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1 Leaky mess - D rank mission on Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:06 am



Leaky mess - D rank:
Mission name: Leaky mess
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: Fix leaks
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: A recent storm has swept over Kumogakure, as such some houses have gathered a few leaks in their roofs and your job is too fix them.
Mission details: Mostly up to the writer, you need to fix at least three roofs before the mission can be considered complete.

Leaky mess - D rank

Kiriya woke up in the middle of the night, there was a storm raging outside.  Usually Kiriya was a heavy sleeper, nothing could wake him up, especially in the middle of the night. But this time it was different. He could smell it in the air, this was not an ordinary windstorm. After some thought about what the following day will offer to him, Kiriya forced himself to sleep.

He woke up moments before the sunrise, glazing up its beautiful colors and clouds. His morning ritual consisted of running to the Thunder temple, which was not very far from his house. His friends never really understood what drew him to that place, for them it was nothing more than large, electrified outcropping of rocks. Shortly after he returned from his morning run, he noticed the letter on the front door. After opening it without the slightest hesitation, he read what was written in it. It was a mission that the Raikage had given him. The main objective was to repair the roofs of some houses that were leaking due to the storm earlier that day. Will this mission really help me become stronger, he thought. Kiriya obviously did not like the idea of running around the village fixing roofs. He could spend the time training his ninjutsu. Yet this was the only way he could climb through the ranks and find out the truth about what happened to his father.

The first house that he was assigned to repair was a one-story one with a front yard and a garden in the back. The family was delighted to see that someone will help them repair the house. It was a family below the average class in Kumogakure and they were struggling with the basic necessities. On the other hand, the roof was not that damaged. The family offered Kiriya help but he refused, saying that it’s his mission and he should do it alone. He did not think that repairing the roof would be so quick. He finished it in around two hours. The father and mother could not stop hugging and thanking him. It was the first time that Kiriya saw such kind and good-hearted people. The next house was rather far from that location and he began walking towards it after he said goodbye to them.

When he arrived at the second location he was devastated by the look of the house. It was a two-story one but the roof on the second floor was completely gone. The storm last night must have done this, he thought to himself. The people that lived there were expecting him to come sooner not in noon. This family was quite different than the one living in the first house. They were a hard working middle class family with two children, one boy and one girl. When Kiriya got up to the roof he saw the stone cold face of Tetsuki, the head of the family. He had a muscular body with height around two meters and weight around ninety kilograms. Kiriya started helping him with moving the planks needed for the restoration. Tetsuki didn’t say anything to him for the rest of the day. When they finished, after four grueling hours of work, the words that he gave Kiriya were: ‘Good job.’ When he left for the third and final house, his thoughts were still with Tetsuki.

Kiriya arrived at the third house that needed repairing in late hours of the afternoon. Luckily the roof on this house was not heavily damaged and in his estimates it would take him around two or three hours to repair it. There was only one person in this house, despite it being very spacious. The person there was an old lady, she reminded him of someone but he could not remember who exactly. When Kiriya started repairing the roof it was exactly like he expected. There was only one whole, measuring around 2 meters in diameter that needed to be repaired. At the whole time he was repairing, the old lady sat next to him and talked. She was talking about the early days of shinobi and how Kiriya reminded her of her grandchildren. He did not realize when the time passed and the roof was fixed. For some reason it was pleasant to sit and just listen about the old days of shinobi. Kiriya sat with her around the time it got dark outside. When he left, he felt that his company helped the lady more than the repairing did.

When he got home, Kiriya sat on the roof of his house looking at the stars. He would often do that when he was thinking about something. But that night there was not a particular subject on his mind. He just sat there watching the sky full of stars and let his mind to wonder.

WC - 817
Reward - 1 D rank jutsu - Crescent Blade Dance (Mikadzukikei no buyō - 三日月形の舞踊)

[Mission completed]
[Exit threadd]


Raiton - S rank
Fūton - C rank

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