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1 Some small exercises (solo) on Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:30 pm



A bright glow of white light encompassed the small flat area of mountain Shinair had been meditating at in the early morning hours. As he focused his special chakra, harnessing its glorious power and mastering his control over it, a white glow such as the one that had previously flashed could often be seen. Shinair had meditated for hours however and upon awakening, realized the time had come to train his body now that he had already completed his training of the mind.

As he stood up, Shinair drew a single kunai blade from his back pouch. The  cold black steel felt good in his hand. He clenched it tightly and concentrated intensely, imagining an armed enemy standing before him. His muscles tensed as he sprang forward towards an invisible opponent. He swung for his fake targets throat with the first slash, before following through with a spinning heel kick and ending with a flying knee. The combo would have been devastating on a live opponent and from the fluid motions of Shinair's movements, he easily showed off his finesse in battle. Finesse being his preferred fighting style over brute strength.

Hearing the sound of chirping birds behind him after a few moments silence, Shinair turned quickly to see three of them flying just a few meters off the mountain side. He quickly formed a string of hand signs before pointing his hand to a set of three stones lying next to them. The stones began to glow subtly with a white light, before quickly levitating off the ground and compressing into the shape of shuriken. Shinair then, using his chakra as a receiver, launched the three shuriken at the three birds attempting to fly off. Two of the stone shuriken hit their mark, though the third one soared just above the top of the birds head. Shinair sighed as the surviving bird soared quickly out of view, "Seems my aim still needs improvement, I am still unable to land the last shot... What a shame."

Moving on to his next phase for his daily training routine, Shinair decided to practice a few of his defensive techniques, mainly techniques that were pertaining to his clan. Proceeding to close his eyes and place his hands flat together, Shinair began to focus his chakra with delicate intensity into his palms. After a few moments of careful focus, his palms began to glow with the same white light as before. With the intensity of his chakra at its peak, Shinair would slam his palm into the ground, causing an explosive pillar of chakra to destroy part of the mountain side in front of him.

The force of the explosion was enough to knock large chunks of the mountain side free and send them falling towards Shinair. His hands began to flow with the same bright light as before just moments before Shinair thrusted them forward. This condensed the chakra he released into a shield which blocked the path of the falling debris. As the heavy stones smashed against the shield if light, Shinair kept his concentration up well, successfully preventing being crushed by them.

As the dust cleared from the impact of the falling boulders, Shinair took a resting seat amongst the hard ground. A shallow breath escaped his throat as he prepared to relax and take a break from the his day of training and meditation. He retrieved a small white box from the same back pouch he had gotten the kunai from earlier. The box was tied with a yellow ribbon and as Shinair opened it, the sweet aroma of his lunch quickly filled his nose. Taking a deep breath inward, Shinair savored the aroma delicately before preparing to enjoy his meal.

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Word Count: 620

stats to Increase:

Speed: E to E-2 (225 words)

Reaction Time: E to E-2 (450 words)

Perception: E to E-1 (525 words)

Endurance: E to E-2 (600 words)

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