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Wolfgang kneeled in front of the Head of the anbu black ops, taking in every single word he spoke and trailing it through his head again and again to force it into his memory. Miho we have traitor in our midst. one of our jounin. They're name is not known but the intel we got remarks that they will be patrolling tonight...and that they have benn giving out intel during their shifts. they are dangerous, a jounin of the Mist is no laughing matter they are trianed killers and this one may prefer to die instea of be captured...her life is forfeit, but before you kill her make sure you get her name and her bosses name, we have our own plans for him Wolfgang stood up, for the first time in a long time he was taking a mission for his village, and for the anbu black ops no less. He felt a tingle run down his neck as he began to grow excited, he was pumped for once and that was very rare.  
It didnt hurt that he was great at torture and interrogation, physical mental and emotional if need be none of it bothered him much. He stood up straight and bowed as he shot off into the night, the wind rushing over his streamlined form as he went roof top to roof top to spy on the patrols, he was fast enough he could get around the patrols since had their schduele mapped out in his head. As he grew near the first, he saw a few chuunin and a jounin standing by the wall at the south of the village. they were being moderatly lazy but that wasnt of concern at the moment. The three ninja were standing around in a circle at the moment chatting in hushed voices the only thing that Wolf could make out is one of them complaining about a shoulder wound that hadnt fully healed yet and the others goading him away. Wolfgang stood in the pitch black for a few minutes and watched, deciding to move himself along and find one of the other groups, as he skulked through the shadows near the western edge of the village where another group of ninja sit around a large table near the entrance in wait for anything. There was 4 of them here but he only neaded one, he sat and watched the group for near an hour, his stoic form draped black against the shadows of the building. as the time drew near for him to leave and move on, he saw one of the crew stand say something in relation to the bathroom. Wolfgang didnt know why but something felt wrong about the adrutpness and the quickness to leave, felt almost faked. he followed the straggler away, planning on leaving them alone if thye indeed went towards the bathroom but they didnt. for a moment they walked towards the public washroom but then broke off the side of the road at a sprint.

Wolfgang smiled as he prepped himself, releasing a mild acid aura around himself as he turned the corner with her, the acid was weak and acted more as an irritant then anything else but it would do the job well enough. As he gave chase the light red mist trailed behind him with a sizzling trail, making him look incredibly intimidating if he had to say so himself, as well the acid would irritate any followers. he suddenly stopped short behind a dumpster as he saw the ninja, now confirmed as a kunoichi of the village here letting a raven go with a small note. As it flapped into the night sky the girl was shocked when a senbon pierced the birds chest with a sqawk, it didnt even hit the ground as Saru caught it and rolled onto a far rooftop. Saru was decked out in a jet black gi and looked like the largest ninja there was, save for the teeth he looked almost human. The girl turned and pulled out a scalpel, the blade glowing green with chakra. Walk away, Anbu you dont need to do this I am no traitor this country isnt just worth my loyalty. You will die if you take a step Wolfgang slid the Katar from his sheath and the voice that came through his mask was dull and flat, making him sound emotionless I didnt come here for a discussion Traitor Wolfgang was already upon her, his blade slashing in an arc towards her neck, he was deflected by the small green scapel and slashed upon. Wolf dodged around her just barely and as he did she breathed in. As they fought back and forth neither giving a blow nor taking Wolfgang was on the defensive, she was a good deal faster then he was so he didnt get many openings. But as the fight grew to a minute the women was coughing and out of breath, the light acid was doing its work. Her eyes were red and beginning to swell and her lip dribbled a bit of blood. He thought he was getting the upper hand until He took a hard kick to the center of his chest. He was fine until he noticed the green chakra on her foot as well, and as he flew back he spat blood as one of his lungs ruptured. As he jumped backwards he clutched his mouth as blood began to dribble out as blood entered his lung, he'd live for a bit but not to long without somesort of banadaging, he had to finish this fast.
She coughed savagely, looking at him and around for a way out, she wasnt past hte point of no return in her mind yet and the only thing between her and freedonm was this large ninja. Move anbu, i dont want to have to kill you but i will, whatever mist your forming isnt doing that much to me i am more powerful dont be an idiot just move Wolfgang saw Saru sneaking up behind none too happy about someone sneaking a hit on his owner he prepped from a jump, Wolfgang just had to match it so that at least one of them hit. Placing his blade back in the holster and dropping low into a taijutsu stance He rushed he again swiftly, coming in with a elbow followed by a hook and leg sweep. As planned she avoided them all and jumped over the leg sweep just as the large sapien form swept down. Thankfully she was in mid air and couldnt avoid or maneuver for anything.
