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Mission name: First Dance // Baroque of Bracken Bone
Mission rank: SS
Objective: Kill the First Assassin
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 5k Ryo
Mission description:

Bao Sanniang, the youngest but most loyal of the Daimyo's Assassins managed to find a way to pry free of the technique which had long drugged her to the will of her lord. Using this chance to defy his edicts in a bid for attention and favor, she's rallied the united armed force of the Daimyo in a desperate attempt to ambush Ayakashi and end her once and for all, taking an entire forest village hostage to draw out the Mizukage and her thralls. However, due to her reliance and addiction to the control, Sanniang has made herself psychologically vulnerable, though unbound. Having not felt pain for half a decade and the deterioration of her emotional state, she will likely not back down, but be a far more powerful opponent.

Mission details:

Aya and those with her will receive a distress note from a dying courier, relaying that a fortress townage of Sp. Jounin in the forest had been overrun by strange warriors dressed in red, led by a mysterious young girl who moved faster than any of them could see.

Attacking the village, it will look like a spider had struck at it, covered with wire threads as Bao had set the stage with her deadly vortex spinners, an ensuing fight with Bao and her many, many minions (100) will ensue where Aya and others will have to both rescue hostages that Bao and her men will attempt to execute as distractions to divide the party.

After her minions are dealt with, Bao will empower herself with a chakra state similar to sage mode, giving her and all her jutsu the same bonuses as senjutsu techniques for the remainder of the fight. After she is eliminated, reinforcements will arrive, forcing the party to flee, but finally with a success under their belt as the tides begin to change.


Bao Sanniang:
General Information:

Name: Bao Sanniang
Alias: Doomspinner
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Saddist
Birthplace: Across the Sea

Physical Appearance:

Age Appears: 20
Clan: N/A
Rank: SS
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 49.4kg
Physique: Incredibly slender and lithe in an acrobatic sense with very little body ft on her person, making her look more like a girl than a fully grown woman. Her athletic body creating a juxtaposition to some of her more feminine features, accentuating them more to the eye than normal. Has Ace Eye and Frail.

Hair: Mid length brown hair done up with a floral hairpin in the style of a lotus sutra
Eyes: An elegant garnet red which resonates dimly in pale moonlight, looking more like a pink than a red, though that begins to change to a more royal red when she is angered. However like all her countrymen, in daylight, her eyes are dim and black.
Skin: Natural, fair, pink skin not pallid white but touched by the caress of sunlight
Scars: One very large scar across her back from right shoulder to left hip.
Other: N/A


Techniques: Having a greater range than many of the other assassins, though not quite as powerful, as the other 5. Her techniques usually surround large bladed gusts of wind, waves or electricity and enchanting her weapons with a range of techniques, all which move at 40mp/s and are B-A rank. Lastly, her focus on techniques with her death-spinners uses B rank suiton to hide them from sight, or raiton to electrify the webs and fuuton to guide the shurikens to fly where she wants them before pulling on the anchors, turning ninja into cut cheese. Her three signature techniques share a common scene, creating a huge 10m radius cyclone of either water or wind, and enchanting it with Raiton to create either a storm tornado or a raiton cyclone, she can move these two jutsu at 15mp/s at will. These A rank techniques on contact cause rapid heavy 3rd degree electrical burns before throwing ninja out at speeds capable of breaking bones. Throwing weapons and ninja within 10m of either cyclone who are not using supernatural walking practice are dragged into the tornadoes.

Elements: Fuuton (A) // Raiton (A) // Suiton (A)

Specializations: Taijutsu (A) // Bukijutsu (A) // Ninjutsu (A)

Strength: A-2
Endurance: A-2
Speed: SS-3
Reaction Time: SS-3
Perception: SS-3


Tatsumaki & Arashi: Two 2m long legendary SS rank bladed war fans with the unique capability of combining into a single massive fan all of which with edges capable of cutting through ninja. Separate, at 10 chakra per turn, the fans are able to launch a chakra projectile as a ranged basic attack with each swipe of their bladed edge at 40mp/s for up to 20m. Together however, with 30 chakra and a single swipe of the weapon, the bladed projectile is colossal, launching a huge scythe of fuuton chakra in a 180 degree radius up to 100m in range at the same speeds. The wind-force around the combined wind scythe capable of breaking bones and throwing ninja if they're even within 5 meters of the blade.

