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Kirinito arrived to the cemetery with Umioni on his back. The weather was cold and eerie. Like a scene from a horror movie.  “Well my friend lets smash some criminals together.” He could almost feel the bloodlust of Umioni. He was hunting down criminals that were rumored to be skulking about in the graveyard during the witching hour.  He grabbed Umioni slowly and menacingly.  “I see you scumbag time to send you to hell.” He watched as the criminal darted about.  “Your movements are so slow. “ “I am reading like a book.”  He saw a kunai wiz by him as he dodged it effortlessly.  “Where did you learn to aim?”  He wondered if the criminal was drunk by the way the person was standing.  He was breaking down the scenario in his head. “This is new a drunk criminal.”  He fought the laughter he had building up.  He almost lost sight of the fight.

He dodged all the criminal’s projectiles as he slowly walked toward the criminal like he was a slasher monster.  “I will give you one minute to hand over your items and beg for your life.”  He could feel the scar on his back begin to burn.  His bloodlust was causing that sensation again.  He didn’t unravel  Umioni yet.   “I know my friend I can feel your lust for blood.” “It is overwhelming tonight. “ He was moving more calculated and destructive than he use to.  “Ok I lied I actually gave you shorter time.” “What’s a matter I smell your fear.”  He was up close and personal with the criminal.  He swung Umioni and the person.  “What a shame you’re the weakest one yet.”

The criminal finally spoke.  “That didn’t even hurt.”  He was bleeding slightly trying not to show the pain.   The criminal was weak and very arrogant.  The scent of blood drove both Umioni and Kirnito insane.  Kirnito looked on was amused slightly. “I see the blood you can not fool me.”  “My friend wants to slaughter you.”  Kirnito began to swing Umioni as fast as he could at the criminal. The criminal was so weak that felt like a shame to hurt him this badly. “Don’t die on me know.” “This shows just getting started.”  The criminal coughed slightly as he was getting afraid of for his life.  

Kirinito began to let the darker emotions boil up and take over. “Well my partner and I were going to go easy.” “But you’re a criminal and that’s a death sentence around us.”  He put Umioni against the person’s throat. “You’re about to see the reaper.” “Please make sure you have clean clothes.”  Kirinito’s mind was racing with deplorably genocidal thoughts.  He stepped on the person’s leg.   “Scream my name.”  The criminal was shaking regretting his whole life.  The utter terror on the criminals face was photogenic for Kirinito.  This night began to feel like redemption for him.  His honor began to feel restored.

The criminal spoke slightly.  “Please deity save me.”  Kirinito lightly kicked the man’s face. “Your deity is right here.”   He pulled Umioni away.  “Now now it’s not time for the grand finale yet. “  He could barely contain the predatory instincts. “Were only at intermission and the show’s just getting good.”  He adjusted his hood slightly hiding his facial features.  Kirnito was like a man possessed. He was carrying out his father and brother’s wishes.  They had long since passed but their messed up teaching stuck with Kirnito.  He was not of sound mind tonight. He body was aching from running around the graveyard hunting this person down.  
There was gust of wind and Kirinto felt as if he was being watched. “I know you’re here stranger.” “Do you like the show?” He saw as the criminal’s face had a mask on it out of nowhere. “What is this madness?”  He went to remove the mask with Umioni. “You’re messing with me.” He smirked.   “Does this mean you have chosen your path for me?” “Now that Umioni is within my hands.” He knew now that what the stranger meant that one time he saved him when he was young. “He wants me to be as lethal as I can.”   “He wants me to transcend the seven mist swordsmen.”   The criminal then spoke.  “That’s right he is always watching you.” “He sent me to test you.”  Kirinito was impressed.  “Now that you clearly know him tell me what you know.”  He ran Umioni alongside the vital spots of the criminal. He put mild pressure on each one.  The criminal then spoke.  “He is someone you know and someone very dear to you.” “Look inside and grow that sword of your to have unmatchable strength.”   The criminal sat up and laughed.   “You pack a beating kid.”  “But not enough to drop me yet.”  The criminal was impressed with the kid.  Kirnito was getting angry. All his cuts were doing to nothing to the criminal.

Kirinto was enraged. “Die you bastard!”  The man’s words and the lack of damage he was doing was infuriating.  He thrust Umioni at the person but it had no effect.  This became an endless nightmare for Kirinto. “Why are you not killing like you used to Umioni!?”  He lowered his hood glaring at the man. “What trickery is this?” The man just chuckled at kirinito.   “Don’t you see kid this is all in your head?” “You lost it when you saw your brother die by an Uchiha.” Kirnito didn’t believe the words he just heard.  He was not crazy.  “Stop your lies and tell me the truth now.” “No more riddles.”   His sword swings with Umioni became more erratic and senseless.     Umioni began to unravel itself.  Kirinito tried to stop it but he stopped caring. He unraveled and showed the sword. He wrapped the fabric the sword was wrapped in around his left hand.  “Time to finish this quickly.” “This is pissing me off and the scar on my back is driving me crazy.” He laughed like a maniacal villain.  “I will kill you if it’s the last thing I do.”  He growled at the criminal.  He was in his own world now focused solely on killing this person. Nothing else mattered to him.

His sound strategies were failing him once again. “Not again I will not lose again. “  His stomach began hurt from getting so angry.  The criminal punched him the gut and Kirinito dropped to his knees coughing.  He was starting to black out from the pain.  As he forced his body to get up and gripped Umioni tightly.  He thrust Umioni at the legs causing the criminal to stumble and get a little banged up.  He quickly stood over the criminal and started stomping on his ribs as hard as he could.  He heard the criminal cough.  “So your weak spot is your core. “  He thrust Umioni in the criminal’s gut as the man was getting too tired to care.  He groaned faking the pain.  Kirinito started stabbing with Umioni on the Criminal’s core area.  The damage was starting to show or Kirinito’s eyes were playing tricks on him again. “Now bleed for me.” He growled.   He watched the Criminal wounded himself and began to feel confused at this situation now.    He lowered his body to feel the Criminal’s wound. He lowered his hand to examine to make sure everything was real. He felt the blood and licked it. “You have a poor diet.” He stood back up. He took Umioni to the man’s mask and tried to break it.  “Now let’s see who the supporting cast is.”

Much to his dismay another mask was on the person’s face.  He was confused.  “So the one guarding me has masks from other villages in his disposal.” Kirinito began to feel dizzy from from all the confusion. Kirnito dropped to one knee.  He was breathing heavily.  He was exhausted he used up most of his strength tonight.  He was about ready to pass out from fatigue.  He didn’t  take his eyes off the person. The criminal was wounded from before this fight.  He was showing signs and It looked like Kirinto was about win this bout.  “Victory thy name is Kirinito.” “I guess I should reintroduce myself.” He smirked slightly. He saw the criminal start to flee. “Running are we back to my guardian?” He debating whether to let him flee or wound him more.  He watched the criminal grab its stomach.   “Go on leave I will not kill you this time.” “Tell him next time I am coming for whoever is guarding me.”  He went to leave himself as he watched the criminal flee at super high speeds.  “Next time if I see that person he is going to be slaughtered. “ He removed the wrapping from his left hand and began to slowly re wrap up Umioni.  He himself was a little banged up more than he liked.  But Umioni had no damage.  “I would hate to lose you my friend.”  He put Umioni back on his back and began to head out exhausted.


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