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Mission details:
Mission name: Take on the graduating class.
Mission rank: B
Objective: Show the graduating class of genin what battle is like.
Location: koudo sutajiamu
Reward: 300
Mission description: Your job is to help the new class of genin that just graduated get a feel for battle. DO NOT KILL OR MAIM THEM.
Mission details: There are about 20 fresh out of the gate Genin. All with D-1 Stats and armed with Kunai. They will try and rush and surround you and stab you. You must show them hopelessness and defeat them without hospitalizing or killing them. If you lose the fight or harm any of them to much you fail.

A light smirk would crawl like her lips as she watched the Sensei Instructors facial features twist between different emotions before reaching the same smirk that Taeru wore. Agreeing to what Taeru had suggested. Taeru would for the time being retreat into one of the trees just off from the academy grounds, taking note of each and every passing, watching for the fresh graduates turn up to one of their final teachings before being sent up for their placements into squads. Her miss matched orbs would turn up to the sky gazing off between the leaves and branches, the sun slowly raising, the breeze warm as it dances along the exposed flesh of her neck and cheeks giving a light glow to her cold, usually dull flesh rose the debris of fallen leaves and dirt from the ground, rustling the trees around. A beautiful morning to say the least, without any sign of a cloud in the sky. Her attire quite different from her usual trousers and jacket finding a more feminine and elegant touch wearing a light clothed kimono that split unseen into a pantsuit, perfect for movement. Regardless of the weather this was in many ways going to be fun, not only testing her capability but also others that would soon would be heading out on missions themselves, if they hadn’t already begun as she had just a few years prior. Almost exciting really, today could prove to be thrilling.

She would aim to drop down quietly before joining their ranks, making sure to turn up not early but not late, so that she could take seat and wait amongst them for the rest to join. Taking her time, she would look about taking in each and every one of their appearance, yet carefully so, often drawing her attention back up to the sky occasionally being drawn into one conversation or another, mainly the small disputes of the growing group. Feeling what could have been a heavy bump before noting how close a child lent in closer to her to speak under his breath, “Hey, you were here Before me right? Well anyway, do you know what were supposed to be doing today? Do we find out if were getting put into squads today? Heh I wouldn’t mind getting put in a squad with you…” The lad would continue his list of questions seemingly without realising how much he had begun to babble on, a streak of bravado to him leaking out. Taeru’s lips would part to at the very least start from the beginning of his questions, shifting her body around a touch so that she could lean away enough to regain some personal space yet still to face the lad only for her words to be interrupted quick enough by the sensei in charge, leaving her to look up at them her body nor tilted to an off centre rank, for which she would have to remain and listen. The sensei would take their time looking over everyone. Taeru would withdraw one of her fans from a sheath having made sure before infiltrating the group that she had packed the practice tessen in, before opening it to fan herself down whilst they listened to the Sensei speak up as her arms crossed against her chest, “Right as one of your last assignments before your able to run along and get to missions and squad’s. You’ll be tested by a shinobi that were not too long back in the same position as yourselves.” The sensei would pause briefly to watch the faces of the youngsters before continuing to speak, “You’ll all be up against the same individual at the same time, giving you all a better chance, this will also give us and any possible Sensei’s the chance to see your skill whilst you get a feel for battle. The individual will meet with us this afternoon and yes you may use your kuni within the fight. You all have the day to prepare for this battle, make sure to be ready and meet back up for three post meridiem. As long as none of you little squirts don’t have any questions and what I’ve said has been understood then your free to start getting ready. The time is eleven ante meridiem, so you have four hours. Dismissed.”

For a moment, the group would simply look around at one another as the confusion kept them in place and somewhat quiet at the start before a murmur rose from them turning their attention back to the sensei as they quietened off once more, Taeru would simply mimic the others, easily mistaken as one of them by now. The Sensei’s brow would arch as she spoke “Well? Get going…you don’t have all day."