Lastly, if thrown, these fans act as boomerangs.

Vortex Death-Spinners: Possessing seemingly and infinite number of these small steel, A rank windmill fans. Though, each of these seemingly interesting shuriken have a secret in the form of a wound wire which links to them (making them more like a yoyo.) ending in a small anchor. When thrown the projectiles spin, leaving the wire behind them tightly potentially leaving fields of razor sharp wire capable of cutting through a ninja. Each spinner can have up to 30m of mono-filament steel wire come from it, making them lethal trapping tools, able to make lethal webs which can cut nina, trees, and other things to ribbons.

Modus Operandi: Bao used to be a wondering monk and a capable adviser to others in spiritual needs. Though, when she was tainted by the control of the Sleeping Dragon Zhuge Liang, she discovered a deep seeded lust within herself for causing the torturous pain in others, while the medication numbs her body from her own. One of the few which serve Zhuge willingly now, she still enjoys the free feeling of not being in control, and is addicted to the drugging technique which is cast on her. She's coy, and known to enjoy playing with her victims as much as possible, preferring to maim them and break them down slowly over time rather than eliminating them quickly, like a cat to a mouse. To the unknowing onlooker, one would say she's a very happy girl of her age enjoying life, none being the wiser to the brutal truth.

Bao's Soldiers:
Name: Zhuge Conscripts
Age: 22-45
General Appearance: Men wearing plate-mail covered shades and long red cloaks with red undergarments, every one of them has a bizzare tattoo on the back of their neck and wields and assortment of weapons. The men are unshaven and shaggy, like they have been kept in a storehouse until now, to the point of even having dust on them. These soldiers come across more as items than people, and have lifeless expressions.
Personality: They are devoid of life, pure tabula rasa taking orders from Bao Sanniang to the letter with what appears to be little more than cold logic before it. These men and women have no free will, but carry the brands of former criminals and even the marks of followers from the army that served under Seven bells in the seven day war.
Motivations: To follow the whim of their lords.
Fears: None, as they are all under the direct control of the Daimyo's Adviser Zhuge.
Abilities: These men and women are all considered A rank ninja with A-0 rank stats. They each have A rank Bukijutsu and Ninjutsu with the ability to use Suiton OR Katon. Each of these ninja are able to use all academy techniques as well as all techniques from the ninjutsu and elemental libraries that they would be able to use within their ranks.
Other: Each of these men carry an assortment of weapons, All B rank, including:

[*]A single hand-crossbow with 15 standard bolts (35mp/s || 50m range),
[*]A Katana and Wakizashi
[*]A Yari Spear. (all which deal standard Damage for their weapon ranks.)
[*]B rank heavy Body-Armour (Standard Defensive ability)
[*]B rank armoured Shade (Heavy armour / standard defense.)
[*]A pack of 5 Kunai, 10m of wire, 1 paper bomb & 2 flash bombs.

The day was unlike any other.

Athough all had been quiet for the past few days, Ayakashi had been on edge for weeks, the Daimyo and his group seemed to have been easing off their attacks after the last little while, after Strafe and Ayakashi's 'attack' on the compound had dealt a serious dent to their forces' strength, it seemed that the great Zhuge was left thinking about his next move. One did not expect something so drastic to happen. In the darkness of the night, one of Ayakashi's ANBU black ops came to her in a rush, panic in her eyes as she charged into the Aiso complex where Ayakashi was laying on her back in her room. Slamming on the door came hurriedly as Ayakashi was up in a start. Racing to the door she beat her mother to the entrance as Ayakashi almost ripped the door from its hinges to see the panting Captain.

