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Amaya Uchiha


.oO(Training Chakra Flow from C to B: 2,000 words. Also training Cloak of Blaze, B-Rank jutsu, 1,500 words.)

Jutsu Being Trained:
Name: Cloak of Blaze
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: Katon
Range: Self
Specialty: Chakra Flow
Duration: -5 Chakra after the initial start, or a total of 5 Posts
Cooldown: 10 Posts, Twice per Thread
Description: The purpose of this jutsu is to act as a sheild around the user. While it does not deflect weapons, the purpose is to keep the user from being touched or held by engulfing themselves in Katon chakra from head to toe. The fire burns hot, around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Though, a thin layer of constantly moving chakra keeps the user from being burned by their own jutsu.
Of course, this jutsu could be used in more destructive manners if the user were to grab a hold of something it would catch fire, and if they were to grab hold of someone second degree burns would happen almost instantly, along with intense pain.

Sometimes she had to sit back and just shake her head in astonishment over the ideas that kept popping up into her head. This one was just as crazy as the last, but then again... she was a Uchiha, always on the brink of snapping and going bat shit insane on someone. Besides, she had done far worse before, so it wasn't like this was going to be that big of a step for her in all honesty. She hadn't even paused to consider the fact that she could badly injure herself in the process. It would hurt, that much was for sure, but she didn't want to let that stop her, so when the idea would start to creep into her head she'd start to mentally recite some random medical information until she was sure to think normally again.

Which, was exactly what she was doing this very moment as she sat indian style on her bed. She had been meditating when that small thought crept into her mind again, trying to torture her out of her plans with doubt. 'Don't do it Amaya, you could hurt yourself', the thought had spoken to her. 'UP YOURS!', was her mental shouted response. Yup, crazy is as crazy does, or so the saying goes.

She attempted to slip back into her meditative pose, taking a deep breath in, exhaling slowly, another deep breath in, and exhaling slowly. Repeating this until she was completely calm again, her mind utterly blank. Her purpose in this was to completely calm herself for what was to come. She needed to keep her mind clear, keep herself completely focused. There was more then one goal that was to be accomplished here today, and double the work meant double the energy and focus she was going to need. There went those thoughts worming themselves into her head again. Eyelids fluttered open, reddish gaze staring straight ahead at the wall across from her bed, the one filled with several posters that offered anything from music bands to encouragements. She took one more deep breath and then exhaled, before straightening her legs out, allowing her feet to dangle in the air off the edge of her bed. "That's about as focused as I'm going to get, I guess."

She wasn't going to get anywhere just sitting here, and she surely wasn't about to start practicing in her home. She could only imagine the rage that would cause if she accidentally set the house on fire. Hell, it was bad enough she was risking her own life in doing this, she didn't need to add any more people into the mix. Yes, alone was definitely going to better for this. So, slipping herself off of her bed she headed out, not bothering to get a shower before doing so. She was going to get plenty gross and sweaty during training, of that she was very sure, so there was no point in taking a shower now only to have to take one later on, right?

Without word she slipped out of her room, sliding the door shut behind herself as she moved through the quiet house. An eyebrow rose at the lack of anyone inside, but given it was a mostly nice day outside she wasn't about to question it. On to the outside she went, slipping out of the front door just as quietly. She threw a glance around at the emptying street, and then to the sky above. It was already dark, she'd spent most of her time in her room today. She was honestly surprised that no one had come knocking, but whatever... maybe they just knew she needed some space today or something.

She wandered around for a bit, trying to pick out the best spot for the training. She needed some place with water nearby, that much was apparent. But a fire in the middle of the woods would draw far too much attention. Besides, she didn't want some random stranger thinking she was trying to kill herself or something. That being the farthest idea from her mind. Help, not hinder. Hmm... the docks? That would work, at least the less used ones. There weren't bound to be many people if any at all there at this time of night, and the even if there were she could wait a little longer, wait for them to leave so she could have the place for herself. And, of course, there was plenty of water to around.

So that was the direction she headed in, deciding to walk instead of run for once. It'd give people more time to leave, right? The gentle tap caused from her feet on the ground the only sound as she moved through the darkness and the light of the street lamps and lack there of.

