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Yamada Alexis

Yamada Alexis

Mission name: Teacherís Pet
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Act as teaching assistant for a day, teaching students on the ninja art of your choice.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 70 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Teaching assistant wanted for the Iwagakure ninja academy. Requirements: Must have graduated from an academy somewhere in the world, and must be skilled in at least one of the ninja arts. Remember, kids are our future.
Mission details: Minimum of 600 words, try not to yell at the kids; they tend not to like that.

Today, Alexis was to teach a class it was a simple yet easy mission, but it was a good way for everyone to notice her ability and skill and that is what Alexis wished to have everyone noticed right now, but she did wish to help the children learn the basics of jutsu. She was already walking to class, but as she was not there yet the students were already told about her, but the teacher would give them a reminder. Everyone stood lined up in class many students you had your odd types, cool, and shy students. "Everyone we have a member of the Yamada clan coming today, she is also a well-known noble, please watch your manners as you speak towards her." In time Alexis entered the classroom, giving a bow towards the teacher and the students as she said her name to them.

"Hello students I am Yamada Alexis, it's a pleasure to meet you all." She would say having a smile towards them. But after she said her name one of the children in the background would act full of himself not thinking much of the noble girl that was beautiful also wearing a long type Kimono with many different colors. Thinking no way she was a ninja.

"You're a rich noble that can't do anything without someone holding your hand to perform your own Jutsu." She would laugh a little at that, as the teacher would yell at him. "Sit down and stop being disrespectful. Sorry, Miss Yamada, that child likes to talk back to even me." She would be okay with it. "It's quite alright, but." She faced him. "You are correct nobles like myself get a lot of help, but we also have honor we must keep if we lack anything, we could lose many things or be pushed to work harder." She would smile at him, as the boy would stay quiet sitting down upon his chair.

"Well class I was asked to perform something I know to you all, we will speak about Ninjutsu as I use it a lot. But I use Element Ninjutsu, Wind, and Earth, as your teacher has said I am from the Yamada Clan would any of you know what my third element is?" She would wait but the students had no idea. But it was someone in her clan watching with care unable to look away. "I know miss, it's the Crystal style right?" She would have a smile facing her. "You are correct. We place one element in each hand and then fuse them together to make what we and many people in the ninja world would call a Kekkei Genkai." She would show it to them, but Alexis herself was not a master of it.

She would place her hands together as a Crystal came out the class looking in wonder. But it was gone right away. "If I infuse more of my chakra into that it would last a lot longer, but you all don't need to worry, it takes much time and energy to master element control, you still have a long way to go." One of the students asked a question can anyone with wind and earth learn the Kekkei Genkai that was unique to her clan.

"No, you must be born into a clan that can use are style, but only people from the Yamada can use it." The same student would yell at her again. "All you do is talk about using Jutsu I have not seen you perform any yet." She would laugh again, but it was soft like last time. "Sir, may we go outside?" The teacher would allow it, as all the students and Alexis followed him, until reaching a field.

As they were outside she would ask them all to step back, performing many hand signs, as a giant earth wall shown itself. "Earth Release: Earth Shore Return." The students look in wonder again, as the child who was yelling all the time at her wouldn't say a word. "This is a basic Earth Jutsu my father taught me a long time ago." With that time was up. "Everyone say thank you to Miss Alexis." They all would bow saying thank you. "Thank you for coming, I hope we can get you to teach again, I'm sure the children learned a lot." She would bow to him. "It was my pleasure, thank you for giving me the chance." She would say, with them walking away from each other. She would go and turn the mission in now, and head back home.

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