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Mission Details:
Mission name: Dissidents in the Ranks
Mission rank: C
Objective: Resolve the Issue
Location: Kirigakure no Sato
Reward: 180 ryo
Mission description:
There has been cause for concern amongst Genin and Chuunin amongst the streets of Kiri, some believe them to be forming an almost socialist gang. Disperse them.
Mission details:
There have been a gang of Genin/ Chuunin running amok causing trouble around people who have travelled to Kiri, find them, and scare them so that they do not try this again. The movement seems to be growing under the threat of war and distrust, crush it. The number of them is up to the taker of the mission.

Can be threatened, fought, reasoned with, caught or arrested.

After his fiasco with Kirinito Yumo awoke feeling quite rested.. He spent the following weeks perfecting the combo he had used to dispatch the senbon wielding fish ninja. His father had taught him the same combo. Yumos senjutsu skills werent capable of combat prowess yet and he needed some kind of offensive tactics.. After tireless practice it seemed Yumo was ready to elevate his knowledge of ninjutsu. After some weeks it seemed Yumo had become somewhat proficcient with katon and added the Great Fireball Technique to his repetoire.

Once the after glaow of Yumos victory faded he decided he would partake in his first official shinobi mission.. With his Kiri headband strapped to his forehead Yumo made his way out to the Mizukages office for a mission.. The weather was usual in Kirigakure and Yumos faded creme white cloak kept him warm in the cool fog. With a creaded brow Yumo contemolated what rank of mission he would take once he arrived at the office.. Making his eay to the mission board Yumo reluctantly chose the only C rank mission; Dissidents in the Ranks.

Yumo didnt particularly care for his village.. While he was a proud member of the WaterCountry the Kitsuchi clan had been ostracized by the village and hadnt hsd clan house since its construction, despite the tailed Kitsuchi making up the villages hidden knowledge retrieval unit.. Besides his family pride Yumo despised the constant rain in the Hidden Mist village. Yumo couldnt blame his peers for their movements against the village.. But he couldnt let anyone conspire aagainst his family, at least not in good concience. With a furrowed brow Yumo folded the Mission ledger up and put it in his robe. Yumo figured he would check out the acadamy for any of the dissidents.. 'I bet a bunch of bullies would thrive off those impressionable students...' Yumo thought to himself as he stepped back in to misty fog of Kirogakure and dashed towards the Acadamy. It had been quite some time since he had seen his old sensei.. Yumo wondered if he was indeed still a teacher.

On his way to the Acadamy Yumo began to sweat profusely at the thought of running into any of his firmer clsssmates. They were always so eager to intrude on his studies. It hadnt occured to Yumo that one of his former classmates were in fact some of the dissidents.. It mattered not to the young Kitsune. Before long Yumo arrived at the acadamy. Much to his displeasure Yumo was greeted by the screams of an acadamy student in the yard of the acadamy. It seemed that anot just one of the disidents but two, were not only there at the acadamy but they were caught red handed beating a child.

'What a scene to walk into....' Yumo glumly thought to himself snd snuck atop the highest building nearby; he thought it best to eavesdrop and learn who their leaders name was before subdoing them. With his tails furled in his robe like usual Yumo hid behind an air duct and focused on the venomous sounds of treason below him.

WordCount: 521

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"Ahhhhhh!" screamed a young boy. I sounded like a massacre down there but Yumo kept his position and focused on the scene below his safe point.

"Ive got the guts to kill ya kid!" the bully threatened the student. The voice Yumo heard was of an older kid.. Maybe his age. The kid spoke with a treacherous venom, "Hasitan has started making his moves. Pretty soon we will be recognized. By the village and the movement will begin. Hasitan wants to take your family with us.... But he thinks you Hoshigaki might bleed yellow...." The criminal kid began to snicker. He clearly wasnt an incredibly intelligent shinobi. Not only did he reveal his leader but he also revealed his leaders objectives. If Hasitan was after the radical Hoshigaki clan members thst Kirinito had mentioned Yumo knew where he would find Hasitan. Yumo after all knew where to find Hoshigski, like that Kirinito. Fish never ventured far from the water after all.

It was bothering Yumo he hadnt heard of Hasitan. The only intel Yumo had recieved up to now onwas the dissidents leader was that he was a young Chuunin. The ledger didnt even mark his name. 'No matter. I have it now. ' Yumo thought to himself as the interregation below quickly turned into something else and he decided to make his presence known.

