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Hey Everyone its Yumo here! I am overflowing with creativity sometimes and i enjoy creating characters.. Likewise i understand why people dont make alts.. It can be hard to pull away from you rcharacter and reforge a new one! Well i am here to forge a character for you!

This is an example of what I will be creating.. The adoption fee is merely 500 ryo and a side plotline, 3 or 4 scenes at most, with my main character; Yumo! :3

That being said I will make requests for the additional fee of 750 ryo.. (will make payment arrangements) with no required interaction with the kawaii Fox ICLY

As a side note adoptions require a private message sample rp of at least 1000 words before granted. I also would appreciate the application for a concept character, not custom, include the following if possible: a faceclaim, a clan, a plotline synopsis and finally I require you to fill out the elements and specializations.

Ive been rping for over a decade on forums now and I like to use my studies in theosophy and the like to create fictional work. This is helping me more than I can explain and without further aduie i present to you Kanbei:


Name: (Kongo,) Kanbei
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 09/31
Sexuality: Bisexual
Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin/D-Rank.
Element(s): Doton (D Rank), Katon (D Rank), Koton (D Rank)
Specializations: Ninjutsu (D Rank), Taijutsu, Hybrid(D Rank)

Special Characteristics:

Name: Reflexes
Type: Positive
Description: This individual has trained their reflexes to exceptional lengths. They can dodge most projectiles with ease and respond to incoming attacks with a special finesse. Their superior agility, flexibility, and body control makes them quite difficult to hit. Individuals with Reflexes cannot take Mighty.

Name: Strong-Willed
Type: Positive
Description: The individual has unmatched bravery. They overcome their fears easily and are very difficult to break. The invididual can overcome their limits with sheer willpower and cannot be easily interrogated. Individuals with Strong-Willed cannot take Cowardice.

Name: Quick Learner
Type: Positive
Description: This individual is very versatile and generally talented. For this reason, he/she learns techniques at an above average rate. When learning a new jutsu, the word count required is reduced by 10%. If learning said jutsu from someone else, the reduction goes up to 20%.


Name: One-Track Mind
Type: Negative
Description: The individual has a difficult time splitting their attention between different things. The individual is incapable of multitasking and has a very hard time combating multiple tasks at once.

Name: Foolhardy
Type: Negative
Description: This individual is incredibly overconfident in their abilities as a shinobi, to the point where they think it is almost impossible for them to lose against a foe. Because of this, shinobi with this special characteristic are unable to flee from a fight.

Name: High Blood pressure (Perverted)
Type: Negative
Description: This person has a condition where the pressure of their blood pumping through their body is exceedingly high. This is debilitating for the individual, as he/she becomes excited be it by sexual stimulation or otherwise the individual will erupt into a bleeding nose which will persist for 3 posts or until healed. You cannot be Asexual if you have this perk, you must either be Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual or Pansexual.

Height: 5'11'' with heels
Weight: 137
Hair Color: Kanbei is often seen with her faithfully  groomed silver blond hair hanging past her waist .
Eye Color:Kanbei's eyes are n almost metallic shade of blue.

General Appearance:

Kanbei wears a pair of thin eyeglasses while at home or shopping.. Both of her ears are unpierced and tied around her neck is an empty bell she has kept with her since she was a child. Tied around her neck and underneath her necktie is Kanbei's Konoha-Gakure forehead protector.

Kanbei is almosty always found wearing her light blue vest-blouse. Underneath of her blouse she wears fishnet stockings that cover both of her slender and lean arms up to her fore arms. On Kanbeis hands are a pair of cloth gloves she often loses and replaces.

Tightly stretching over the kunoichis enormous, supple, and bouncy breasts the fishnet acts as a breast holder snd travels further south  towardbeing her groin; the fishnet  being the only garment that covers her exposed navel and toned abdomen.

Hanging on her waist is Kenbai's  plack and white striped skirt; only let down whenat home or somewhere ssfe.. On her waist is s small pouch that she carries various various ninja equioment in. Kanbei always wears fishnet under her skirt, covering her prefectly  moisturized lower body. On her delicately pedicured feet Kanbei bears green painted toenails, often hidden by her combat boots but occasionally free to breathe atop thong sandals when she is in the city.

Personality: Describe your character's personality. At least 200 words.
Interests What does your character like/dislike. At least 100 words.
Motivations: What drives your character? What are their dreams/greatest fears? At least 100 words.

History: Your character's history. At least 400 words. Note: It's standing site policy that experiments and such conducted in the character's history cannot affect them in any way but cosmetic. You may not start out with any weapons that you obtain in your history unless you take a pre-made Special Characteristic that grants you a free starting item.

Face Claim: What is the name of the character you chose and what show is he/she from.

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