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It had been a long time since Teru took on some of the more simplistic missions. Lately, she had been dealing with missions where she had to physically confront the hostile types of ninja and others. It got tiring after a while, and it felt like she was losing the sense of peace she had always had. So, deciding to do something about that, Teru took on a low-ranking mission. To secure a load of raw materials from an abandoned mine. It was unfortunate that there was an incident at the mine, for it was rich with ore and other valuable materials. The place was also much too dangerous for just anyone to venture into. The structure was unstable and required great caution. So, ninja were the best bet for replacing the old miners. 

0 to 50 meters deep…

Having departed early in the morning, Teru arrived at the mine with the sun barely peeking over the horizon. The gear provided to her by the village was all in hand, and she began her exploration of the upper portion of the mine. Teru descended with the ropes, searching the rocky walls of the mine to try and spot anything of interest. Teru waved a small flashlight around to get a better view, but there was no sign of what she was looking for. Her eyes fell to the dark pit below. It all had to be down there, waiting within the most unstable parts of the mine. However, Teru was not frightened at all by this. In fact, she was looking forward to the rest of the exploration. 

50 to 100 meters deep…

Light from the outside was nonexistent. It was dark, and Teru's only source of light was from the flashlight in her hand. But, there was progress being made. Large pieces of ore littered the area, giving her something to fill the bag. Teru tore the material out from their places in the wall with her gloved hands and promptly dropped them inside her backpack. It was a lot, but still not enough for the mission to be considered done and over with. She would have to go much deeper into the mine to collect the more precious materials. They were surely lying around at the depths, which was where old skeletons rested. Of course, the kunoichi went along with it without being worried. It would be a quick little adventure.

100 to 200 meters deep...

Teru almost wished that she brought along another bag with her. The one that she had hanging on her left shoulder was nearly full. It was not the most problematic situation, but she did want to find some good quality material before having to return to the village with her findings. "Oh, this one looks real good," Teru mumbled to herself, spotting a piece of ore in front of her. It had some reflective properties to it, more than the other ones she picked up. She tossed it in the bag and continued downward for the others. 

By now, she was approaching the lowest levels of the mine. It was chilly down there with there being no light from the outside. Teru had collected a fine amount of materials for those in the crafting business back in the village. They would certainly be happy with it, which was pleasing to her. And, having filled up all of the empty space in her bag, it was high time she exited the mine. There was no need to go on with collecting since there was no more room. 

However, before making her way back to the top, Teru pointed her flashlight down at the dark depths of the mine. A brief and sweet prayer for those who were lost in that accident many years ago. She hoped that they had found peace.

Word Count: 640/600
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