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For the most part, Teru did not really consider herself a good teacher. Such a job was better left to those like the man she called her teacher. They were more professional with it and that was for a good reason. Teru, on the other hand, had a tendency to leave out information that may have been a little too important to forget. Although, the last time she ever taught anyone anything turned out fairly well and both parties went home with a sort of learning experience. Perhaps teaching the students at the Academy would turn out just as well. They were all children who knew very little about what being a ninja meant. There was no way it would all go sour in an instant. 

The teacher of the particular class she was training was there, too, so she had plenty of leverage to work off of. She was in the classroom with him and his students. For a short time, she was sitting near the door, listening to him discuss with his students a bit of review that they had been going over for the past week. Apparently, they were approaching the deadline for an upcoming exam. That was going to be exciting, she thought. However, for the students who were lacking in their skills, it would likely be a nightmare for them. If they could pull off a miracle, then maybe they would be just fine. But, hopefully this training would provide some assistance to the students.

The instructor of the class, who was a Chuunin, began to wrap up his lecture. Teru spotted a couple of the students yawning and nodding off. She did not blame them for being so tired. The teachers in Kirigakure were strict and worked the students hard to make sure that they would not regret it later. With the ninja world being a cruel place, little mistakes that they made now would turn out to be more deadly later. It would be unacceptable if they died right off the bat. "Now, students, we have a guest today," the instructor said to the dozen of Academy students. He was gesturing to her, which drew all of the eyes to the half asleep Uchiha. "To help with your training, I requested for someone to come in and give you an example of the techniques that you will be learning later on. Miss Uchiha."

Teru nodded, and she stood up to meet the instructor in front of the class. They had spoken before on what she would be showing to the students. In the back of her mind, it seemed like an excellent decision to show them the jutsu they talked about. Perhaps it would explain why she was reaching into her weapon pouch behind her back as she stepped towards the man. Her face was painted with plainness, lacking a trace of clear emotion. She was smiling, but her eyes were as cold as ice. The movements she made were obvious to some of the students, but the others were just sitting there without much interest in what they were doing. Teru smirked a little when she heard small gasps from a few of them. 

Pulling her hand free from the pouch on her hip, the students' eyes widened with surprise as one of her kunai came out. Some of them cried out as it was released from her grip with the flick of her wrist. The kunai traveled through the air and met with the left side of the instructor's head. They all expected for him to drop dead after an abrupt attack like that, but he did not. Rather, the man disappeared in a puff of smoke, and he was replaced by a log. What happened to the teacher? Having reappeared outside the door, he walked back in without a scratch on his body. "Quite the start, huh?" Teru softly laughed, observing the shocked expressions of the students. "This is a simple Substitution Jutsu. As you graduate and become official ninjas, it will be one that you might find yourselves using a lot of the time. Just make sure you have prepared an item prior to actually using it. To practice with it, use your paper shuriken and have some fun with it." Lucky for her, that was really all there was to it with teaching them. Perhaps... teaching was not so bad after all.

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