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Kuan-Yin left his house with some form of haste toward the hospital. He had heard of a large accident involving a train and knew the hospital had been short handed the last few weeks. As it was, he knew they wouldn't have the staff available to say no to his assistance even if he wasn't technically supposed to work there at all anymore as an officially signed on shinobi of Konoha. The weeks prior to being placed on a squad and sent out into duty were meant to be spent gently, and hospital work was something he had agreed to stop for at least these few weeks.

But old habits die hard, and he was placing a surgical mask over his mouth and gloves over his hands in a matter of seconds following his entry into the building. The place was a mess. Less injured victims of the crash sat in the waiting room, while dozens of mobile beds wheeled around the severely wounded with haste. Some amount of blood was tracked in footprints and wheel marks throughout the somewhat sterile, white halls of the hospital. He swept away one of the beds and rolled it down the hall into an empty surgical room. This woman had a broken nose and her left arm was completely dislocated. She was wide awake but lightly confused. With so many waiting to be seen, Kuan-Yin had to throw out his standard way of patient treatment. He grabbed the woman's healthy arm and allowed her to squeeze his hand.

"For your own safety and to lessen the pain, ma'am, please squeeze my hand with some level of intensity."

He then grabbed her dislocated arm before she could speak and relocated it with a swift, rough snap and a nearly disturbing pop sound as her arm went back into place. Before she could even react with a pained cry he grabbed her nose and did the same.

He performed a quick look into her eyes before apologizing directly to her and requesting a nurse to give her pain relief. What he had done was haphazard. Typically he would have used his senbon to apply some type of anesthetic effect for the woman but in this case there was a lack of time. Seconds were crucial. Minutes were life and death for the more severely wounded patients out in that hallway.

He left that room with grace and purpose in his step as he grabbed hold of another bed and pushed it into another empty room. This one was much worse. A piece of metal siding from the train had malformed during the crash and wrapped tightly around the mans ankle. The emergency response staff had removed the siding before bringing him in to the hospital but he damage was severe. Kuan-Yin utilized a numbing medical ninjutsu on this mans leg before beginning the long process of stitching.

It was after successfully repairing this man's wound that Nutari, Kuan-Yin's supervisor at the hospital came and dismissed him, stating that it was against the hospitals policies to have him, despite how effective he was.

Kuan-Yin walked outside with shame and sat on the benches in the front of the building. Still in his green scrubs and with some blood on him.

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