As the resounding crack slammed her into the ground shoulder first and bouncing her dome off the hard cobbles Wolfgang smiled a sigh of releif, this jounin was no laughing matter indeed. He got the ape to tie her up and carry her on its large overbearing shoulders as they walked to his house, he couldnt do torture or questioning in the middle of the street. By his house he more aptly meant a motel room he was renting for a few months while he looked for somewhere to live. As they walked Wolfgang took out a small piece of metal and melted a hole through it, as he himself ready he took a huge breath in; Then stabbed the metal piece through the wound, The sound of air sucking in brought a smile to his face, as well as the trickle of a blackish colored blood that flowed out of his wound and lung. He let it be for 5 minutes as they walked and then replaced it with a vaccuum bandage so the blood could leak out slowly but no oxygen got in his blood. As they neared his house the girl was rousing slightly, thye didnt have long tog et her in the room and gagged before someone noted them.

As they rushed into the room Wolfgang sent saru outside on sentry duty. He sat on the rooftop eating some bread while doing his overwatch. Wolfgang through the girl down onto the ground with a thud and grabbed a chair, roughly tossing the girl onto it. She was mid 30s by look and defintly a high ranking, with Kiri she was a jounin but who knew as he looked over her that she was dangerous and would be hard to crack, so just the old fashioned punch and kick wouldnt do the trick. As he thought he saw her rouse, her voice was groggy for a moment but then her lips shut and her face went stoic like steel, Do what you want i wont break, we've had the same lessons against torture He nodded to himself glumly as he took off his mask, the click of the clasps was punctuated by the click of his anbu vest. Now all he wore was his uniform with a mesh shirt, all his weapons were across his mesh shirt, the plethora of senbon and kunai with his katar on his back. Upon seeing his face their was a moment of fear upon her face, he knew that she wasnt scared of him but realizing that she wasnt making it out of this alive, cause an anbu never showed his face to people that was the could be anybody under mask. he saw her clutching and grabbing behind her now, he tsked as he saw her reaching for a hidden scalpel at her wrist. She was trying to go out on her own terms, Wolfgang couldnt let that happen. Instead he wrested the blade from her and through it into the wooden wall a few meters away. Humming to himself as he took a knee behind her, his hand clutching hard around the womens ring finger, Dont want these trying anything now do we, i need my lungs...hmmhmm with a resounding CRACK!! as the index finger snapped back with a sickening noise, Her gasp was cut short by her biting her lip so hard it bled. As the other sounds joined the fray CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! all together 8, each finger on her hand exlcuding her thumbs. She was gasping by this time and spitting blood from her chewed and torn lip, She looked up at him with a mix of weakness and anger her voice full of scorn You havent even asked a question...youre shit at this Wolfgang let his thin lips slowly creep into a smile, the mildly pointed teeth making a fearsome grin. A slight chuckle even played on his lips for a moment.  You already know what i want to know, why bother asking, it'd waste time, youll tell me or you wont Quick or Long, the usual it's your choice...and when im done if you dont squeal ill find out your name,
find your family and friends, dad, mom everyone you know and like They'll get the same treatment too no doubt
Her face didnt have time to even go into shock and anger as Wolf began his method, as he began stabbing senbon into the joints of this ninja. After a few minutes of screaming and stabbing every joint bore a needle, and they didnt look comfy. I was always told that Genjutsu is better for interrogating. Always by every one, that you can do more His voice was jovial as he flicked the needle currently in her patela, hearing her scream as her reflex tried to make her move her leg and instead the 10 needle locked them up in agony. As she muffled a scream he continued with his speech, reveling in forcing her to listen to him, Now i never could do genjutsu see thats the problem, never had the patience to slowly break someone She went to say something to Wolf the anger was written on her face. Before she could get a word out Wolf slammed a hand down right behind her knee, feeling and hearing it crack beneath his hand. Then there was a scream, quite loud and angry at that but a scream. Need i bring in someone you love? I will, i can beat you all day and maybe a brother or two ahahah He slammed the same hand into the now broken knee hearing it crunch and grit together with a sickening sound as the Ninja screamed in pure agony this time. See thats the problem being tough, what does it get you?
