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Finally it was time. Four days of preparation were about to come to an end, and with it's demise the fruits of tireless studying would be bared! No, Kisei was not crazy, just tired. Quite indeed. In fact he was still sleeping, books scattered around him, drooling. Not one of his best moments. A knock on the door woke him up with a start. "What, is it...?" He demanded weakly. Stretching as he cleaned his drool off of the History book of the Karisuma. Alfa's flat voice came through the door. "Just checking on you, I heard screaming. Something about, "The fruits of tireless studying" being bared? Or some crazy shit like that." He sighed, that was the last time he drank coffee while researching. "It's fine. Just, talking in my sleep I guess." Kisei responded. "Alright. I'll be working again today alright, probably be back somewhere mid-, late in the afternoon." A silence between them followed after that. Alfa waiting for Kisei to say something and Kisei wanting to say nothing. Half a minute passed between them before Kisei could here the front door close with a slight slam. Someone was prissy. But that didn't matter. Carefully he stack his pile of books on top of the nightstand. The History of the Karisuma fitting easily to the form of the 'Kawauso Clan'.

Kisei went about his usual morning routine. First hopping into a short shower, quickly drying himself before hopping into his typical attire. A black short-sleeved jacket lined with white and purple, black boots, close fitting jeans, and of course, his umbrella. When he looked into the mirror for evaluation a sly smile was reflected back at him. It certainly was exciting, the events today would bring. Recently he had been reading into the history of the Sunagakure, particularly the formation and social structure of clans. Not much to say other than these clans were families, anything else would have to be too general or too specific. Currently he had been looking into what this world had called 'Dojutsu', eye techniques. One eyed Kisei couldn't help the envy boiling inside. More interestingly the mix of animal and human traits. Literally, there were people out there half animal and half human. If he could sample their DNA, oh the implications! He had, through some unorthodox means, narrowed down two subjects. Quite. This was gonna be fun. He swung his umbrella open over his head. Blinking a few times against the glare. Other than what was going on it was just another blazing day in the desert.

While he wanted to rush to find a Kawauso clansman he was really curious about this Karisuma clan. A family with the most stunning eyes of the world? The stuff of fairy tales, (and fanfiction). But then again, this was a whole new world, a whole new dimension to possibility here. If he remembered correctly there was a Karisuma member already here, a ninja at genin, Lillith. As she was called. Leaning against a shaded building he would wait. His source indicated that Lillith passed through here at this time of day. He wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do when they met, but it went along the lines of befriend then steal clumps of shed DNA, (hair, skin, the likes), and run a couple of tests through them. He couldn't do really do anything to her eyes though. As messed up as he was he wouldn't dare pull a stunt like that, leave that to the Uchiha he thought bitterly. Even if he were so inclined to, such an act could get him a bounty; who knows? He sighed in defeat as he waited for the- Wait, there he is! The picture matched, almost perfectly, but there was no mistaking that tail. Gripping his umbrella in front of him like a lance he jumped just barely off an inch the ground and was launched forward with a slight breeze as his jutsu kicked in. "Master Lillith! Notice me!"

WC: 678
OOC Notes: Over the top greetings are the norm. *Shrugs* Have fun!

Chakra 140/150:

Name: Aero Burst
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: Fuuton
Range: 5 meters
Specialty: -
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: A technique that violently expels wind chakra from any side of the body to achieve acceleration in the opposite direction from the origin of the explosion. The blast is especially powerful, able to propel the caster at speeds of 15m/s in any direction, but this burst of speed quickly wears off, stopping at a distance 5 meters and leaving the caster to move normally.

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