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Special Jounin
Kawaguchi Clan Aq1FCWN

Kawaguchi Clan FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Kawaguchi
Location: Scattered [ members must start as Ronin ]
Specialization: Ninjutsu or Medical Ninjutsu [ must be primary ]
Elements: Any except Doton

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Clan History: The legendary Sage of Six Paths was the founder of Ninshū, a religion and practice that used chakra, an innate energy found within all humans, to connect everyone and unite them. Within Ninshū, there was peace, understanding, and harmony. Misunderstandings were nonexistent, and heinous crimes like theft, assault, and murder were unheard of. This was the world as it should have been, as it was meant to be. But, the Sage's son, Indra Ōtsutsuki, had different plans; he was the first to use chakra and Ninshū offensively, to further divide people rather than to connect them. Thus, Ninjutsu was born, and it continued for centuries, creating conflicts, struggles for power, war...and the world became a husk of the harmonious domain it once was, and what was left was a harsh place where chakra was a resource to be used for domination rather than unification.

The Kawaguchi people have existed since the First Shinobi World War, having lamented the corruption of Ninjutsu and witnessed the devastation such a violent and destructive art form had caused. So, they isolated themselves in a faraway land, away from the Five Great Nations, and safe from the threats of the outside world, studying the arts of Ninshū as it was intended to be. Granted, this wasn't a perfect emulation, as their version of Ninshū lacked the potential for understanding without communication, but it certainly brought them peace of mind and it also brought them closer together, as a clan. They've thrived since then, strictly against violence of any kind, and they have perfected the arts of meditation and chakra control.


  • Mitsuru Kawaguchi (Founder of the Clan) (deceased)
  • Asura Kawaguchi (Mitsuru's Son, 2nd Clan Head, named after Asura Ōtsutsuki) (deceased)
  • Nobuko Kawaguchi (Asura's eldest child, 3rd Clan Head) (deceased)
  • Hana Kawaguchi (Asura's middle child) (defected from the clan, presumed deceased)
  • Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Asura's youngest child) (deceased)

Kawaguchi Clan Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Spiritual Ninjutsu (Tamashī Ninjutsu ~ 魂忍術)
Kekkei Genkai Description: Being more akin to practitioners of Ninshū than those of Ninjutsu, the Kawaguchi's use of chakra is focused on enhancement of the self, connection to others, and protecting everyone to the best of their ability. Their chakra systems have adapted throughout the years as a result, and they are capable of many feats which regular shinobi cannot fathom.

Ninshū and Meditation:
Kawaguchi have a similar ability to practitioners of Senjutsu, able to spend time meditating in order to restore 10 chakra per post. This requires them to remain completely still, and refrain from using any chakra, but they may use jutsu already in effect, such as clone techniques, to defend themselves while they meditate.

Under Ninshū, everyone had the same amount of chakra, and in an effort to try and bring themselves closer to that ideal, Kawaguchi are able to grant others some of their chakra. They may give up to three other people 10 chakra each per post, only if they are not meditating during that turn. Physical contact is required to give other people chakra, and if the Kawaguchi is unconscious or otherwise incapacitated any time after giving chakra to someone, their chakra is returned to them immediately, if it can be.
Passive Jutsu and Maintainable Jutsu:
Kawaguchi are able to apply for passive jutsu of up to A-Rank, and do not need to take chakra out of their chakra pool in order to pay for them. This has its limits, though; they cannot have more than 3 passive jutsu at Genin, 4 at Chūnin, 6 at Special Jōnin, and 10 at Jōnin or higher.

They are also experts at using maintainable jutsu, able to continue an ongoing effect with little to no effort on their part nor any cost to their chakra pool. They may void the per-post chakra cost of any maintainable jutsu by paying a higher chakra cost upon its activation, rounded to the closest whole number. This is limited to one jutsu at a time at Genin and Chūnin, and two jutsu at a time at Special Jōnin, and three jutsu at a time at Jōnin.

Maintainable jutsu activation costs per rank:

  • E-Rank: 10 chakra
  • D-Rank: 20 chakra
  • C-Rank: 30 chakra
  • B-Rank: 40 chakra
  • A-Rank: 50 chakra
  • S-Rank: 60 chakra
  • SS-Rank: 2.5 times the original chakra cost (88 chakra minimum)

Their physical energies are not connected to their chakra pool in a conventional manner. They feel no negative effects from running low on chakra, and in fact, they remain completely healthy even after reaching 0. They do, however, feel negative effects from having too much chakra, which are outlined below in the drawbacks section.

Jutsu of any kind come naturally to Kawaguchi clansmen. They may take the Jutsu Master special characteristic during character creation without need to balance it with a negative characteristic.
Life is Precious:
Kawaguchi generally do not condone violence, but they are more than happy to use their abilities in order to save people, prevent death, and stop conflicts when necessary. Thus, protective jutsu, jutsu that restrict, immobilize, or stun opponents, and healing medical ninjutsu used by Kawaguchi are treated as if they are one rank higher than they actually are, and thus have increased range, speed, defensive capability, and healing capability.

