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1Shop Fixin' [D-rank 626/600] Empty Shop Fixin' [D-rank 626/600] on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:25 pm

Hiroyuki Inuzuka

Hiroyuki Inuzuka

Mission Name: Fixing The Shop
Mission Rank: D
Objective: Help to repair the smoke and water damage to a bakery that was set on fire.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 90 Ryo
Mission Description: The investigation into the source of the fire is complete, and the owner is now able to rebuild the bakery. Assist in cleaning up the water, smoke, and fire damage caused by the flames. Be ready to move damage, heavy equipment outside of the building so that it can be hauled to the repair shop, or local recycling centers.
Mission Details: Supplies will be provided when you check in with the owner. He will assign you to one room or area of the building, then ask you to move 3 large (50lbs) damaged machines to the street for pick up by repairmen or recycling pickup.

This one was one he was happy to do. A local bakery had been damaged in a fire weeks prior, and it had been a particular favorite of Hiroyuki's. Finding out that A) it was an accidental electrical fire, and B) the owner was going to clean up and reopen, worked to soothe the anger over nearly loosing one of his preferred hang outs. The moment the owner put out the call for help, he was signed up and reporting; the sooner he finished the sooner he could get himself a lemon bar and a chai tea. Happiness.

"Alright Mr. Sato, we'll have this place cleaned up and ready in no time.~"

"Thank you so much for helping, Hiro. I've got you set up in the sun room. Supplies are already there. You'll need to move the mixers out of there before you can start; just move them to the back room were the rest are at, they're being picked up for repair later today."

"Understood. I'll finish up quick as I can." He made his way across the maze like room, boxes and machines where stacked high and covered in protective cloth while people worked to clean up the damage and get the place back in order. The Sun Room was a special room that was normally used during the morning and lunch rush, it faced south-east so it always got plenty of early and mid-day sun, making it a popular place to sit and read the paper over coffee or tea. The windows would be replaced before the shop opened, the heat had partially melted and warped the glass so there was little choice in the matter. He could ignore those, and just focus on what needed to be done: moving the mixers, then cleaning up the smoke and water damage. Small holes had been cut into the walls to check the supports and such, and the room had been ruled safe, so all he needed to do was scrub down and move on.

First though, the giant mixers. Without the bowls, they where still fairly heavy, but manageable. They didn't really have any handles or anything to grab to lift with, but he did have a dolly, and that made moving the a breeze. One after the other, loaded and moved across the shop and to the store room, lined up against the wall near the service door for pick up. Easy.

Once that was done, he grabbed the large buckets provided and unpacked the supplies given. Various rags, sponges, cleaning solutions, and a paint scraper if needed. Two of the three buckets where carried outside to the water spigot, where they where filled three quarters full and brought inside. To one he added the cleaning solution, it had to be diluted or it could damage both the walls and sicken anyone that used it; the second was left pure to use as a rinse bucket, and the third would be used when he needed to ring out dirty water from the rags and sponges. His work was simple, wipe and scrub away the soot and dust that had been caked to the wall with heat and water; nothing difficult or complex about it. The room was large enough that it took him a solid 6 hours of work, and several trips for fresh water, before the room was as spotless as it was going to get at the moment. Once the crews where done cleaning, they where going to come in and paint anyway, so it didn't need to be shiny. Just properly clean.

"All done!"

"Perfect. Good. Thank you so much.~"

"Not a problem. Just call if you need anymore help."



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