"Lady Mizukage... in Jin Provence... there's been an attack. Men and Women in red with a young girl leading them. A few of us barely got out... they took us by storm, it's not right, within moments we were all captured, only those on patrol around the outside weren't ensnared, and when they came to aid, they were devastated by her and her men. It's not right. I left to come to you directly."

Ayakashi scowled at the thought of such a bold move, Jin Provence was a larger town not too far away from Kirigakure no Sato itself. But the young girl in red was an immediate give-away. It was BaoBao Sanniang, probably the most energetic and zealous of the Daimyo's assassins, if she had hostages, she was definately trying to draw Ayakashi out... This was the last straw Something needed to be done about the Daimyos advisor and his men... not to mention the insecure state that such a vulnerable young Daimyo put her country in. There was no clear answer to the latter issue, but for now, Ayakashi would have to gear up for a serious assault on Jin Provence. She would advise the ninja before her to inform Sero Osada and tell him to bring the strongest and most trusted person he knows to Jin province to deal with the issue. The ANBU member agreed and added that he would also prep the ANBU to move out at haste.

"No!" Ayakashi ordered with a firm shout. "We will deal with this ourselves... these people are... dangerous. You're not to speak a word of this to anyone else, that's a direct order. Am I understood captain?" The man saluted in silence before rushing off to see to his orders. Stress overwhelmed Ayakashi in that instance as she began to think about what she needed to do, but it was that subtle cruel voice in her head that set her on the right course. Its really quite simple... you kill them all. Ayakashi nodded, the foreign whispers made sense, it was what needed to be done, even by standard kirigakure law in this case. Taking hostages and innocents under threat of death was an act of war against the country... and she could not stand for it... but the hostages needed to be saved.

Ayakashi would spend the next few moments gathering her belongings together and readying to go to war. She would gather all of her belongings, every weapon and every piece of armour in her arsenal and place them in their allocated spots, including the scrolls that belonged to the remaining few seven swords, just in case that she, or her allies would need them and their power on a temporary basis. Letting out a great sigh, she would place her mask on her face, and something... for a moment would seem to get stronger. Darkness would wrap around her eyes and face which seemed to almost act as a trigger to something deeper, something sinister within her. Emboldened by the sensation her nerves would steel as if someone else had taken the reigns... it felt re-assuring, like she didn't need to personally handle this matter, like she wasn't alone, like she was being reinforced.

Just outside of Jin provence is where Ayakashi would await the arrival of those who would come to aid her. Ayakashi's dark clothes blending in with the misty night as she would await any sign of Bao or her men. Though, one thing was certified, she could hear the wind cutting on a blade with every breeze, but not just one... many. The place was a labyrinth of Bao's wires, it was as if a great spider had spun their web throughout the entire village. Every tree surrounding it, every wall, every building every surface was intricately intertangled with webs at various angles but in such a manner that several main streets in the village were un-obstructed entirely. So it was, the Mizukage would wait, and hope for the best... it was really all she could do for now.

If this was to be Bao Sanniangs' last stand, she would ensure that she, nor any of her men, would leave here alive.

[2557 words]


~ Jutsu List ~ Aya's Stats ~ Item Lockup ~ Jutsu Rej ~
Theme Song
Taijutsu SS-Bukijutsu SS-Senjutsu S || Fuuton SS-Suiton SS-Hyouton SS

EP: 5



Sero was in the process of reading another scroll on the fundamentals of Suiton. A small pen in his right hand altering where his opinions differed from that of the author. The man had faced his end during the bells war so a debate wasn't possible but still he found working his mind was becoming just as important as practicing with his weapons and focusing his chakra. His grey eyes taking in the thin page as he scrolled of the suiton chakra being a limiting source offensive capability in comparison to the others to be false. Even against an invulnerable opponent with skin like steel one could still drown the target. Suiton was what he considered one of the three great sources of chakra nature. It was all around them. Suiton, Doton and Fuuton were all chakra natures that could easily pull from the area around them regardless of where one was. Life could not be without all three. Air to breath, water to drink and dirt to grow crops and build homes. One had to wonder if Katon and raiton were nearly as important.