Scrambling to their feet all would gather moving like a heard along the academy grounds away from the Sensei, heading for the training grounds owned by the academy. All muttering and talking all the way there. Taeru would quickly find that the odd person would try to include or stick close to her, the lad from earlier grinning like a fool would remain close, in doing so keeping his friendship group close as he spoke up, “See now doll, if you stick close to me I’ll be able to protect you. We haven’t a clue of who we’ll be going up against and I graduated at the top of my class, perfect scores all the way through.” The smug look on his face only growing more so as he draped an arm around her, quickly finding her height lined up with his, if not surpassed his height. He would however continue to speak, using his free hand in the process to aid him in his speech, “All’s I’ll need is my Kuni and the ground at our feet. Not a single hair on your head would be touched if I could help it… right fella’s.” the group would nod along as though it were their que to do so, possibly rehearsed or simply used to agreeing with the lad. Instead of shifting from the grip of the lad she would take up a role and use her training as a mahiko to its full extent. She would pause only to lean into a bow allowing her features to soften a touch, a smile gracing her lips as a light pink hue covered over her cheeks as he placed his arm around her waist again, leaving her to place a hand against his chest, “Thank you…”

His smug look would twist into a grin as she accepted the touch, a clear sense of triumph within him. It was easy to see he usually got what he wanted but were often wanted by others just as much. Looking about them as the male continued she would notices a fair few eyes on her, knowing that they would possibly be out to hurt her even without the revelation she was their opponent. This she would watch closely. “The names Koda Rokkaku…”

Spending the day with the group aided in getting to know their personalities along with allowing then to see her in a clumsy state where holding a kuni borrowed from Koda even seemed less than elegant. Regardless they would plan and decide before returning to the grounds of the academy to meet the Sensei making it just in time. Koda’s arm would recoil from around her waist as he flashed her a smile though clearly mentally preparing muttering just loud enough for her to hear, “remember Doll stick close and keep behind me. We can do this.”

The Sensei would step up to the ground with a grin, allowing her chest to puff up before speaking “Remember, you need to perform well, there are Sensei’s here that will be picking out their squads. This is a test…” her grin would grow as she watched the anticipation grow on their faces only to raise her hand pointing directly at Taeru waiting for the eyes of the others to follow to whom she pointed. Tareu’s façade for the time being would remain, just to see how far she could truly push them, most had known one another for quite some time where as she were new to all of them. “That Is your opponent. Start” as she uttered the final word she would jump back giving space for them all. Some would space themselves away yet keeping a circle around her whilst others looked around at her before looking at those that had spaced out “Koda…” Just as she spoke up he would cut her off taking a stance ready to protect her, sticking to his word as he spat out his words at the others and the sensei “Are you all crazy? She’s been with us all day practicing and helping the same as everyone. She convinced us to work as a team and now look at you all. And you!” his attention wouldn’t draw from those around them but he clearly spoke to the Sensei, “What kind of sick joke is this?” The sensei would simply shrug and take a seat to watch as one of the surrounding genin launched themselves into the frey confronting Koda outright as they clashed kuni, “Get out of the way and stop protecting the enemy!”

With that single action, the rest would jump in and the small group protecting Taeru for one reason or another would engage the incoming attack. Taeru would seem to be left to her own devices within the protective circle, what a predicament.  How easy it had been to split and devide what seemed at first to be a united front. Caught mid muse she would only just detect a kuni, inbound for her face, this girl wasn’t messing around. Taeru would dip back before grasping the girls wrist before raising her free hand to hit then grasp the girls shoulder, dragging the wrist back as she pushed harshly downwards against the shoulder forcing the girls kuni to drop from her hand and her upper body to dip down into a forced bow. Taeru would take a hopped step forcing the girl to bounce with her sending a ripple of pain through her before twisting to launce the girl at a few of the incoming Genin. Knowing those around, some at least had seen the interaction her façade had quickly dripped from her being, leaving behind her cold gaze and stern features. She would take a proud stance quickly shifting into a step as she withdrew her fan keeping it closed as one of the larger lads stepped up to thrust his kuni at her, with her position she would step around bringing her fan down to hit the bone on his wrist causing the lads hand to spasm releasing his grip on the kuni. Dipping into a crouch her body would lean forwards, the mass confusion of all the genin would only give her a better chance as long as she could continue. Already the group had thinned out leaving few behind. Soon enough the ones still defending her would realise she were fighting too, as well as being their enemy for the exercise. Thrusting forwards she would tackle the taller form as he held onto his wrist, forcing through with a strength almost seeming foreign to the females form, drawing both of them into a few more that were incoming, taking all to the ground, her chakra would fear up as a sickening sensation dripped from her being, her chakra reaching to disrupt all that she touched in that moment as her genjutsu implanted a sensation, uttering the words quietly “Cramp” as she chose the sensation each within the pile would roll away in a spasm gripping immediately at their legs almost in unison grunting out in pain. Hopping back with grace she would land on the tips of her toes to give them room, however an eerie feeling would crawl along the back of her neck causing her to lower to the flat of her feet, twisting around to come face to face with Koda and the two he had been defending her against.