Kawaguchi defensive jutsu capabilities per rank:

  • E-Rank: Can block 2 D-Rank jutsu or 1 C-Rank jutsu before breaking.
  • D-Rank: Can block 3 D-Rank jutsu, 2 C-Rank jutsu, or 1 B-Rank jutsu before breaking.
  • C-Rank: Can block 3 C-Rank jutsu, 2 B-Rank jutsu, or 1 A-Rank jutsu before breaking.
  • B-Rank: Can block 3 B-Rank jutsu, 2 A-Rank jutsu, or 1 S-Rank jutsu before breaking.
  • A-Rank: Can block 3 A-Rank jutsu, 2 S-Rank jutsu, or 1 SS-Rank jutsu before breaking.
  • S-Rank: Can block 3 S-Rank jutsu, or 2 SS-Rank jutsu before breaking.
  • SS-Rank: Practically inpenetrable, impossibly high durability and defensive properties. Requires 3 SS-Rank jutsu to destroy.

Kawaguchi healing jutsu capabilities per rank:

  • E-Rank: Can heal 1/4-3/4 inch cuts, minor bruising, or minor 1st degree tissue damage.
  • D-Rank: Can heal 1-1 inch cuts, major external bruising (possibly able to fracture bone), or major 1st/minor 2nd degree tissue damage.
  • C-Rank: Can heal 2-3 inch cuts, broken bones, internal bleeding, or major 2nd/minor 3rd degree tissue damage.
  • B-Rank: Can heal cuts of any kind, shattered bones, or major 3rd-degree and 4th-degree tissue damage.
  • A-Rank: Can reattach severed limbs and heal any flesh wound.
  • S-Rank: Can regenerate missing limbs and organs, recreating them with chakra alone, or can revive one dead person, so long as they died within the thread.
  • SS-Rank: Can revive multiple dead people, so long as they died within the thread.

This effect cannot be stacked with other rank-increasing buffs.
Drawbacks: Kawaguchi's drawbacks are within the fact that, simply put, they have no interest in power. They are a people designed to preserve, not destroy, and while they make valuable teachers, medical ninja, and allies, they are poor fighters and struggle to go against their moral code and hurt people.
There are a number of restrictions for Kawaguchi characters.

They must begin as Ronin (Wanderers), having traveled from their distant home on another continent to explore the Five Great Nations. Despite this, they may choose to join a village at some point after character creation, though this requires the approval of that village's Kage.

They cannot learn the following specializations:

  • Taijutsu
  • Bukijutsu
  • Kugutsu
  • Seijutsu
  • Senjutsu

They cannot learn the Doton element, due to its fixed nature conflicting with the clansmen's typically fluid nature affinities.

They cannot take the following special characteristics:

  • Mighty
  • Inheritance
  • Trained
  • Elementalist
  • Specialist
  • Quick Learner

They cannot learn the following jutsu:

  • Summoning Technique (Kuchiyose no Jutsu)
  • The Shadow Doppelganger Technique (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
  • Dynamic Doppelganger Explosion (Bunshin: Daibakuha)
  • Any offensive jutsu of S-Rank or higher.

Specializations and Elements:
Kawaguchi characters begin without a secondary specialization or a secondary element. They may learn their secondary specialization/element for 1,000 words at Chūnin rank.

They are unable to learn a fourth specialization.
Death Shall Not Prevail:
In contrast to their proficiency in healing and defense, Kawaguchi are pitiful in terms of their offense. All offensive jutsu they use are treated as if they are one rank lower than they actually are, with decreased damage, range, and speed. Furthermore, offensive jutsu cost an additional 10 chakra for a Kawaguchi to use them.

Kawaguchi offensive jutsu capabilities per rank:

  • E-Rank: Almost no damage whatsoever.
  • D-Rank: Scrapes, negligible bruises, or very light burns.
  • C-Rank: 1/4-3/4 inch cuts, minor bruising, or minor 1st degree tissue damage.
  • B-Rank: 1-1 inch cuts, major external bruising (possibly able to fracture bone), or major 1st/minor 2nd degree tissue damage.
  • A-Rank: 2-3 inch cuts, able to break bones with concussive force, or deal major 2nd/minor 3rd degree tissue damage.

As outlined in the "Restrictions" spoiler, Kawaguchi cannot learn offensive jutsu of S-Rank or higher.

Finally, they are required to take the Necrophobia special characteristic, without balancing it with a positive.
Chakra is to be Shared, not Coveted:
Kawaguchi have reduced chakra pools, since they all believe that having too much chakra is a sign of greed and corruption. Their bodies are so accustomed to having chakra flowing in and out of them that when it accumulates and remains stagnant for too long, it manifests physical problems, such as joint and muscle pain or headaches.

Kawaguchi chakra pools per ninja rank:

  • Genin: 75 chakra
  • Chūnin: 100 chakra
  • Special Jōnin: 125 chakra
  • Jōnin: 150 chakra
  • S-Rank: 175 chakra
  • SS-Rank: 200 chakra.

When a Kawaguchi has more than 80% of their chakra pool (60 at D-Rank, 80 at C-Rank, 100 at B-Rank, 120 at A-Rank, 140 at S-Rank, 160 at SS-Rank) available, they suffer a -1 tier debuff to all of their stats, due to the symptoms described above.

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