it was better to investigate the source of this eerie sound and not jump to a conclusion so soon. As the tall figure descended deeper within the forest, the sounds revealed themselves better indicated that these were even more stranger than they were initially. Nonetheless, the footsteps continued taking the man and brought him almost at a distance of twenty yards from the woman. Apparently, the person mumbled a few words but the voice was unrecognizable due to the porcelain mask which made sure to change the pitch and tonality; however, the ANBU attire gave a free hint regarding the identity of the person behind it.  

The Uchiha was wearing a pair of light and grey training pants which contrasted the black sleeveless shirt and sandals that were matching perfectly in color. In an instant, those charcoal eyes heated up and turned red as blood with three jet-black tomoe appearing upon that crimson background; filled with excitement, the man gazed against the womanly figure just to notice the staggering walk. Pale lips opened up instantly, letting out a few words instantly “Is that you, Lamya?” on a calm tone which was meant to hide how this man truly felt about the encounter. The voice might have not indicated that this person was Lady Risu, but the armor which covered up that naked body was more than enough to remind the man about the woman. After all, they’ve been in a couple of missions together and even if most of them were for the benefit of the Ouroboros clan, this Uchiha had a lot to learn and gain from them.

Everyone was busy taking care of their own affairs, and the silver-haired man was simply surprised to see again the woman which kept him under control for such a long amount of time. Although, some things have probably changed since she no longer appealed towards his service, and Tenzō couldn’t help but wonder what happened lately. Nonetheless, the man had a few things besides personal training which kept him busy; placed in charge over a squad of pupils which were trained and prepared for the Chūnin Exams. But the bond with those turned rather cold due to the lack of interactions, perhaps he was not such a great teacher after all. Manami, Reiko, Shinako and Joruri were the students attached to his squad; who knows how they ended up. But the one person which he cared about the most was the woman standing beneath his gaze, and with the lack of her presence, this particular Shinobi decided that it was better to take matters into his own hands and start on the plans that were meant to bring a change upon this world.

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A voice in the darkness, a familiar yet fleeting sound reaching her ears. Even when she did not have her usual chakra and jutsu prowess, her incredible senses allowed the former ANBU captain to realize the situation she was in. She did not know wether or not the owner of the voice was friendly or not, so as she walked slowly towards the voice's point of origin, her hands made the slow, yet guarded movement towards the two sheaths strapped to her tighs, eventually coming to a rest upon the carbon handle and pearl handle of each of her lethal scalpels.

When she could finally detect more than just the sound of whoever it was that had called out to her by her ANBU name, the woman stopped in her tracks, allowing her armor to do what it usually did: hiding her from any prying eyes or sensories, yet even in the darkness of the new moon's night or more precisely, exactly on such a night, she could see the red orbs with spots more clearly than ever. It seemed that the person who had called out to her was of the Uchiha clan, making her armor's effect rather pointless when those of such a revered and feared clan had their kekkei genkai activated.

Fear started to creep up her spine, as without her chakra, she was a crippled and wounded snake with the threat of being hunted by someone who from the looks of it already possessed a fully matured sharingan, which in her case without her jutsu, really did spell trouble.

With no way to hide and no way to properly assess the situation without her chakra, relying only on her natural assets was her only option and her only choice. Perhaps if she was lucky, she was not encountering a top class shinobi and just a teen training in the forest, but if she was unlucky, those crimson colored orbs would actually be those of a high ranking shinobi and she'd be in a rather annoying bind.

Having been away from Konoha for such a long time, it was hard for her to remember everyone she had ever met and anyone who'd be able to know her Anbu codename. Especially in regards to the uchiha, she could only think of three people that would have either figured out that codename or were privy to it by her own accord and account. She was wary and careful as she approached the figure, her hands still resting upon her scalpels, providing herself with much needed stability and the comfort that if it was an enemy, all she had to do to attain victory, was to get close, she encroached into Tenzo's vicinity.

When she finally had managed to come close enough, the former ANBU captain leaned slightly forwards, her knees bending ever so slightly to allow her to launch herself into any direction if ever she needed to. However, the man she saw was not someone she could remember, not at the least how he looked now after such a long time.

The single golden orb shining from behind the mask seemed to look at Tenzo with a sense of selfpreservation and intense concentration during observation. The pupil turning to a slit no wider than a hair, it showed Lamya's resolve, but also the stress she was enduring in that particular moment, coming face to face with someone she seemingly did not know nor recognize, time had truly changed many people and Tenzo sadly had changed a lot as well. "Who are you?" A voice coarse, rough and threatening came from behind the mask.
"Speak, Uchiha. Who are you and what do you seek?"

