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Previously During Yumos Pursuit of the 3 Dissident Kirigakure Shinobi:

Yumo made his way silently down the winding trails, walking on the trail in hopes to incite an ambush by the defecting shinobi. His assault would be much preferred over one of the rampant beasts in the marshlands surrounding Kirigakure. Yumo kept a brisk pace and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Before too long he entered a clearing above water level. The grass grew high, up to Yumos waist, and waas a brilliantly verdant green.. The trees had been cleared out and left only stumps and rotting logs. It was likea cemetary for the woodlands. Yumo balled his fist in anger and made his way to the center of the clearing. He despised the wasteful destruction of the forests. He could almost hear the Nature around him calling for a just retribution.

Abruptly, Yumo spotted a glimmer out of the corner of his eye. Swiftly drawing his kunai from his robe Yumo deflected the shuriken and faced the direction it flew from, seeing only trees in the distance beyond the clearing. Crouching low in the grass Yumo peeked his head above and looked for his enemy. Before long more shuriken flew from a tree. Dashing up from the grass and dodging them Yumo flew several meters into the air and weaved together handseals for the tile shuriken. The long grass blades on the ground below and around him began to seperate and conjoin into shuriken shapes. As Yumo began to fall to the ground he released the tile shuriken. His enemy fled from the trees into the clearing, dodging the shuriken.

The grounds were only a little more even now however. The enemy was sulking throughout the grass now; Yumo was left in the low cut grass from his jutsu unintended effects. With no place to run and no place to hide Yumo charged his kunai  forand a substitution  jutsu. With a flick of his wrist Yumo lodged it into a large and dead tree branch near his feet. He prepared his stance for an agile counter attack; with most of his weight on his back foot Yumo held his hands together and closed his eyes. He began to tune into the nature around him and cleared his mind.

Yumo knew his enemy favored suiton. His attack would most likely be preceded by the flow of water. yumos esrs teitched as he began to concentrate on the noises around him. Yumo wondered what his enemies move would be, and more so what his own counter attack would be. It wouldnt take long to find out:; the grsss behind Yumo began to violently hiss and gurgle with the sound of water creation.

WordCount:  440

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By the time Yumo turned his attention to the sounds behind him his enemy had completed their jutsu. From the ground came a violent surge of water. Yumo recognized the jutsu ss Rising Skice and used hit fuuton wind stream to ekevate him high into the air. With the jutsus strike evaded Yumo looked around for his enemy. Gilo said his brother knew D rank suiton. That meant this was Hasitan. As soon as Yumo spotted his enemy he was struck with a kunai.

Quickly activating his substitution jutsu Yumo flashed bsck to the ground where his enemy now stood in the grass. Hasitan was just as Gilo had told him he was. What Gilo had forgot to mention was that Hasitan was very tall.. Just by looking at him Yumo knew that Hasitan outclassed him. As Yumo dusted off his robes Hasitan spoke to him.

With a vile tone the defecting ninja shrieked at the young Kitsune, "Kirigakure has fallen. You who'll never see my dreams shall fall forst and formost!" Hasitan brushed his greasy hair back with his fingers. " To cone together," he wheezed, "We must be destroyed wholly!" Yumos adversary had a certain kook of delusion strewn about his face. Hasitan began to cackle seemingky painfully and Yumo took the moment to speak uninterrupted.

"Hasitan the Mizukage is aware of both your treason snd your attempts to sway the fish-" Yumo stuttered. He despised the Hoshigaki. "The Hoshikagi clan. You and your subordinates are under arrest." Yumo began to weave together handseals as Hasitan did the sane. Once finished he held his hand up towards his chin. The chakra he had formed in his mouth was stirring as violently as the winds at Yumos back side began to pick up.

Yumo had been studying not only his katon technoques inIt the recent weeks. After mastering his Wind Stream jutsu Yumo took to the kibrary and bought a scroll of C rank fuuton jutsu.. The training was going slower than his katon training but Yumo was developing quite the skill with fuuton as well. He had also added Wind Release: Great Breakthrough to his repetoire of jutsu. However the technique was not bsmattle tested and aside from a pre emptive form of his Phoenix Descent combo Yumo wasnt exactly sure how he could combine it with his Great Fire Ball jutsu.