Looking between her and the groups of genin on the ground some attempting to regain their breath and other gripping at their legs it would slowly dawn on him. “H…How could you?” the female to Koda’s right would interject as she launched out slipping straight past him drawing her kuni down at a diagonal swipe, “It’s because you’re a fool Koda, outta my way!”  As the kuni came down Taeru would bend her knees ever so slightly before pushing into the movement meeting the blade with her fan still closed, effectively blocking the attack enough to crash her shoulder deeply into the girls’ stomach winding her. Just as the girl fell away another attack and a voice would ring out, assumingly the girls partner, “Don’t you touch her!” taking a heavy blow to her ribs the attack would force her to crunch up yet wouldn’t move her from her stance as the female took the impact too, falling to the ground. “Let’s get her Koda!” the girls partner seemed to have an edge in strength in comparison to the other female but it would become apparent their aim wasn’t as good. As they thrust the kuni towards Taeru she would dip off to the side to drip the individual’s wrist forcing them more into the movement and into her own attack, raising her fan though still closed she would swipe down catching the individual in the temple just hard enough to send them to the ground in a groggy heap. By this time there were just Koda left merely a few meters away with his mouth agape loosely gripping at his kuni, barely a scratch on his from his truffle with the others.

Her pale pink lips would part as she watched the last standing, “Koda.” Inclining her head briefly out of respect before raising to draw her hand up forming a half sign to show she were ready like they were academy students again ready to spar, “Give me your all.” Snapping from his shock a twist of outrage and upset brimmed to the surface, he would stomp a single foot down against the ground around a foot in front of the other, the action causing the ground to shift below her feet, a move she hadn’t fully expected taking her from her immediate balance only for her to quickly regain it as his next attack almost hit, thrusting forwards with his kuni, though he would waver in his action aiming just off as she extended her fan allowing the kuni to slip through the thin cloth, immediately she would snap it shut before twisting the fan to effectively disarm him. Though he were still quick on the ball as she flung the Kuni away her had already formed a few hand signs causing the earth below her to shift quickly sending her to her rump forcing her to roll out of the way. Retrieving her fan just as his arms locked around her as she faced him. Not a hard hold to get out of but for the moment she would remain simply looking up at him as he spoke, sweat dripping thinly down his brow, “How could you?” the breath would leave her lungs as he squeezed, as though attempting to force an answer form her though even his strength wavered as he held her. “To teach you…” catching a better breath part way through her sentence she would draw her head back to a far angle showing an immense flexibility in her back before launching herself forwards to connect her forehead against his, the cracking sound that were produced, so very easily sickening, causing him to drop her as he fell back to his rump clutching at his forehead. Regaining a correct upright position, cutting off the genjutsu for the few she had captured, she would extend her fan to fan herself for a moment as she waited, taking the moment to look about the group sprawled out before snapping the fan shut to gain their attention as she spoke up, “I came here to teach you what battle is so often like, we are shinobi, we are renowned for infiltration, information gathering, assassination and prowess. I so easily infiltrated your ranks, intentionally befriended you to show you the sensation of betrayal, for without a doubt betrayal can only come from those we trust or are allied to and betrayal wounds, and can break the best of people. I set out with the intention to show you all despair, hopelessness and defeat. This is what battle can be like. Friends turned against friend’s enemies within your ranks and hope of victory a far cry away, it is better to learn this early than to fall fir it when things matter the most.”  

Stepping back up to Koda as the others simply watched her as a wave of different emotions flooded each one them. Outstretching her hand for Koda to take in order to help him up, he would for a moment remain hesitant about taking her hand only to do so anyway as she offered up a soft smile attempting to soften her two tones gaze. As he stood she would smile a tad more, speaking directly to him, “If I weren’t already apart of the Tsuchikage’s squad, it would have been an honour to be a team mate of yours. You will make a fine shinobi.” Turning his hand over she would place her torn fan into his hand closing his fingers around it before stepping past him towards the Sensei, leaving the group to gather themselves.

(Word count: 3000.)

Exit thread.

Mission word count: 1500/1500
Remaining word count:1500.


Taeru's Theme.
Teach them hopelessness, teach them defeat, betrayal style. [Mission/solo.] Taeru
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