However Sero would stop his notes as he heard a whisper on the wind from the spiders. A messenger was speeding the direction of the manor. It was rare that he received messages anymore. His estate and those he trained there taking up a great deal of his time. Still he would set his pen down and rise from his seat. Moving to the doors leading to the balcony and opening them. Stepping out along the stone work and folding his pale hands in front of himself. Waiting there as he knew the ANBU would come straight to him. As he was his chakra was nothing difficult to spot. Still it would be a moment before the girl would arrive. It seemed she had official orders regarding some sort of hostage situation within the Jin province. His records seemed to recall having several special jounin stationed there. If they had been over run than he would need to be highly prepared. Perhaps it was time to finally use one of the two items his father had left him. This time not being the scythe.

Sero would also be told he needed to bring the strongest person he trusted. For a moment he paused at that. Not much in the world gave him pause but there were things to consider. There was only one person he trusted with the strength to attend such a mission. It was far too dangerous for Teru. However he was still not certain Nozomi would follow Ayakashi into battle. Or if she would follow him for that matter. Of the world he only considered her his friend. For the moment he would have to hold onto something he never invested in. Faith that Nozomi would not betray them. She was suited for a hostage situation and just as well equipped for a stealth mission as he was. A gifted hunter nin herself. He had to believe that bringing her would be of more benefit then hinderance. So he nodded after a moment of silence. Speaking in a cold tone.

"Inform Nozomi Himitsu to join us there. Keep the meeting private. Tell her to prepare for a full tactical assault. Requirements based on infiltration over direct assault. Do so quickly."

The ANBU would bow their head and question nothing as likely they did not know how thin relations were between Nozomi and Ayakashi. For now it could not be the foremost thought in Sero's mind. He needed to prepares. As soon as the ANBU left Sero would move from his room to the armory. Opening a chest within and collecting some old gear he had not used in some time. Slipping on his Hunter nin gear and as much of his ANBU gear he could combine it with. His ANBU mask on the back of his head and his hunter nin mask on his face. Quietly he would slip his long kunai onto his right shoulder. A pair of Wakizashi he sheathed on the chest of his vest while he placed a quiver of black arrows on the small of his back. He quietly put a katana on each hip and then a bastard sword over his left shoulder.Finished with his weaponry he collected a red cloak and slipped it on putting the hood up and fading from sight. Lastly he collected his A rank black bow and shifted to the road.

Sero would arrive to spot Ayakashi overlooking the outskirts of the town. It took him a moment but quickly he noticed fine lines through the air. Wires like spider threads decorating the area. His grey eyes took it in for a moment and noted how empty the area seemed to be. It had to be a trap. Still he would tap lightly on the wood of a tree near them to draw Ayakashi's attention to him. With his cloak on and gear on he made no sound and even she would have to be looking directly at him to notice him. Once she did though he would seem to snap into view for her. His camoflauge falling away. His words were nearly silent as he passed her a head set. Already set to his station.

"What is going on here?"



Missions:| D: 2 | C: 0 | B: 3 | A: 3| S: 2 | SS: 0
Ninjutsu SS - Bukijutsu SS - Fūinjutsu S - Senjutsu B
Elements: Katon S -Suiton S - Boil S



An ANBU sped towards Nozomi's residence, wasting no time after Sero sent them on their way. The mission was a very vital one, with direct orders from not only the Mizukage, but also one of the top shinobi in all of Kirigakure. If they thought that Nozomi Himitsu would be of some service, there were no questions to be had. She knew where Nozomi lived, the Jounin was a well known kunoichi in Kirigakure, and had for a long time spent a while training the Genin and Academy students of Kirigakure not far from her house. She'd gotten a place that was close to the training grounds in order to better travel to and from them with her gear. Perhaps the girl Nozomi had gotten strong enough to be able to hold her own in a situation that called for extreme difficulty, but the ANBU couldn't figure out how. After all, she had heard Nozomi had been exiled due to her lack of skill and ability from the Himitsu clan, one known for their prowess in combat. Perhaps the girl had found her own personal strength then.

