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Oberon looked over the horizon, standing up here on the top of the wall that surrounded the village he could see everything. The world around him was quite, nothing was going on. He stood there watching the sun set as he waited for his guard duty to begin. He had volunteered for this mission when he had heard about it, it was something to get him out of the house and not to mention it was a way for him to earn a little extra ryo for doing it. "I could get use to this" he said a loud to himself though no one else was around to hear it. "All I have to do is watch the gate and make sure nothing happens during the night, simple enough and I doubt anything will even happen" he continued to talk to himself. He was not sure why he was talking to himself, except maybe as an attempt to keep himself busy during the long night that was ahead of him. Despite the fact that he doubted anything would happen he was secretly hoping something would happen, anything in fact just to give him something to do. He was not excited about the fact of a quiet night on duty, he didn't even care if it was just travelers that he would have to inspect before allowing them into the village anything would be better than just standing around all night. Oberon looked around him in every direction, he could not see anyone although he knew there were others on duty they were all placed in strategic areas of the wall around the village to help protect it. He probably would not even see them until sun rise when he would be relieved of duty and return to the administration building for his payment. He had made sure to get some rest before going on duty, it had not been easy though. He had volunteered for the job tonight the day before and then spent the rest of that day training, his body had been so tired and worn out afterwards that he wanted to go home and sleep but he knew if he did then there might have been the chance that he would fall asleep on duty and he could not have that. So Oberon continued to push himself with his training until after the sun had set and then he relaxed with a stroll through the village letting the rain cool him off and relieve his aching muscles. It was just before sun rise this morning that he had given up and went home to rest so that he would be at full strength to night. His plan had paid off, he woke up just a couple of hours ago giving him the time he needed to clean himself up and then make it out here to the gate before sun set. With the sun now set Oberon looked up to the sky to see if he could see the stars, however with all the clouds in the sky the stars were invisible to his eyes. It had not rained today, although it was unusual for this time of the year it was not completely uncommon. In truth oberon was slightly glad that it was not raining, despite his love for the rain it was the fact that sometimes it was harder to see in the rain. Growing up in the hidden mist village oberon had experienced a lot of rain, but that did not help him when it came to seeing in the rain considering sometimes it rained softly and then other times it would rain real hard. Even with the clouds covering the sky, oberon could see better than he could in even the softest rain. As the night continued oberon began to grow more and more confident that he was right and that there was nothing that was going to happen tonight.

"Help!" oberon heard the scream before he saw its source, it was a man and he was running for the gate of the village wall. Oberon jumped down from the top of the wall landing on the outside of the village with the closed gate behind him. The man quickly ran up to him begging for oberon to open the gate, oberon tried to calm the man but he was much to hysterical for Oberon's words to have any effect. It was then that oberon heard a low snarling growl from behind the hysterical man, peering over the man's shoulder oberon saw what he was so afraid of. Two wolves were fast approaching, the man scream and took off running almost parallel with the wall of the village. "Well someone else can deal with him, I will deal with the wolves" oberon said as he drew his Dao from its sheath. The first wolf came at him launching off its hind legs at him, oberon parried the attack and slashed the wolf's side with his blade as it passed. He wasted no time at all in bringing his blade back and down on the wolf watching as it went limp. He brought his blade back to fact the second wolf, it did not launch at him as the first had but instead circled him. He quickly brought the wolf down with his Dao, after both of the wolves were dealt with he began cleaning up the mess however keeping an eye on his surroundings for any other attacks that might come. After the clean up Oberon noticed that the sun was beginning to rise meaning his guard duty was almost over. He returned to his post and awaited for his relief to arrive, the night was rather disappointing for him considering the only action he had was the two wolves. Still he did as was expected of him and guarded the village so he earned his payment, once his relief arrived oberon set out for the administration building to receive his payment for the job before heading home and getting some rest before it was too late.

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