A slow death...quite slow, now i can say i killed you, you told me the name and then i killed you....ooooh where did she go, dont know i buried the corpse ill tell them. You are a skilled medic you can fix yourself up. How does that sound
Her mouth almost opened but shut just as fast, he almost had it at that he had to go more painful, something internal. He stood face to face and lit himself a smoke, inhaling the fine tobacco he bought with his pay. After tasting it for a moment he charged it with chakra mixing the smoke with acid fog. Creating a acid smoke cloud as he breathed out into her face, she wasnt expecting that, he knew cause she breathed in. He held the cloud there watching her gag and cough and struggle to get any air in, in the process breathing more and more of the smoke in, after a moment the skin on her face was cherry red and blistered, her lips were bleeding and blod streaks ran like tears from her eyes, he assumed that the inside of her neck and lungs were the very same, itched and bleeding and burnt. He released the cloud and watched her get her first air of breath in halfway. He slammed his hand into her throat and squeezed tight watching her go into panic mode as she struggled for breath. NOW NAME! IM SICK AND TIRED YOU WONT GET ANOTHER BREATH UNTIL YOU NOD AND SAY HIS **** NAME! His voice rumbled through the room like a demon, her face changed nodding along with him just to get some air. He let go and watched her gasp and breath in air painfully, due to the incredible damage to her throat it hurt to even breath but she had to. Her voice was raspy and pained but he noted the hint of fear in her, Dont hurt my family please...Ill tell you if you let me live our secret, just ours...His name is Takahicho Gonodortsu, He lives not far off from the Village north, he goes by Raven if you're looking for him the password is Wing...Okay just please let me go... Wolfgang smiled to himself he had done his job it seemed, all of the torture...physical mental and emotional mixed together made the best broken cocktail there ever was she was a mess and it was great. Wolfgang lit a cigarette, breathing in the normal smoke this time save chakra, he raised an eyebrow at the girl and she nodded slowly...he took one out and lit it for her in her mouth. Hey hey, now dont worry you arent no traitor darling, aha you got nothing to worry about Her face was mildly confused as she mumbled her answer back to him. Umm, yes i a traitor to my master and my people and my friends what the **** do you mean Wolfgang was hoping for that answer, his voice was light hearted bringing more confusion into the picture as he spoke See see, no one will remember you...hard to be a traitor then, no one will see a grave to visit no one will hear a eulogy, nothing not for a rogue scum like yourself...People wont want to remember you even if we told them her face sank, her eyes glazing over at the realization her voice awestruck You!....You you Promised?! I thought i was living Wolfgang shrugged his broad shoulders lightly, his smile nearly ear to ear as he spoke Well see here....I lied Wolfgangs hand chopped at her neck, shattering her windpipe with a resounding crack, the pipe whistled as she gasped for breath that wasnt there, as she nearly went a shade of blue Wolfgang was right behind her whispering into her ear in his happiest voice But...thanks for the trust friend As he clutched her head and chin, controlling a large amount of chakra inside his palm, looking at the shocked and gasping eyes of this woman, Do you like lemons? if its a yes you wont like this anyway a small yellow ball of gel formed around his hand and began to spin and spin, becoming the size of a pea and then even sligtly smaller. He shoved the gel ball inside the girls throat much to her behest, she was flailing and screaming at this...he wasnt sure if it was fear or the sour taste of the extreme citric acid he had just made. As she struggled he made sure to keep his hand wrapped around her mouth and neck, and after a few moments her eyes went wild and in shock as a muffled boom and spray sound filled Wolves ears. The acid melted through cheeks and body and ears , it was honestly a mess and had to have hurt quite a bit, wit a quick handsign he destroyed the body with his anbu jutsu and got himself wiped off of the yellow goo that was lemony in smell.
Wolfgang replaced all the chairs and tables and left the room, walking down the road with a mild purpose, Saru falling in behind him as Wolfgang replaced his mask onto his face with a click as the voice changer came into effect, He was currently belting back on his vest and making himself calm again, he had gotten to antsy at the end to kill her he could have asked a few more questions and got some extra info but he had gotten the info he was told to then jumped the gun with Sunburst acid bomb, which was one of his personal favorites due to the large spread pain and anguish it causes. As he drew near the site where the other ninja that were with her were playing cards they hailed him over and began asking him if they had seen their partner. Wolfgang lied to them of course saying that he was just out now to verify that there was a good patrol going on and was even confused himself when there was only a few of them since it was one of the larger gates. They also asked on the location of her raven since it was usually scouting around the top of them, he didnt have the mind to tell them it was currently in Sarus stomach stewing, After the brief talk with the Spec jounins Wolfgang dismissed them back to their posts saying he'd send another ninja over to cover the missing one and that they would do a search come morning. That made them happy and they returned to cards thinking she may have skipped off duty to drink or something of the like. Wolfgang marched through the dark town looking for his mission giver, hoping to find the leader of the anbu somewhere skulking about he did know many of the spots since he frequented them often while on missions. The weather had turned rainy and sour, though it didnt bother Wolfgang the water and wind fell on numb skin, the rain was better if anything because it was more noise to listen to. The numbness never got to him much lately though and he found himself getting more and more okay with it, thinking it more of a weapon then a curse, a gift instead of a burden. Not many men could take a collapsed lung and fix with without so much as a grimace or wince. He knew he had to get that checked by a medical ninja asap though since he doubted that'd heal naturally.

As he neared the hospital he noticed the lights on and the people inside working the night shift. he smiled as he walked in the local medics and doctors smiling to him and walking past. It wasnt until one ninja noticed that he was wounded that they rushed to him. Wolfgang didnt feel like rushing them after all and there were more important people to look after here. One of the nurses basically threw him onto a table as they began stripping off his mask and top half, seeing the brutal homemade bandage one of the nurses gapsed and grimaced at what pain it would cause to do that to yourself. As they took the bandage off and started using medical ninjutsu on him Wolf did notice that breathing was getting easier, that was one of the bad things of not feeling anything...not knowing whats currently wrong with your body and where its injured or even how much its injured. He was fine and his mission was done....welcome back to the anbu black ops


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