His a great leap from the roof Yumo violently twirled in the sky snd began to perform his Flame Dance jutsu. From both his hands and his mouth Yumo fired at the two bully shinobi. The bully terrorizing the acadamy student completely dodged the attack and subsequently released the student who ran off into the streets, most likely home to his momma. The other bully however was struck several times and was feeling the burn, particularly on his groin area. Yumo wasnt an expert marksman yet. Yumo chuckled as he landed on the ground with graceful lithe.

As he landed Yumo was visibly sweating from the physical exhertion and  hastily pulled out the mission ledger from his robe. "You two are und-" Yumo was caught off by the incoming  dozen kunai. Releasing the paper into the air Yumoheld  bothhis hands in front of him and unleashed his wind stream jutsu; blowing both the incoming kunai and the  ledger back towards his enemies.. Meanwhile he himself was flung several meters back by the air current; at a safer distsnce Yumo landed on a ledger above the two. "As I was saying. Hasitan and his cohor-" Yumo was cut off as the more dominant bully dashed off to leave his silent team member to fight Yumo.

"Why wont these two let me finish -" Yumo began to grumble to himself as he was interrupted by the previously silent shinobis grunt. He was a rather plain looking Kirigakure genin and now stood in a rather bouncy looking stance, two kunai in heach hand. Yumo was starting to feel uneasy,, he wasnt comfortable in what seemed was about to be hand to hand combat. With a trained eye Yumo surveyed their surroundings.. Nothing but gravel to stand on aside from a few ledges.

Yumo began to prepare for a counterattack as the dissident genin charged forward with his kunai. q

WordCount: 538

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It seemed this in fight Yumo would have little time to think of a counter attack and would instead rely on his instincts. Yumo and his enemy were fairly nose to nose, with Yumo being strictly on the defensive and barely dodging the young adversaries razor sharp kunai blade. The kid couldnt have been more than ten years old but he was quick and could swing a heavy midsection kick. After a few minutes Yumo found out for himself  just how heavy the kick was;  deflecting it with his elbows Yumo knew he couldnt keep this pace up much longer. He was definetely a kong range fightwe. Unleashing another fuuton wind stream technnique Yumo retreated back to the ledge he started on, his enemy staggering amongst the wind.

It would appear this genin didnt care for the wind in his finely combed auburb locks. He became fraught with fervor and angrily dashed up at Yumo, out of his well practiced form and wildky lashing out like a cat. It reminded him of Kirinitos fraughtless attempt to attack him before. Quickly dashing together the necesarry handseals Yumo used the tile shuriken jutsu. After swiftly forming the kunai shaped rock tiles Yumo fired them at the genin, pining him by the tails of his pants.

Before he genin could react Yumo had dash behind him.. With his tail around the gwnins hand and a kunai in his own Yumo calmly whispered, "Where did your friend go?" Yumo touched the wet steel to the genins soft nape.

After tirefully calming the hysterically sobbing genin Yumo learned that him and his brother were recruiting for Hasatins rsdical movement, in fact they were his only allies. Gilo and. Rilo were the brothers names. Hasatim had taught them some techniques in return for loyalty, 'Nothing special... ' Yumo mused to himself at the stories of Hasatin teaching him Kunai styled taijutsu snd his brother Suiton ninjutsu.. It was good to catalog for future events though. It seemed the remaining two disident shinobis were hiding outside of the village but the younger crybaby brother, Gilo, didnt know how to get there.

Yumo walked Gilo to the Mizukages office for reprimandation. The poor kid was still crying when the masked ANBU walked him up to their office. Yumo was a bit disappointed he didnt get to see his former proctor but he wasnt too concerned.. He hadnt known him long and there was always something suspiscious about him. He did however want to show off his new katon jutsu to a senior ninja.

Once Yumo left the office he headed off towards the village gate. Gilo said their base wasnt far and somewhere to the east. Yumo stopped at a kebab shop on his way out of the village and was on his way out just after noon.. The fog had cleared up in the city and it was shaping up to be a wonderful day. Yumo heard an unnatural crunch and turned his kebab filled mouth from the sky  to the ground just past the village gates. A log with a shuriken in it, laying in the path. Upon closer inspection Yumo could see that the shuriken had a note stitched it it. He swallowed his kebab, painfully, and made his way to the log to retrieve the message.

With tears in his bicoloured eyes, from choking on the painfully oblong kebab, Yumo made his way up towards the log and picked up the shuriken. After retrieving the note Yumo threw it back into the log.. The note read as fokkows; "Kitsuchi, Yumo: My name is Hasatin. Meet me and my comrades east of this gate in the clearing by the shore side. To be One with All is to Make All as one, Hasatin."

As Yumo made his way to the shoreside he couldnt help but wonder if the handwriting was familiar.. As he made his way to the destination he was eager to soon find out.

WordCount: 660

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