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Yumo had been tirelessly working on his FoxFire manipulation. He had been making some leaps and strides recently and created his first FoxFire manipulation. It had been months of consistent meditation, practicing the recipe for the nature energy and chakra transmutation. Once Yumo had begun to develop the concentration required to form the FoxFire he struggled to manipulate it further.

When Yumo used chakra for ninjutsu and genjutsu the typical ratio of activating the passively stored nature energy
fluidly to his own human chakra was about twenty to eighty favoring his own chakra. This ratio was normal for all Kitsuchi and functioned as normal chakra, despite the nature influence; by inverting the ratio the results were magnamious but straining. To effectively combat the wild nature energy Yumo channeled the passionate FoxFire within his abnormal chakra network with handseals. Upon this revelation Yumo began to incoprorate handsigns in his meditation. Before long the FoxFire on the end of his tail was able to be moulded into a small bundle of concentrated FoxFire. With further training in his handsign meditation Yumo completely developed the jutsu; with a final handsign Yumo could ignite the wisp with a sparkling display of the Mystic FoxFire and a loud bang. The technique wasnt much yet but Yumo kept his studies up.

One day before heading to The Lake to develop a new jutsu to use in conjunction with his FoxFire Wisp, Yumo decided to stop through the city. From at home with his parents Yumo could leap across a few roofs and make it to the gate in a half hour. But lately Yumo was struggling to graspe the finer details of his new technique. Despite his father training him with the clans long forgotten skills regarding the history of FoxFire and his mothers teachings on the cycle of Kitsune FoxFire Yumo could not quite figure out how to control his flames. He decided to stop somewhere to find some literature regarding Senjutsu, Genjutsu and most importantly, triggering Genjutsu through physical touch.

Yumo let out a grumbled yawn as he straightened up his robes to head out into the city. From his window it looked to be a rather average day in Kirigakure, overcast with a chance of rain. Yumo didnt particularly care for the rain. With a fist bump from his father Yumo dashed into the city, thankful it was not raining yet. Yumo was not one to shop so he figured he would head out to the center of the city to ask for directions, or even spoken knowkedge regarding chakra control.

Amidst the usually stoic Kitsunes guiless countenance there stood an Kitsune Sage desperately craving knowledge.

Yumo secretely knew today would be the day he truly began the ascent his mother and father so often spoke of. Just the idea of it made his tail quiver in anticipation.

After crossing a few bridges Yumo stood in the epicenter of the city. With a few precise leaps and scrambles Yumo made his way to the top of a seemingly abandoned churches ledge. He wasnt very high up, maybe five or six meters, but the vantage point was beyond superior. Folding his legs Yumo decided to fully appreciate the beauty nature was providing the village and sat on the ledge to meditate; forming the dragon handseal Yumo closed his eyes and began to meditate. The thin Kirigakure air gusted through his hair breezing it about wildly as he entered his senjutsu trancd.

As the young Kitsune Sage in training sat and meditated his bright parchment white robes flittered about in the wind. As he became more focused on his training purple flames began to shoot off of his tail; evidence of the nature energies permeation through his tails unusual tenketsu. Soon his bright white tail stood fully erect, almost a meter above his head, and the FoxFire was brightly blazing around his tail.

It would have taken a very foolish shinobi to miss Yumos display. He knew it would attract some kind of attention; certainly someone who could help him with his studies.

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