The ANBU girl had arrived at Nozomi's place of residence, and failing to get any response from inside the house, even though her sensory jutsu revealed someone to be inside, decided that she couldn't just wait around while knocking, since it wasn't working. Kicking in the door, the ANBU rushed inside the house towards where she knew someone would be, and entered the room. Immediately upon entering, she was shocked to see the girl still asleep. Not for the fact that she was so exhausted to not hear the commotion, but more due to what she was wearing.

The truth of the matter was, most of the ANBU and Hunter-nin's identities were kept a secret, so as to ensure that nobody knew who could be one and to keep them safe, as well as to keep them from being picked off. That said, she hadn't known that Nozomi was a Hunter-nin Captain until that very moment. Nozomi hadn't changed her clothing from a mission she'd undergone, and so was still in her more well known Hunter-nin gear, minus the mask which laid beside her and the armor which was on the floor. Surprised for sure, but impressed, the girl shook Nozomi rather vigorously. "Nozomi, you need to wake up, it's incredibly urgent!"

Nozomi had spent most of her time back in Kirigakure sleeping, something she hadn't been able to do soundly in a long while. Her stay in Kumo was wracked with tense nights in which she couldn't actually let her guard down, so she'd had to sleep very lightly and often in uncomfortable situations. Beyond that, her travel back here wasn't exactly in the most comfortable of situations. That said, the Hunter-nin captain was in a heavy sleep when someone came and knocked on her door. So deep was the girl's sleep that she didn't even register the sound, which was a rarity. Nor did she hear the sound of her door being kicked in by the eager knocker who didn't want to waste any time.

Groggily, Nozomi's eyes slowly opened as she was woken up by the ANBU, who had a very serious look on her face. Almost immediately, Nozomi's mind snapped back to full alertness. The girl didn't give her much time to speak up. "It's Sero, ma'am. He's asked me to retrieve you personally and send you after him and the Lady Mizukage with haste. He wants you to prepare for a full tactical assault, based on infiltration over direct assault. There's very little time for you to lose, so you need to get geared up and head out as soon as possible." she said, and relayed the location to Nozomi. With that information and the last bit of her task completed, the woman went to turn away. "Oh, and sorry about your door, I'll have it replaced while you're out."

As she left, Nozomi got out of her bed and took a moment to assess the situation. So Sero and Ayakashi needed her help personally? Her eyebrows furrowed as she looked at her mask, running her hand over the wings on the side. She knew she needed to go and help them out, she wasn't going to just leave Sero to die, but as of that moment, she really didn't particularly care about Ayakashi. That woman had labelled the one person Nozomi cared about above anyone else as a Missing-nin, enacting an active hunt for the girl. Very few Hunter-nin would dare step foot in Kumo to go after her, but that meant that she could never see Kaekio while she was still a Hunter-nin, and that she couldn't be visited by the girl either. If Ayakashi needed her help bad enough, then she'd force the Mizukage to do her a favor once this was all over.

The decision to go was difficult, but it didn't take long. She would be going for Sero, and for Kaekio. Already in most of her tactical gear, Nozomi only really needed to put on her armor and Camelio suit. She was mostly dressed for the part, but hadn't slept in her armor or weapons for obvious reasons. It was bad enough that she'd slept in her weights. Too many fights without them on, Nozomi needed to have her body get readjusted to them. Slipping her top off for the moment, Nozomi temporary removed her wrist weights as well so she could slip on her Camelio suit, and then put the rest of her ANBU armor on before slipping the rest of her clothes back on. That should help her with her infiltration, as it rendered her more difficult to sense barring a high ranking sensory jutsu.

Then came the matter of her gear. Choosing what she needed to take carefully so as not to over encumber herself before she left with items that likely wouldn't see any combat, Nozomi only took a few moments to sift through her things. In actuality, she left behind most of her items, choosing to opt for a smaller amount than normal. Most of her lower quality gear was left at the house, and she'd actually chosen to forgo some of the more sentimental pieces that she carried with her. Practicality was a must at the moment.

