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Oberon began his day as any other day and was on a morning jog, part of his new training regime, through the village when he came across a scene that caught his eyes. There was a crowd in the streets which was odd considering the time. As he approached the scene he saw some of those in the center of the crowd wore Anbu or hunter masks, that means something happened that is important and his curiosity got the better of him. Oberon weaved himself through the crowd until he got to the barricade that blocked the on lookers from going into the crime scene, from this angle he couldn't see anything about what had happened so he decided to ask one of the people who were there if they knew. "Any idea what happened?" oberon asked the man standing next to him, the man looked at him with a snood look on his face with the reply, "Someone stole some Jewels" as he looked back to the scene leaving oberin to wonder what the jewels were and why someone stole them. It was then that he saw one of the Anbu exiting the house holding what looked like a picture but Oberon  couldn't fully make it out. I might as well help out if I can he thought to himself but it would require him to know what the stolen objects looked like to be able to know what he was looking for. He focused his eyes to the picture the Anbu was holding in his hand and made out the Emerald Necklace from there he left. Now that he had seen what it looked like it would be simple matter of him finding it and catching the thief that stole it. With the image of the necklace fresh in his mind oberon set out to find them and hopefully the man or woman who stole them before they are able to sell them, Oberon wasn't sure why he always did this anytime he saw something like someone bullying someone else or a thief on the run or anything that would be against the peace in this great village he couldn't help himself he had to help out however he could and in this situation he could by finding the person or persons that did this and bring them to justice for what they did. Oberon had no idea how long ago the necklace was stolen or if the person even still had them but he knew where he could start looking, early on in the week he came across a man who looked rather shady and had items that one wouldn't find in other shops however whether the items were stolen or not could not be proven. Oberon had a gut feeling that even if the shady man didn't have them or had seen the guy maybe just maybe he would know where Oberon could look for him. As he approached the small little box that the man called a merchant stand oberon was surprised to see the shady man with a customer that looked almost as shady as himself, they weren't looking at him so Oberon was able to get a little closer before either of them reacted to his presence there, from the angle Oberon was standing which was diagonally from the two men standing behind the second shady character whose clothes were all tattered and ragged he couldn't make out what it was the man was holding but the shady merchant seemed to be very interested in it. When Oberon overheard the man wearing the tattered clothing say "you are going to have to get it out of the village quickly before anyone sees it or else we will both be in for some trouble" it was all the information he needed to do what came next. Grabbing his Dao and removing it from it's sheath, "So what do we have here?" He called out as he approached closer to the two.

As Oberon spoke both men jumped slightly as they looked quickly around to see him standing there with his Dao drawn, when the second man turned Oberon saw the stolen necklace and knew his hunch was right on the money. The shady merchant took off at the sight of him and Oberon made a note to himself to find him later but for now he needed to deal with the Thief and recover the stolen property. The man looked to be in his early 40's and looked as if he had been through a lot in his years but he had to set his emotions aside this man was a criminal and he needed to ensure the man was brought to justice. Pointing his Dao at the thief Oberon smiled as he made a simple statement, "How about you just surrender and go quietly and we avoid all this fuss huh?" the man didn't answer him, instead he placed the necklace in his pouch on his waist and assumed a fighting position, and so Oberon took the hint that the man wasn't going to go peacefully and he would have to subdue him the hard way. Oberon launched himself at the man swinging his Dao downward from over his head, and was surprised by the man's reaction time as he was quickly able to dodge the strike and started to run away an increasing speed, Oberon began pursuing the man as fast as he could. It quickly became apparent that he was not going to be able to catch up to the man, and so he reached into his pouch and pulled out a kunai it was time to see if his training with Nozomi had paid off. Oberon released the kunai at the man, he was not trying to hurt him simply slow him down so that he could catch up. The kunai stabbed into the back of the man's leg causing him to fall forward and giving Oberon the time he needed to catch up to the man. Standing over the man with his Dao pointing directly at the mans throat, "why couldn't you just do it the easy way" Oberon retorted before grabbing the man by his shirt collar and picking him up to escort him and the stolen jewels to the proper authority.

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