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Wolfgangs dreams were bad again...this ones made more logical sense though, no sea of blood filled with torn up faces and no ocean lapping higher and higher as he drown in the blood of those he killed. This time he was sitting at a cafe, which to him struck oddly. Wolfgang was never a big fan of coffee or tea always prefering the alcohol way to it, beer and rum were more his speed. But his dream didnt seem to care for that too much as here he sat in the dull black and grey coffee house. Color entered the room from the front door, trailing with it was someone he never wanted to see...Roozu Momomchi.

She was the first and last girl he had dated, and to date Wolfgang was something of a challenge, Wolfgang was relizing when this dream was taking place too. He must have been 14 or 15 around this time. He was almost a chuunin but he was a mean mother **** too, this was before he went full crazy but he had a name on the streets for punching teeth in and asking what and who afterwards.

He looked down and the tattoos on his arms were differant too, he ha to get them replaced after seven bells war due to full body melting and burning, he didnt have scars due to his squad having a medic but the ink never came back he had to get new ones and he had lived with that. To see the metal and flame tattoo brought him back to a time of Fire and blood. But that thought eased as Roozu sat down in front of him, her crooked half smile bringing him such happiness for a single moment. He had forgotten about her for a long time now, her pale pink pony tail with black streaks, her missing front tooth from a bar fight, The dull blue her eyes were, with the matching scars from a near hit with a flurry of senbon...She was gorgeous.

She wore a Kiri chuunin vest as did he, hers was ripped and torn from fights and the village offered to repair it but she refused preferring the look of the torn and ripped one. At her tallest she was around 5ft5 but well muscled and skilled with Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. They began to talk but Wolf heard no words, just feelings of joy and love...this was the wrost dream that could have graced him. To anyone else this would be sweet or bittersweet if it ended badly but this was the day of wolfgangs life he swore off friends and spouses for good....this was the day his girlfriend died in front of him. They went through the coffee date and barked back and forth at each other but only they knew it was in jest, they were two assholes in love afterall. Later that day, as the dream skipped to the good parts Wolfgang was alreay in mid combat, locked kunai to kunai with some forgein combatant his dream mind didnt seem to care about him or his face just that he was fighting an enemy that day. As he felled his foe he saw the man...he was 6ft tall and bore spiky black hair he wore a black coat with a symbol on it that he knew from the Nara clan. He was a rogue chuunin and was desperate so he had shot his shadow out towards Roozu, ecasing her and stopping her short in mid swing. Wolf saw the Naras friend about to deliver the finishing blow but instead Wolf was there, kicking the ribacge and shooting the man through a nearby tree with a crash. Wolf had turned to the nara and something seemed off he was swinging as if he had a kunai in his hand even though he was nearly 20m away. after three air stabs wolfgang heard the dripping...he spun around to see Roozu in tears mid stab, her knife covered in the crimson blood as she went to stab yet again her body moving closely to his...there wasnt time to think...Wolfs trained instincts were peaked and his body acted without voltion of his own, He alreay had two senbon out and arcing upwards. As the needles pierced her, they caught underneath her chin and into her neck and throat, she coughed and blood spurted onto her chest and Wolfgangs face, his face was awestruck...he turned slowly and for the first time there was a single set of tears rolling down his face, though his expression was pure rage...He put the man down like a dog, stabbing him through so many times his eyes glazed over red, he didnt even care about the 5 shuriken he got while charging him down...Everything slowly was losing color now and he bent down to Roozu, the color seemed to be fading into her, he had no idea what to do as he watched her die slowly, before she went he heard his voice around him Love you Roo...

Wolfgang shot out of his bed, his body drenched in sweat and anger, his hands clutching the sheets with an iron grip as he breathed heaviliy. He glanced at the clock and noted the time, it was nearly half past noon far to late.

He had the day off from missions today for personal time and he realized suddenly that he didnt know what to do with it. He glanced around his new apartment he was renting and rubbed the sleep from his face, the top floor loft was nice enough and the bills werent too bad. He decided to buy something for the bare apartment, he wasnt one for decor so instead he bought a heavy bag, a bench press, a treadmill and iron weights. Putting them in the living room with the single couch and table he began to work out, not so much differant then actual training this was less skill based and more body improving. He began by slamming fists into the punching bag swiftly, seeing the leather rock and bend at his hits. He began going through the normal routine he had taught himself, slamming his palm and knife fist into the bag with gusto and a wham. As he dropped with his elbows in he slammed his elbow into the bag in a flurry of shots, quickly firing his knee up into the bag with a thud. His body was toned and good but hell was he out of breath after 25 minutes straight of this routine, his breath coming in big gasps as he went to get a drink of water. After he regained his breath back he began bench pressing, he started off with 230 pounds and began doing 20 reps with breaks he was huffing and puffing but thankfully his muscles had a bit more give then most, since he had no pain sensors weights never bothered him because of that fact though he had to pace himself on the weight in case its too heavy and damages or snaps a bone. As he finished he heard a knock at the door and went to answer it, his apartment was a balconey with stairs that decesded into the town proper. The knocker on the door was another local anbu member he had asked to meet up with. He was a quiet burly man who was just interested in getting paid for the training. Since his new interest in taijutsu Wolfgang decided that he wasnt good enough by himself and needed to learn from a professional, and Foruza here was great at a few taijutsu styles. He didnt wait long taking of his coat and replacing it with a fighting gi, and went to it.

The two locked arms face to face, and wolfgang suddenly noticed he was falling backwards as the mans foot shot behind him and he pushed. He was going to just roll out of it as he noticed there was also a strike coming in at him with great ferocity, the palm slammed into his chest and sent him flying backwards into his punching bag. He groaned in annoyance as being tosssed so much, though in a real fight he was never this up close and personal but he still didnt enjoy the fact that someone could beat hi with some calmness. He charged again and saw the mans body shift, he stopped moving thinking he was in for a throw, as he stopped the form shot at him with a flying knee. he got his hands up and blocked the hard bone incoming and trying to roll around the oncoming man, he landed swiftly and came back in for more, shooting for punches and chop and palms, it took wolfgang all he could to avoid getting his clock punched. Wolf even tried to to a counter throw but ended up getting a swift shot to his ankle as he was sent to the ground in a tail spin.
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