Once she was fully geared up, Nozomi slipped her mask on over her face and rushed out of her house, heading towards the Jin province to provide backup however she was needed. Upon arriving, Nozomi rather quietly approached behind Sero and the Mizukage, not wishing to interrupt while her eyes fell over the area to take in the situation. She wasn't quite a stealth god without using the Silent Killing Technique, but she wasn't by any means loud on her approach. Not a soul was in sight, and thin wires webbed the entire area. A small frown entered her face, blocked out by the mask that covered it. She wondered what sort of threat called for two Hunter-nin Captains and the Mizukage's personal attention. Sure, it was suspicious that nobody was around, but for someone like the Mizukage, any challenge should be capable of being overcome. There was more to it than what it looked like, that was for sure.

WC: 1224

Nozomi's appearance and gear:
I tend to try and explain Nozomi's appearance and gear in an OOC since it's largely the same every thread and I don't like just reusing the same stuff every time.

Nozomi was dressed in a manner that suggested she was prepared for combat. She wore a slightly altered version of her normal uniform, more bunched up at one of the sleeves to allow for quicker movement without tearing seams, while on the forearm, it lay tight to the skin, her weights attached on over the form fit, snug with no creases. The other side of her was mostly uncovered by the first layer, to allow her easy access to inside pockets which hid some smaller weapons in inside pouches, namely senbon and shuriken. Interlacing some of her different fabric colors to halve a plain blue kimono to cover up her exposed side, the other half draped down over her leg a bit, Nozomi would use a belt to keep the thing closed. She had sewn on a strip of fabric to the neckline of the Kimono, and fashioned it into a scarf to keep the main bodice of it up, as well as allowing for quick disrobing of just the Kimono by unwrapping the crossover. That way she could use the sleeve to hide weapons from sight, but also remove the Taijutsu inhibitor quickly if necessary. Her pants were like the sleeve, with some seam allowance down to her calves, where it would once again form fit tightly, to allow for her weights to fit snugly without bunching up her pants. Unlike some, who wore their armor on top of their clothes, Nozomi had her ANBU armor on under, hidden by the clothing, her weights covering the gauntlets and greaves perfectly.
Her Hunter-nin mask was on, but she'd slid it to the side of her face, covering her left cheek, but exposing her face. It looked rather angelic, with the sides of the mask appearing as feathered wings, and a light blue cross in the middle of the face. Two light blue streaks ran down the cheeks, from the bottom of the eyes, and the eye holes would produce her eye color, which shone through when she wore it in a strangely perfect mixture, as if the mask was made to compliment her own eyes. Even though it marked her as a Kiri-nin, she still wore her Kiri headband around her neck, as always.
Her best Tanto was strapped behind her shoulder, also exposed and fully uncovered for quick draw time, but otherwise hadn't changed. It was a work of art, for certain. The newest addition to her blades, the weapon she'd chosen upon her becoming a Hunter-nin Captain, a beautiful work of Kirigakuran black smithery, was securely fastened to her side, over the kimono side. The Katana was by far the longest and best weapon she had, and was a marvel of Kirigakure technology. Her Tanto was of similar make, but this was made so beautifully it almost seemed to cut through the air quicker than other weapons of similar style.
In addition to that, Nozomi has another A rank Katana strapped on to the same hip as her Kiri Katana.
She is also carrying three scrolls on her, each containing a separate weapon: Her Windmill Shuriken, her A rank Kirigakure Yari (presented to her by Sero in a previous thread, currently ongoing in the past), and her A rank Scythe Demon's Fang.
She has both explosive tags, currently attached to the only two kunai she brought with her, and has forgone to bring any other shuriken and kunai, but has opted to take all 51 of her senbon, all dispersed in pouches on her body.