The woman's head tilted slightly to the left, her eye drifting towards a tree nearby, where she could see the white slithering body of her snake Uraeus silently reaching closer and closer to the stranger. He was truly her only companion, her only trusted friend and the only one who would be able tto find her no matter where she was. "I recognize your voice, yet not your face...if you're one of those who seek vengeance against my uncle... You won't be having an easy task."


Uchiha Tenzō


It was true that this particular Uchiha suffered from a mild illness which affected the cells on a pigment level, causing that skin to get even paler than it was before; however, the most noticeable change was with that familiar jet-black hair which gained a silver to grey tone from top to bottom. The length is also much longer than before, reaching all the way down towards the ending of the upper thighs; almost, touching the level which defined the robustness of those kneecaps. The elements which defined the facial structure did not suffer that many modifications; perhaps, they might have changed slightly since men were known to become much more attractive as they age. Apparently, the woman which now stood beneath his gaze has also went through a few changes, and the most noticeable one was related to the missing eye which honestly started lowering the excitement that was bestowed upon him at a first glance.

With the Sharingan fixated against the body of the woman standing right in front of him, Tenzō picked up the tension which began building once she slightly crouched forward like a snake, ready to jump at the throat of its prey. Even in this state, Lamya was still a challenge that shouldn’t be taken lightly and the first question which collapsed against that porcelain mask only managed to fill the man with disappointment. Those pale and numb lips of the Uchiha started parting slowly to answer the first question; however, the man was quickly bombarded with a second one which caused him to remain silent while listening to the words of this woman. Perhaps, there were a few reasons which brought the woman to such a state, and due to the this, the silver-haired man remained calm without being bothered by the lack of diplomacy.

But the last sentence was disturbing to say the least, since it was referring at the one person which this Uchiha did not wish to encounter in his life; as it may end up killing every bit of the remaining humanity that was left inside this pale vessel. Orochi Enaka, the man who used a fair number of people which belonged to the Uchiha clan in order to dissect and find out more knowledge about their Bloodline Limit. At first, Tenzō was incapable of doing anything against that matter, but now times have changed and this man considered himself capable of standing on his own ground. Nonetheless, as soon as those words were finished, the silver-haired man began walking slowly against Lamya with both hands resting around his lean and well-toned body. Even though, those crimson eyes were fixated against Lamya’s single golden orb, the Uchiha was aware and more than capable of picking up the presence of Uraeus which made a gentle noise while slithering between the leaves which covered up a portion of the ground.

Once the first step was made, Tenzō's long and scrawny fingers which belonged towards the right arm had started retreating into the shape of a fist; furiously, chakra began to slowly build up after it finished gathering a bit of that which surrounded these two. Without charging it all up, the chakra which started building up was dense enough to generate a pressure which started inflicting a tremor in some of the nearby twigs. “I am something that you owned...” were the first words gushed out in a calm tone, followed shortly after by “something that you lost…” on a more aggravated tone, indicating that calmness was being left behind as the gap between these two Shinobi was starting to close. Judging the stance which Lamya just took, the silver-haired man prepared himself mentally and watched her closely to react if she was going to lunge with an attack.

Both of those crimson orbs started to narrow down while those arched eyebrows began to position themselves lower to express the anger which was boiling up in this moment. Almost instantly, the matured version of the Sharingan had started moving those three tomoe, twirling them up like a tornado before they’ve started merging into something completely new to the Ouroboros clan heir; the Mangekyō Sharingan. When he found himself at a distance lesser than five meters, Tenzō added the last words to his riddle “we are worlds apart now, and you can no longer reach me.” on a tone which reached a very stern stage. Without feeling the need to express his name directly, the man considered those words more than enough to jog up the memory of this particular woman. “I once requested from you to release yourself from the bonds which were holding you back. To become something better, but apparently… you’ve only managed to reach a state worthy of pity.” were the final words spoken by this individual, as the Uchiha barely recognized the woman standing before him. A woman which never showed any kind of fear when confronting other strangers, had just placed herself on defense. What this truly the woman he once bowed before?

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Something she once owned and something she had lost

It made Lamya wonder what it was, who it was. The single eye behind the mask, slowly followed the man as he came closer, her breathing growing considerably calmer, while the tips of her fingers caressed the grip of each of her scalpels with care and anticipation. The muscles in her legs started to tense up, those of her abdomen loosening at the same time, allowing her to react at any given notice to whatever this man would think he'd try to achieve. She still had no idea who it was that now stood before her, no idea how strong he was or how big her chances were, all she knew was that she needed to escape. She had to get out of the land of fire and get her tenketsu treated. If only she had not dawdled too long in the forest, she would've been safe by now.