This seemed it would be the battle to learn of such mutually beneficial combinations between his new jutsu.. As the Great Breakthrough started to pick up Hasitan formed a water clone. To make matters worse, unbenknownst to Yumo, Gilos older brother lay hiding in the trees behind him.

WordCount: 442



Before the GreatBreakthrough completely unleashed in full force the water clone charged at Yumo in an attempt to pummel him with taijutsu. With just enough time to jump up into the wind gusts Yumo flew high into the sky, dodging the clone and heading towards the real Hisatin who was preparing to fire water bullets at the airborn Kitsune. Yumo was a step ahead of his adversary however and fired ten Phoenix FireBalls at his grounded enemy. Upon entering the windstorm the fireballs lit it up in a ragingfirestorm. Almost instantly both the clone and Hasatin were engulfed in dangerius fire. Yumo almost wondered if he had went too far.

Feeling accomplished Yumo landed in the waisthigh grass behind Hisatin and the firestorm. With an uncharacteristic smile of pride Yumo admired his self made firestorm. The raging inferno was truly the sight to behold. As it began to die down Yumo saw Hisatin emerging, mostly unscathed. The Kirigakure defecting chuunin cackled hoarselyand explained to Yumo, "My clone encased me in a water prison before burning up in those incessant flames of yours.. Those are good skills you got there, Fox Boy." Hisatin emphasized the Y sound in boy. "Its a shame!" he cried and threw more shuriken at Yumo.

Yumo jumped into the air to dodge, by instinct; as Hisatins crony expected. Before Yumo could react he was struck in the air with a half dozen shuriken. The projectiles stuck into his chest and shoulder. Yumo let out a pained cry and he fell to the ground, bleeding from the shurikens wounds. The blood was scarce but there was enough to leave a few bloodstains on his white robes. Yumo could hear Hasatins accomplice dash out from the trees into the clearing. As he rose to his feet and brushed the shuriken from out of his flesh Yumo let out a grunt of painful relief.

Hasitan cackled to Yumo, "Youve got some heart kid.... Most genin would pretend to fall unconcious after an assault like tha-" Hasatin was cut off by sn unexpected ambush.. Giro dashed onto the scene and attsck him. The two brothers were soon entangled in hand to hand combat. The match was fairly even. As Hasatin tried to figure out what was going on Yumo took the oppurtunity to enlighten him.

In a calm but pained croak Yumo told Hasatin, "I have already brought Giros defection to the attention of the village. Giro has turned a new leaf.... Will you?" The two brothers had moved their conflict from the clearing; the sounds of their battle was growing fainter by the second. Giros kunai style was quite the crowd control and it looked like he was gaining the upper hand on his brother as the left Yumo and Hasatins scene in the clearing.

Yumo continued, "I can only assume the ANBU released him to aide me in collecting you and his brother." Yumo held his hands together and cast the clone jutsu. With all 4 of his clones voices, plus his own, speaking in unison, Yumo told Hasatin, "You too shall submit to the Law of Kirigakure!"

The clones all dashed towards Hasatin, cutting off his opportunity to prepare for battle with Yumo. Before long the clones were dispersed by Hasatins taijutsu. Yumo had hid off in the surrounding brush to recollect his bearings. His chakra reserves were begining to run low. As Hasatin finished gauging the current situation Yumo had found a good hiding nest in a tree. After quickly entering senjutsu meditation Yumos foxtail stood erect, waving with the wind as Yumo concentrated on collecting the energy of nature.

As Yumo began to convert the chakra of nature with his own Hasatin himself had begun an assault against the Kitsune. With 3 water clones destroying the canopies with suiton in search of Yumo, Hasatin was on the fast track to defeating the Kitsuchi. Before long Yumo had regained some of his chakra and was prepsred to avenge the trees his adversary had so thoughtlessly mowed down.