[D Rank] 2 | [C Rank] 0 | [B Rank] 4 | [A Rank] 1 | [S Rank] 1 | [SS Rank] 0



Silence fell the area as the Mizukage waited

For what seemed like an age Ayakashi simply waited and watched, knowing that Bao within the village was the only threat that could possibly catch her out, but the A rank ninja that moved around the area were not something that could be scoffed at. Many of them were on patrols and the hostages had yet to be identified wherever they lay. Now wanting to give herself or her chakra away yet with the activation of a technique, ayakashi would flow chakra into her mask to activate its chakra based ability. The soft breeze moving through the area had an effect on motion in and around them, it was through this method that Ayakashi was able to spot the grouped hostages in one of the larger buildings guarded by a retinue of men that encircled them. Each of them seemed dangerous, armed and ready for anything. But Bao seemed nowhere to be seen by the Mizukage who would continue to scout the area for anything that she was capable of finding. As half an hour passed, it was with a single wivver that Sero Osada came to light, asking what the deal was.

'Where to start'

Ayakashi would await the third and final member of the team to arrive before beginning to speak, she needed to ensure where she intended to start and how much information she intended to divulge. There were few people in the country that knew of the shadow war between the Daimyo and the Mizukage that had been moving for some time, Dameon, the Mizukage's former second being one of them and Strafe being the only two living ninja that had any real in depth knowledge of the extent of the tensions between the two factions. The pool of those in the loop was about to double, and Ayakashi could only hope that she could explain things in such a way that the two before her would not turn their backs on her for her secrecy... God knows it had already happened before. By the time Nozomi had appeared, a spike of guilt stabbed into the heart of the mizukage as she decided now was not the time to put a diplomatic spin on how things were, this was to be the end of this secret war... Sero was the only person right now Ayakashi truly relied on to finish this, and if he trusted Nozomi to aid in that respect enough, she would trust Nozomi too.

'With a deep sigh, Ayakashi would begin.'

"This is not going to be an easy story to hear, but I think it best to give you both the context for this meeting. Suffice to say, I'd made a mistake..." Ayakashi would speak in hushed tones, turning away from their target as she would look to the two. "About four months ago I had a meeting with the Daimyo, where the young Daimyo was evidently displeased with my actions, it was there I noticed the... influence of the child's advisor. A foreign man by the name of Zhuge Liang. It became clear to me quickly that the Daimyo was little more than a puppet under his thumb, so I intended to rally the support of the court against the advisor, but his control ran deeper than I had suspected. The control was not merely influence, but some form of chakra based alchemy, he is dominating the minds of the Daimyo and those immediately around him into complete subservience... as such, I soon found myself the target of his ire. Since that day, his vassals, powerful fighters from wherever he came from have been hunting me and trying to unseat me from my position. With Dameon and Strafe at my side before I was able to resist them, but, Strafe has largely retired to his hospital and Dameon has been missing too long. For a moment Ayakashi would remove her mask, so better to display the pleading visage and slight level of emotional distress that was being conveyed in her voice, but also producing a red note-book, the diary of Zhuge that she and Strafe had stolen, the evidence to his deeds and the intricacies of his invasive techniques.

[color:5f93==#990099]For some time these assassins had been quiet after we thinned their forces numbers. But it seemed that it has pushed them to more drastic action. The woman in there is named Bao, she's a one of the assassins and she's as dangerous as she is psychotic, she spins bladed webs and uses their tension to attack from any angle like a finger-trap. The whole town is covered in her wires. "
Ayakashi would look up from having a his head bowed to look up at the two before her. "I could not risk telling many, a war between the Daimyo and the Ninja Village was certain to ensure mutual destruction. But it was that course of action that led to this eventuality. However, I have the tools to end all of this now, but, not without help. I'll give you both the chance now to back out, these assassins are dangerous... even for me. But should you aid me in bringing this shadow looming over our country to an end, I will be deeply indebted to both of you... the Daimyo of our country cannot be allowed to stay under foreign control."