"Mangekyo...sharingan..." the former ANBU captain's single eye seemed to tremble slightly, her slit pupil growing wider in both amazement and interest. yet on the other hand, she could feel fear creeping up her spine, a fear for the capacity those eyes and the man who had them would wield. They were the ultimate sign of an uchiha's power and to face them in her weakened state would truly be futile. "I never thought I'd see the ultimate expression of the Uchiha's visual prowess in such a troublesome situation."

“we are worlds apart now, and you can no longer reach me.”

This came as a shock to the woman, someone who she had still not manage to place as someone of her memories had just called himself beyond her reach. Despite the imposing display of the mangekyo sharingan, lamya's snakelike eye started to contract again, her pupil tensing up again and becoming as narrow as it was before, yet she slowly closed her eye and let out a deep breath to calm herself. There was no need to lose oneself in a fit of rage, not now, not when she was so close to getting out of the village of konoha's range and being within the grasp of her absolute freedom. "Such grand words for a Uchiha... I wonder how blind you are despite your Mangekyo."

The woman walked a bit closer, standing more upright and letting her hands move away from her weapons, after all...despite the rather aggressive words the Uchiha uttered, it seemed that she must've known him very well, otherwise who'd even say such challenging and quite personal sounding words. It began to dawn upon her though, the Uchiha was unqiue with his gray hair and pale skin, but when she started to peel away that unique façade and added what she thought would be more fitting for a Uchiha clanmember in her mind, she began to stir her memories. She knew this man, surely it had been quite a while, yet she knew the man in front of her...if only she could remember his name...Ten...zo, Tenzo...Tenzo, Tenzo, Tenzo!!

“I once requested from you to release yourself from the bonds which were holding you back. To become something better, but apparently… you’ve only managed to reach a state worthy of pity.”

As she was remembering the man's name, his identity violenty flashing through her mind, the memories finally showing themselves before her, her hand slowly reached for the tree next to her as she had to recover from such a shock in her mind, yet when she heard those words coming from his mouth, she opened her eye again, the eyelids slowly revealing an eye which showed nothing, no emotion, no anger, no sadness. It was the kind of eye one would have when being as calm as they could ever be. However, in a single instant, her pupil contracted, the veins in the white of her eye became visible and her hand suddenly crushed the wood of the tree within her grasp. "A state worthy of pity? A state worthy of...pity!!"

Even if she was unable to use her chakra, even if she was unable to perform any jutsu in the state she was in, she was still Lamya, she was still orochi Risu, she was still Konoha's White Snake and she was still someone to be feared. Even if she could not see it or feel it, Tenzo could see her chakra coursing through her in a violent manner, but he'd also be able to see that the flow was irregular, as if something was blocking it at various crucial points. "No one...calls me...pitiful!!"

In her anger, trying to meld her chakra anyway, the surge of chakra in her body suddenly stopped as she started to cough. She suddenly hunched slightly, heaving heavily as her mask fell off and blood streamed down the corners of her mouth. "If I wasn't incapable of using my jutsu... I would've killed you just for saying those words...Tenzo."


Uchiha Tenzō


Few words were capable of describing the superiority that was starting to show itself in the prolonged gaze that was bestowed upon this woman, but even in this state of mind the man had enough courtesy to listen without interrupting. The response given in exchange was not surprising at all, since this silver-haired man payed a lot of attention towards the behavior and fighting prowess which this woman showed while he was staying at the Ouroboros compound. Being seen as nothing more than tool to complete one’s objectives, this man was completely invisible and capable of lurking without being questioned. Despite all of this, Tenzō never once held or even developed a grudge against the woman for being used in this particular way, and if he was being completely honest with himself, there were a few times when he actually enjoyed being in the presence of woman capable of being both refined and strong at the same time. With no shame at all, this Uchiha had a thing for women capable of standing on their own ground, especially if they were determined to get whatever they wished to; however, things have changed since then.

That long departure was still not enough to change the man, but this unfriendly reaction finally made the Uchiha realize that there still was a naive part inside him, one which needed to be eradicated in order to evolve further in this life. At the beginning, the woman was very useful since fear is necessary for evolution, that kind of fear which threated your own existence up to the point that you could perish and vanish. Knowing the potential which she had, Tenzō even requested that it would have been better if she were to relieve from all of those bonds which were nothing more than chains to restrain one’s potential; however, this Uchiha ended up following his own words without realizing it. Nevertheless, the man kept his focus on the woman with both eyes gazing how she slowly strayed those fingers from the weapons. Apparently, the woman gave the impression that she was starting to get herself more comfortable in the presence of this man; however, things were about to escalade quickly.