WordCount: 671



Hasatin had remained in the clearing as his clones went together in search of Yumo. One of Hasatin was beyond Yumos abilities, on paper at least.. He was faster, stronger, and wiser. But three clones plus Hasatin seemed nearly impossible. Yumo knew he would have to defeat the lot of them in one fell swoop. Even that was no guarentee, Hasatin had deflected his GreatBreakthroughs torrent of flames once before with just a single clone. Yumo was willing to bet his adversary had enough chakra to carry this out for a good while longer.

As the brigade of clones destroyed the canopies of the trees across from him Yumo miraculously caught a glimpse of some water droplets reflection in the wind. With a solid plan in mind Yumo began to muster his remaining chakra for his ultimate combination once again. He knew that Hasitan would expect the same combo, it was clear Yumo wasnt a very accomplished shinobi as far as combos went. But Yumo had a surprise for him.

Before long the clones had cleared out three quarters of the surrounding canopy. Once the clones began to destroy the trees directly to his left Yumo began drawing the winds of the Great Breakthrough, aimed at the goon squad closing in on him. As the winds began to noticeably pick up Yumo drew his remaining two shuriken from his robes and prepared one for a substitution jutsu. With a swift throw Yumo tagged a falling branch, roughly his size, and stuck the wood with the chakra charged shuriken. The branch fell to the ground in the clearing near Hasatin.

As the branch hit the ground Yumos Great Breakthrough Jutsu began to take its full effect, blowing towards the clones. Hasatin himself caught on quickly and began forming handseals for a counter attack to save his clones. However the foxkin was one step ahead and Yumo unleashed ten phoenix fireballs from his mouth into the windstorm, igniting the winds in a torrent of burning flames; destroying the clones before they had time to react.

Hasatin however had locked in on Yumo and had begun unleashing water bullets at Yumos position. With the third fired projectile exploding close to his position Yumo jumped into the air above his safe haven treetop. As he flew into the air he threw his other shuriken at Hasitan who negated it with a waterbullet just before it reached him. "He is fast..." Hasitan hissed as he fired another bullet at the airborne Kitsune, hitting him directly in the face." I am faster!" He called as Yumo appeared to take the hit before poofing away in his preprepared substitution jutsu.

With Hasatin confiused, looking at the branch falling to the ground Yumo dashed up towards him from where the branch had previously lain. With his knees bent Yumo held his hands close to his adversariesback and released the wind stream jutsu. Taken a few steps back and fighting the winds HasatinYumo stood meet feet from Yumo now.

The Kitsune took advantage of his faltering enemy. Quickly dashing together the handseals for the Great Fireball Jutsu Yumo completed them as the winds began to fade and Hasatin gained better control of his movements. Hasatin began to lunge forward in desperate rage but Yumo was once again just a bit too quick for him. With a sharp exhale the small tailed Kitsune known as Yumo unleashedthe great gireball. Hasatin became fully engulfed in the roaring flames, silently suffering Yumos own silent wrath.

As the fire raged on, eroding the ground Hasatin sytood on Yumo decided enough was enough and released his jutsu premptively.

As the flames faded away Hasatin lay in a fetal position, nastily covered with second degree burns on his face  and hands. The fire had even burned his covered skin somewhat and burned his clothing up. As Hasatin began to realize the flames were gone he finally began to scream in agony, stricken with late panic; before long the dissident shinobi had feinted from the pain. Yumo found the whole thing painful to behold. After taking his personal belingings from out of his robe Yumo tossed the robe over his defeated enemy.

The fight had exhausted Yumo almost completely. He could barely stand and plopped to the ground after covering the eyesore of a shinobi he had just nearly marred for life. Yumo didnt feel bad however, his robes were covered in enough blood to prove lethal measures were necessary. Yumo felt so odd without his robe on, his pale white skin glowing in the beautiful sunny weather. As Yumo began to lay back and finally rest his head he heard a pair of feet dashing to his position.

