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1 Naruto Saga Updates Vol. 1 on Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:15 am




Welcome to the initial installment of our new project, Naruto Saga Updates! In this ongoing series, staff will be sharing with the member base the latest updates to the Sagaverse being published to the forum. These updates may cover any range of topics relevant to the forum including, but not limited to, events, new source material content, revisions to existing content, rules & regulations, and the In-Character world & story at large.

Table of Contents:

Section Updates-

  • Scroll of Knowledge

  • Naruto Saga HQ

  • Narrator's Corner

    • Narrator Missions

Guideline Updates:

  • Mission Guidelins

Overworld Updates-

  • Sagaverse Timeline

  • The Five Kage

Geography Updates-

  • Hokage Rock

  • Daimyo's Palace/Hokage Residence

Sections Removed:

Scroll of Knowledge Removed

The Scroll of Knowledge is just one of those parts of the site that were created years ago and simply was not providing any value to the site. In fact, taking a closer look at it, there was only one topic published in that section and that topic was from 2013. Because it was not providing any tangible benefit, we decided it best to simply retire the section indefinitely.

Naruto Saga HQRemoved

Unlike the Scroll of Knowledge section, Naruto Saga HQ is actually among the most frequented sections on the forum. This activity, however, can be almost exclusively attributed to the presence of the Admin Request Thread in the section. The other aspects of the Naruto Saga HQ section get far less traffic on their own. For that reason, we have decided to separate the Admin Request Thread from the Naruto Saga HQ section and relocate it to somewhere that it will be more easily accessible while simultaneously "trimming the fat" by retiring the less popular aspects of that forum.

Section Additions:

Narrator's Corner → New

In place of the the two sections being removed, we are adding the Narrator's Corner, a section intended to play a pivotal role in our expansion of the In-Character world going forward. The Narrator's Corner will serve as the primary platform for all officially published content relating to the In-Character world, the site's plot at large, and official events. We hope that having this information consolidated to a central location will make it more easily accessible to all members as we publish content in the future.

  • Narrator Missions: One aspect of the new Narrator's Corner section we will be rolling out is Narrator Missions, a new classification of missions published by the site as part of the Overworld at large. The description of Narrator Missions from the updated Missions Guidelines reads as follows:

    "Narrator Missions are a special classification of missions specifically published by the site as official pieces of the In-Character world and/or ongoing site story. These missions may be either permanent fixtures of the setting or temporary opportunities bound to a limited timeframe or event and may only be embarked on by any individual character a single time. Narrator Missions may possess restrictions in access or rewards/compensation that lies outside of typical Missions standards. Members may not submit applications for customized variants or entirely unique Narrator Missions."

Mission Guidelines:

Considering that missions are meant to be the primary source of income for members on the site, previous monetary compensation for missions simply didn't seem to do the trick. Rewards simply did not feel rewarding, resulting in missions becoming a burden rather than an activity. We hope that these changes invite members to view missions are an integral part of shinobi life and rewarding way to develop one's character while earning ryo rather than a tedious chore. We will continue to monitor the effects these changes have on all related aspects of the site and adjust as needed.


  • Ryo Reward Structure

  • Mission Rank Structure

  • Minimum Word Count  Benchmarks

  • Narrator Missions

Naruto Sagaverse Timeline

As part of our ongoing efforts to expound upon and make more accessible information regarding the Naruto Sagaverse's In Character world, especially in relation to the original source material, the administration will begin plotting points on the Sagaverse's timeline. While our primary focus early on with this initiative will be to plot significant canon events, in order to establish a recognizable timeline, we do intend to plot significant Saga-exclusive events as well.

The Kage of Naruto Saga!

As part of our effort to both develop and expand the In-Character World, as well as making the information more easily accessible to the forum's members, the staff of Naruto Saga has chosen to begin with the most public faces of the Sagaverse's geopolitical landscape, The Five Kage. In this thread viewers will find a short description of the position as well as basic information on each of the current characters occupying those positions including: the character's name, clan, official title (numerical), a signature ability, skill, or technique, and a clickable image linking the viewer to the kage's profile where they may be contacted.

Noteworthy Locations: Hokage Rock

Following one of the guiding principals ownership of this site follows with regards to canon content going forward, Hokage Mountain underwent small changes to bring the site's iteration of the monument as in line with the source material as possible while still making sense in this setting, including its official name.


  • Hokage Mountain → Hokage Rock

  • Previous blurb → "The iconic landmark of Konohagakure bearing the likeness of the first seven Hokage etched in stone. Due to expansion of citizen residences the practice of carving the Hokage’s face into the rock discontinued after the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. From the appointment of the Eighth Hokage, Konohamaru Sarutobi, onwards, the Leaf Village’s leaders are now eternally memorialized in the Hokage Museum constructed at the top of the cliff."

Noteworthy Locations: The Hokage Residence

The Daimyo’s Palace was a sub-forum that simply wasn’t providing much to the village as a whole, having not even been used for a thread in roughly a year. Beyond that, there was no canon justification for its existence, instead having existed as a plot device for an old story line that quite simply is no longer relevant. For these reasons the Daimyo’s Palace sub-forum is being retired as an active role play section of the village.

In the spirit of adding value and building up the In Character World rather than simply eliminating inefficiencies, however, the Daimyo’s Palace will be replaced with a new sub-forum: The Hokage Residence. Inspired by the source material location of the same name, it is our hope and intention for The Hokage Residence to be a more relevant sub-forum within the village given its function and historical importance in the Narutoverse.


  • Daimyo's PalaceRemoved

  • The Hokage Residence → New

  • Previous blurb → "A large mansion located in the heart of Konohagakure traditionally used as the official residence of the sitting Hokage. In addition, The Hokage Residence is also the home of The Leaf’s most secretive files and scrolls containing the village’s Hiden & Kinjutsu, under the protection of the Hokage and their security. The Hokage Residence is generally understood to be the single most well-guarded location within the walls of Konohagakure."



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