After the hearing of his own words being repeated in a dash of rage, Tenzō was capable of taking notice with those eyes how the chakra began to revolt inside the Orochi Lady, responding in a hostile way which indicated trouble. As if, the crushing of that poor tree was not enough to indicate the feelings stirred deep inside that conscious mind. Something was definitely wrong at this moment, since the silver-haired man never had the chance of seeing the woman in such a weakened state. Diplomacy showed no signs of its presence, and it was even more surprising to witness how the woman just had the audacity of threatening the man with such a harsh statement. In the mind of the Uchiha, those words echoed constantly a few times as he tried convincing himself that that those words were not spoken seriously; but in the natural process of thinking, the Uchiha realized that there was no longer a reason to care for such a thing. Fear was no longer a factor which restrained the potential of this Shinobi, since there was nothing left for him to consider worthy of being kept intact, not even his own life.

Those muscles were already tense while that fist took shape at the beginning of the conversation, and it was now time to demonstrated that words are not things that should be used so freely; context was a major factor which some people tend to disregard. Nonetheless, words were no longer important in this moment as the Uchiha slithered that left foot forwards to gain the necessary motion in order to aim and hopefully thrust that right fist against the woman’s chest. While the fist started flying towards the direction of Lamya, Tenzō would gush out a few words “No jutsu then!” on an audible and somber tone which could almost be associated with yelling.  It was time to relieve himself from all bonds which brought only weakness and hesitation; all restrains are going to be release, one way or another. Morality as a whole, along things which people considered good or wrong were now placed in the past as they no longer influenced the decisions of this person.

As of now, the man would stand by his words and act without using ninjutsu to increase his strength; however, there won’t be any holding back in terms of speed or strength. Things were nothing more than serious and how far would their relation deter was not yet known, but as of now it did not show any kind of improving, time did tear them apart and probably changed them drastically. At least, this silver-haired man was changed and the appearance was not the only thing which suffered from these changes. Perhaps, this moment was inevitable from the beginning, and there was probably nothing which could have changed their destiny; both of them had darkness inside at their core.

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"No jutsu then"

Not having straightened herself yet, already feeling her strength slipping away after some time in prison and the lack of proper care for the injuries she had sustained during the squabble with those two strange figures at the detaintment facility, Lamya was still coughing up droplets of blood when she could suddenly feel the Uchiha's fist crash upon her chest, lifting her up momentarily, before she slumped to the ground, dropping onto her knees and coughing even more. However, she grinned and in between each cough, she simply chuckled.

"Strange isn't it, how a former subordinate disregards his former mistress' health so easily, vying for power and control," Slowly she managed to stand up again, wiping off the blood which dripped from the corners of her mouth, the former anbu captain tilted her head to the side and measured up the man in front of her. from that single punch she knew he had been training madly in her absence, growing even beyond her own physical prowess, quite an impressive feat. "But than I wonder... can you truly be content in beating down someone who is near death's door, it would be a shame not to sample one's true strength after all."

She remained standing, eyeing Tenzo, making sure she'd be prepared whenever he would make a move, after all he was still the same guy that managed to surprise her all those years back, the same guy that rudely told her to break all the bonds she had with this world. It was a joke really, to see what breaking her bonds had done to her. Lamya had turned into a hollow shell of what she once was, broken by the loss of her jutsu and the deterioration of her body due to malnutrition and interogational torture. yet she wouldn't break, not even if it meant she had to die, she would not break for those insolent strangers, not for those pitiful guards and not for Kyohei, why than, should or would she break before Tenzo.

"Your view was so flawed and it still is," The former Anbu captain laughed, pressing a hand against the empty eyesocket hidden behind the piece of cloth. "Our bonds had already been broken the moment I left Konoha, the moment I decided that this village's chains and shackles had restricted me for far too long. Yet here you are, trying to ascertain wether or not you're free of me. You're obviously not my subordinate anymore and I hardly see anything that I can teach you...however, since you are still in this village, that means you either haven't learned a thing from your own philosophy or you are aiming for you want to be hokage?"

She started laughing again, the former white snake of konoha laughed loudly, as if all of this was just a joke to her, worthy of a laugh. "You don't see it do you? Wether you like it or not, you need me, because you will never reach the same level as I did. You will never be able to truly embrace the darkness of this world and understand its reality, not as you are now. To me, your mangekyo, your status, your power, they mean nothing... all that matters is the truth of this world and the truth of the shinobi."



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