WordCount: 783



As Yumo stood up, standing rather pathetically with his kunai in his hand, he saw Gilo. With a friendly smile Gilo bowed to Yumo. He was drenched and bleeding all over. It looked like his fight with his brother was quite strenuous. Yumo cleared his throat after bowing back respectuflly, "I trust you have subdued, our target,?" Yumo smiled as Giko nodded.. The young genin replied, "Yeah i finally showed my big brother that little guys can be mighty too!" Gilo flexed his small beanpole arms. Yumo smiled as warmly as he could but in truth he had no idea what Gilo was going on about. Yumo grew up alone and much enjoyed it. This rivalry was something he couldnt fathom yet.

After Yumo explained how his battle went down Gilo gave him a thumbs up and explained that an ANBU had seen the free for all battle and went to investigate Gilo and his brother first. Before Gilo finished telling Yumo the ANBU hsd arrived and hauled off Hasitan in chains. Before leaving the scene the ANBU leader called Yumo to the side. In a strangely androgynous voice the higher ranked ninja said to Yumo, "Gilo will be pardoned but has lost rights as a shinobi. Bring back his Kirigakure headband and your mission is more than completed, Kitsuchi, Yumo." With a silent nod between the two of them the ANBU dispersed, Hasitan on their back.

'Oi... ' Yumo thought to himself as he walked back over to his new comrade; to revoke his rights as a shinobi in Kirigakure. Gilos story was pretty impressive. He had used his kunai to trap his brothers hands like a keylock. The kid had talents. Yumo didnt ever want to join a team but with a partner like  Gil he would have considered it. With a hand held out Yumo frowned at the boy, who was gleaming. "They seemed proud of us.. But." Yumo began to speak to his friend in a meloncholic tone the young Gilo recognized. Gilo frowned immedietely and grasped his forehead protecter. Yumo continued, "I have to take your rights as a shinobi. You disgraced the acadamy. While we shinobi thank you we nust revoke your status as a shinobi." Yumos countenance was now looking more pained than sad. The young Gilo was starting the waterworks..

'I cannot stand crybabies....' Yumo thought to himself as Gilo collapsed onto the dirt in tears. He was bawling at this point, basically begging Yumo for forgiveness and to let him keep his rank as genin. Everytime Yumo began to explain that he should count himself lucky and that he could petition the Mizukage, Gilos sobbing increased and he began to clutch his pants. 'This is getting disgusting..' Yumo thought to himself as Gilo wiped his snot filled nose on his pantleg. Yumo was begining to get red in the face now.

The young Kitsune was calm and relaxed about many things, food stains, blood stain and even tears. But snot was too far.. Yumo swiped his foot at Gilos head.. Cleverly ripping his headband off of his forehead at the same time. Yumo tossed it up and caught it. With a back flip Yumo distanced himself from Gilo. He spoke in a somber tone. "I am very sorry Gilo. You have been a great ninja" Yumo said and bowed before dashing off back towards Kirigakure, a tear almost forming in his deep cerulean blue coloured eye.

As Yumo dashed back to the city to compkete his mission, running strictly on fumes, he eeminisced on Gilos story. He hadnt listened much but it was sad that someine so vulnerable could be broken so easily. At one moment he was valiantly rescuing a new comrade; the next minute his comrade was stealing his dignity and leaving him crying in mud made of tears. Yumo choked on the reality of life as a shinovi as he made his way to the gates and was greeted by the guards. "Long day?" They asked Yumo. He just smiled and nodded as he briskly made his way to the ANBU office.

WordCount: 683



As Yumo made his climb up the stairs, to the ANBU officer in charge of the dissidents shinobis retrieval, his stomach gurgled rapidly before turning into a full blown roar. Yumos feeble knocks on the door were overshadowed by his hunger. The captain let him in, opening the door by chakra strings, and gestured towards a chair for Yumo to sit in. Her office was stereotypically dark and cluttered. The ANBU captains mask was beautifully emblazoned with purple flower like patterns and she spoke softly but with razor sharp clarity. "Kitsuchi, Yumo.. Thank you on behalf of Kirigakure. The three dissident shinobi you have helped bring to justice are being handled seperately and in a case by case manner.. Which reminds me; I will take Gilos headband." She held her hand out and Yumo quickly handed her Gilos headband. "Thank you once again Yumo. Please see your way out." With a bow of respect Yumo  began to leave the office. The woman coughed and said to him, "You look pretty beat up.. Take it easy next time. And learn some form of defense.. Sheesh."