Ayakashi would finish, looking to the two of them she'd understand their anger if it were there, and, on a subconscious level she was already preparing to battle the forces that lay before her on her own. Each of the soldiers that were there were were skilled, and about a hundred in number... Ayakashi could deal with them if she had to, there was no way that Bao would be able to fight Ayakashi efficiently while avoiding them, but, knowing her she would cut them to pieces just to get to Ayakashi, which would thin their numbers out all the faster. Looking to their reactions, Ayakashi would judge whether or not they would stay, she was sure about Sero, but she would feel her eyes fall a little more worryingly on Nozomi... However, should the two of them accept, it would almost bring a tear to her eye, as Ayakashi would thank the two of them in turn before drawing out a scroll and handing it to Nozomi. Ayakashi had seen the equipment that was on her person, and she needed... something to bolster her equipment. And knowing the nature of the petal techniques that she had at her disposal, she thought this weapon was fitting.

"Consider this a loan, but I have no doubt that you'll be its full time wielder in the near future."

Ayakashi would place her mask back onto her face, looking back out into the distance to see if anything had changed. As the night deepened and approached towards morning, the cool temperatures on the damp country rolled in the mist bank that Ayakashi was counting on for this mission. This was the village hidden in the mist after-all, it was only fitting that in a time of disaster, the mist would be one of the greatest weapons at the disposal of the countries' ninja.



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Sero's question would be met with silence for a time. It appeared she wished to only explain this once and nothing of the explenation could be withheld from whomever Sero brought. His grey eyes would take her in for a time as he considered the situation. The province itself was quiet. Much like a spiders nest. Reminding him of the woods outside his own home. The wires barely noticable but everywhere. As they waited a patrol caught his eye as he watched them. A squad of men in red armor with assorted weapons. Designed for any range of threat. However the way they moved was so very odd. In unison their feet hit the ground as if it were one person. Could they all be puppets? He had read of a man in the bells war that had designed a great many puppets from the fallen soldiers on the battlefield. This made the concept entirely plausible. What was odd though was how they seemed to move in shifts instead of consistantly. As if they were being provided with just enough rest and time to consume to stay alive and strong.

Sero was taking special note of the location the squadrons moved into and a new one emerged from. The base of operations seemed to be a shrine of some sort. He was not familiar with the area's deities nor did he much care. Instead his attention turned to an approaching Nozomi. She had made it considerably close to them in silence but it was difficult to hide ones presence from Sero. Still she too would have one hell of a difficult time seeing him. However he would acknowledge her from his cloak to witness him. The red cloak seeming to unfurl out of no where with the hood up over his head as he watched her with cold grey eyes. Contemplating her movements and then glancing between her and Ayakashi. Two dangerous women either of them his match easily. He might be captain of the seven but both of them were fearsome in their own right. However luckily it appeared Nozomi wasn't interested in endangering the mission at this time.

Still his full attention would turn to Ayakashi as she spoke. The revelation of great interest to him. How was it possible that he could not know of a shadow war involving the safety of the village and their Kage? That Dameon knew before him irked him slightly as he found the man to prefer to strike a pose and make a scene over applying himself to any sort of duty. Strafe made sense to him though. He supposed she had used what resources they had available to them at the time. Having been unsure of where Sero would stand with Kage or Daimyo likely. However Sero merely glanced at the red note book. If it was true and there was the mans own documentation evidence of his deeds Sero would eliminate the threat to the best of his ability. With careful planning and overwhelming force. Still his grey eyes followed her as she provided them with both the option to abandon the mission and provided Nozomi with a temporary weapon. Waiting until that was done before speaking in a low and dull tone.

"I would like the chance to review the evidence myself at a later time. For now there is an unlawful possession of this town by hostile forces. If these men are indeed possessed and serving an assassin while holding hostages I suggest we split up the objectives. Primary objective should be the retrieval of the hostages intact. As such I suggest a plan. Allow Nozomi to move into position near the hostages while avoiding any traps. While she does so, give me time to move into position at the shrine where the bulk of their force seems to be kept. On your signal I eliminate the soldiers within the shrine and Nozomi eliminates the threats to the hostages. If you can clear her a path from those threads I can cover her escort. Once all hostiles save the assassin are eliminated and the hostages rescued we will regroup with you and join in on any combat with the assassin. Assume she will engage you the moment you are revealed."



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