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1 No Privacy: The Solemn Kitsune Genin!! {WIP} on Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:27 pm



Kitsuchi Yumo; In The Right Direction:

Good day Saga! Its Yumo here! I am fine tuning my apps and concepts for Yumo and I have found a few scenarios I decided I would share with everyone in hopes to find some solid rps for Yumos Genin years! This will be a WIP thread until chuunin years where I will edit all of his genin ventures for easy catalog and refrence on his history.

However for now this thread is a think tank! I have a few conceots for Yumos future and I will share them here :3 If you are interested in one of these ventures pm me and we can have a steady solid rp! I work but I am able to pst at least 3 hours a day. So here we go!

If you are interested in including Yumo in a thread or plotline snd are curiouds to how I intend to develop him PM me please! <3



D Rank:

Traveling Back to Kirigakure!
After visiting his fathers memorial by The Lake Yumo is on his way back towards Kirigakure. After reminiscing on his parents deaths Yumo is feeling heavy hearted and decides to take a small rest, exhausted from the mental anguish, in a seemingly safe tree.. After climbing into the tree Yumo encounters a large egg in the tree. Deciding the egg is valuable treasure Yumo spirits pick back up and he picks it up and soemwhat cheefully begins to head back home to cook it up.

Meanwhile you head in Yumos direction.. (Perhaps carrying eggs or something reminscent of an egg etc.)

After some searching for her egg a large (or perhaps two) C or B rank avian begins to strike at either/both Yumo or you in search of her egg.

After somehow dispstching the creature Yumo and you somehow build the foundation for somekind of relationship: friendship, romance, rivalry, enemy, mentor, senpai etc.

Looking for 1 to 2 to join. Could lead into another thread or be prelude to a plotline. No kill or maiming player characters. If interested in this socialPM me. If uou want to edit it somehow thats fine too! This just a rough draft :3

Homeless and Bottomless Yumo!
After smoking something funny behind the locAl tavern where Yumo has been staying since he burnt his home down Yumo finds himself in a state of disarray. After being evicted from the tavern for streaking Yumo is found wandering confusedly among the streets of Kirigakure almost naked in the pouring rain.

As you approach Yumo he poofs into a small, 2 tailed silver fox and begins to flee in terror, clumsily bouncing off of thw obstacles as he manuevers around them.

Looking for 1 or 2 to chase Yumo through the streets and somehow establish somewhere for him to live, maybe ask the tavern to take me back, take me to the clan house etc. Yumo will dangerously crawl through cracks and holes in escape. If caught or unabke to maintain his fox transofrmation Yumo will express a desire to get vengeance on the man who gave him the funny stuff he smoked.

This thresd is going to be Yumos first planned take on morality.. Whoever is with him will assuredly tilt thw scales one way so I ask that if you want to do this rp pm me and let me know how you intend to direct this tread once you catch the silver fox.

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