'What a strange format.. ' Yumo thought to himself about the way the woman handled herself. After leaving hwe office Yumo headed for a ramen stand. He had a hankering for roasted lamb over egg noodle ramen.

Once his food came Yumo silently devoured his supper, replacing the nourishment he used for the day and storing some for physical growth while he rested during the night. As he ate he contemplated his day; those two brothers had such a mysterious and toxic dynamic.. But Yumo feared that his and Gilos was even more mysterious, perhaps as toxic or even more so.. After all Gilos help he did become stripped of his rank, despite the fact that without him Yumo woukd have surely fallen.

Yumo finished his soup with a quiet slurp while he wondered if he would ever run into those two brothers again, namely Gilo. Once he finished up his supper Yumo made his way home, somewhat content with his performance but he felt a little empty about how he, and ultimately Kirigakure, treated the unsung hero, Gilo.

Either way Yumo decided he would focus on his Kitsune Sage training to build a defensive strategy; and keep the missions at D Rank. At least for now. The woman captains words rung through his ears, simultaneously with a ringing from when he fell subsequently pounded his head into the ground.

"Next time Ill be rougher and tougher!" Yumo growled to himself as he snuggled up in his frog pajamas on his fox quilt and fell asleep.

WordCount: 439

Mission Complete
Part 2/2
Part 1/2
Total WordCount of Two Threads: 5200

C Rank Mission; Dissidents in the Ranks: -1000
C Rank Jutsu Training; Great Fireball -1000
C Rank Jutsu Training; Great Breakthrough -1000

Jutsus Trained:
Source: Katon Library
Source: Fuuton Library

Name: Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu (火遁・豪火球の術 ~ Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: C.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Katon.
Range: 5m-diameter fireball. Projectile range: 40 meters.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 3 posts.
Description: The user forms the Tiger hand seal and breathes deep, filling their throat and lungs with chakra. They then exhale this chakra as a massive orb of roaring flames. The released flames will engulf their target, causing minor second-degree burns to all exposed flesh and first-degree burns to covered areas. The ball of flame will be about 5 meters in diameter, regardless of which form it is used in. When used as a flamethrower, the user exhales a stream of fire which expands into the fireball after 1 meter, and can blast out ground with its pressure and intensity. When, used as a projectile the sphere will travel at 20 mp/s.

Name: Wind Release: Great Breakthrough (Fūton: Daitoppa ~ 風遁・大突破)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Fūton
Range: 25 metres. Created one metre behind the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: Wind Release: Great Breakthrough is a relatively simple technqiue where the user creates a sudden intense burst of wind. This technique requires no hand seals or physical action to perform, and they can choose which direction the burst of wind shall travel towards. It does however take a few seconds from willing it to happen to the burst of wind occuring, and the burst of wind is always created around the user's body in such a way that the wind hits them too. For example, if you want the wind to fire in the direction you're facing, it will be created behind you, meaning you will be inside the burst yourself. This attack can knock aside any D rank or lower projectiles flying opposed to it as well as greatly improve the velocity of those flying inside of it [travelling at 10 m/s] in the direction of the wind to a maximum distance of 5 meters and can send anyone who is not using Supernatural Walking Practice flying backwards 5 meters. In addition, a katon technique of at least C rank can set this burst of wind ablaze, causing it to form a massive raging torrent and increasing burn effects one degree higher.

Leftover WordCount: 2722
Training Strength from E to D Rank; -750
Training Speed from D to D-1 Rank; -325
Training Endurance from D to D-1 Rank; -325
Training Perception from D to D-1 Rank; -325
Training Reaction Time from D to D-1 Rank; -325

Leftover WordCount for Trash: 122

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