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1 Ninshiki Missions on Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:59 pm



"Ninshiki missions!? But how can that be? Ninshiki isn't associated with any one village!"

While that is true, Ninshiki isn't necessarily an entirely self-serving organization. As such, its members can offer valuable information, diplomatic assistance, or miscellaneous support to the villages in exchange for rewards and a good reputation.

So, to take a Ninshiki mission:

1. You must be a member of the organization.
2. Assuming the mission is approved in this thread, you repost the mission you would like to take to the mission board of the village you are currently in, and ask if you can take it.
3. When the mission is completed, report back to that thread in the village and claim your reward.

This mission system is how we will be accomplishing some of our bigger goals in this group later on, but for now, take on some smaller tasks and I'll take note of your efforts. Have fun.

D Rank:
Mission name: Explore! [ Ninshiki, Repeatable ]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Do a little exploring, see what you can find.
Location: The Wilderness
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: Strange activity has been reported outside of the village. Check out the area outside of the village, take note of anything unusual, valuable, or potentially dangerous that you find, and report back by the end of the day.
Mission details: This is a simple mission and it can go in any direction that the writer would like. You just need to explore the wilderness outside of the village, and discover what the source of the strange activity (noises, sightings of creatures, etc.) is. The danger level is almost nonexistent, as you are not required to combat any threats, only identify them.

C Rank:
Mission name: Conflict Mediation [ Ninshiki, Repeatable ]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Two or more villagers are having problems between one another, and they need your help.
Location: Village of your choice
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: A mission offered by villagers rather than the village itself. They are having problems in their relationship, whether it is a friendship, familial, or romantic, and they wish to solve them. Do what you can to help.
Mission details: Though Ninshiki is not a group of therapists by any means, they are known to be diplomatic and helpful, and as such these villagers have decided to ask for your help. You are to help them talk through their problems to resolve the conflict they are having. Do not let the conflict escalate into violence or the mission will be a failure.

Mission name: Set Sail! [ Ninshiki, Repeatable ]
Mission rank: C
Objective: Go out into uncharted waters, and, uh...chart them.
Location: Country of your choice.
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: A village has requested assistance from Ninshiki in mapping out a mysterious area of the ocean that no one has ever returned from. Map it out and report your findings to them.
Mission details: A ship and crew of 3 regular civilians, one of whom knows how to steer and control the ship properly, will be provided for the sake of this mission's success. The reason why no one has returned is up to the writer: weather problems, rock formations in the water that destroyed previous ships, an island full of wild animals and perilous terrain, etc. Your mapping expedition may last no longer than 3 days, as your food and supplies will run out after that point.

Mission name: Forgotten Monument [ Ninshiki, Repeatable ]
Mission rank: C
Objective: Enter an ancient monument and recover anything you can find.
Location: Country of your choice.
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: A monument from hundreds of years ago was just recently discovered, and now you're gonna be exploring it. Alone. Take anything you find there that seems important with you back to the village, and map out the area for future visitors.
Mission details: The monument can be anything:
a tomb, ruins of a kingdom, a place of worship, etc. The only threat will be wild animals, which have D-Rank speed and strength, and insects, which are annoying and abundant. All that is needed to complete this mission is a map of the area that you made and one item from the scene.

Mission name: Village Secrets [ Ninshiki, Repeatable ]
Mission rank: B
Objective: Recover a forbidden jutsu scroll from a criminal.
Location: Country of your choice.
Reward: 500 ryo if the thief is captured and returned alive, 350 ryo if the thief is killed.
Mission description: A village has requested assistance from Ninshiki in recovering a scroll containing a forbidden jutsu that was stolen from a high security location. The criminal who took it is at large, but is the village's responsibility, so they do not expect you to kill them, only recover the scroll.
Mission details: Forbidden jutsu are secrets guarded by villages for fear that their use will be dangerous to their users and the rest of the world. As such, they are taking anybody who is willing to help recover the scroll. Attempting to take the scroll for yourself or open it will result in an automatic mission failure. The thief who stole the scroll is holed up somewhere in the country where you accepted this mission. You may kill them if absolutely necessary, though it isn't recommended. Capturing them and returning them alive with the scroll results in the regular reward, returning them dead results in a lesser reward.
Name: Unknown
Age: ???
General Appearance: Identity is hidden by a heavy outfit and an Oni mask.
Personality: Ruthless, unmerciful, violent. Easy to anger, but easily distracted as well. Cocky.
Motivations: Learning the forbidden jutsu to become feared by the general public, as well as selling the scroll to another nation for a LOT of money.
Fears: Losing or misplacing the scroll, getting caught and arrested, or having their true identity revealed.
Abilities: Pretty standard, B-Rank missing ninja across the board. C-Rank stats, capable of using all of the D-Rank, C-Rank, and B-Rank jutsu in the Raiton jutsu library, has 2 paper bombs and a set of kunai and shuriken.
Other: While dangerous, if they are prevented from attacking, they can be reasoned with and returned to the village and a peaceful resolution is possible.

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