Everyone was gone from the dock by the time she got there, thankfully, but that was wasting time for you, worked when it really felt like it. She stood at the dock, hands on her hips as she looked around, mentally calculating the best possible spot for her to practice. Figuring the waters edge, or close to it, was the best spot she hopped off of the dock and headed down to the water, hiding herself beneath on of the piers. While she knew it wouldn't hide her for forever, it would at least help keep those who might still be out and feeling particularly nosy from coming and bothering her.

Once situated beneath the pier she began a deep breathing ritual. One breath in, and a slow exhale. Another breath in, and another slow exhale. Over and over again. The point of this was to once more focus herself. While breathing in and out she pictured exactly what her goal was within her mind; total and utter 360 coverage of fire, a shield to stop people from being able to physically touch her or attack her for a short period of time. A defense, if you will. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. She allowed this image to fully envelope her mind, focusing on it to the point to where she felt like she could reach out and grab a hold of it. Breath in. Breath out.

Now it was time to do the more physical method if it. She concentrated on her chakra, aiming for a small area of her body at first, knowing that working up from there was her best method of getting this done without injury. She concentrated her chakra on her hand, easy enough, something she did almost every time that she healed someone. From there she stretched the chakra, moving it up her arm to the elbow. Still doing good she went even further, to her shoulder. Now it was time for some duel control. Keeping the chakra concentrated on her entire right arm she started the same process with her left. First her left hand, then to the elbow, then to the shoulder. From there she moved her chakra over her chest, 'closing' it much like a jacket or shirt over herself in both the front and back. She stretched it upwards, covering her neck, chin, face and even her overly long hair, concentrating to make sure that every inch of herself was completely covered down to the last detail. Then it was time to move the chakra further down, covering her stomach, pelvis, down to her legs. She pulled the 'whole' of the chakra apart much the same way as she originally placed it together, and began to send it down her thighs, to her knees, down her calves, and then finally over her feet. Not stopping until every last part of her body and clothing was covered in this small protective bit of her chakra. From there she began to play with the chakra to a point, pulling it away from herself, first little spots, and then larger ones, until finally she moved it completely away from her body. Then tucking it in close, allowing it to caress her flesh.

She kept practicing with the chakra, moving it around her body in a swirl of a pattern, continuing with the push and the pull of the chakra until she found a perfect balance that she hardly had to focus on at all, a good inch or so from every point of her flesh, clothing, and hair. It was the most comfortable place to have her chakra at when like this, feeling almost like a second skin of sorts. She remained like this for a while long, moving first just small portions of her body and then larger ones, until she was completely walking around like this. From there she tried jumping, running. Anything she might have to do while covered like this. Everything came easily enough, second nature as it were.

After several hours like this over practicing over and over again, pulling the chakra away from herself and replacing it, shifting it, moving it, molding it, she felt it was time for phase two of this. Now the idea was simple enough, and she could imagine it in her head. It was a shield of sorts, fire infused chakra to keep her from being held or touched, a shield of sorts that would cover her completely from head to toe. But, something she could also use as a weapon if the need arose.

She figured she would start small just like she had before with manipulating just her chakra. This way, in case something did happen to wrong the damage it might cause would be minimum. She had seen full body burns... it was something she was hoping to avoid for herself.

Her natural Katon affinity easily came forth into the chakra she was now souly concentrating around her hand. She kept the same idea as before, keeping a separate level of regular chakra moving beneath this to keep the heat and otherwise burning effects away from herself as the fire engulfed it. That was easy enough. Onto the larger scales. The fire spread, moving up to her elbow, then the rest of her arm and to her shoulder. She knew she could spread it from here to cover the rest of her body, but that was time consuming, and could cost precious minutes, compared to starting it from several separate points of her body.

Following the same pattern as before she began to focus the chakra infused with Katon from her left and right foot, left and right hands, and her belly. The rest came easy enough, five focus points spreading the fire across her entire form, engulfing her, while that shield of regular chakra swirled with it underneath, keeping her body temperature normal, and her skin cool feeling.

She paused long enough to think over what someone might honestly think to witness a body standing there, full engulfed in flames, but couldn't bring herself to care. She had done it. Now was the tricky part; walking, and the even trickier running that would have to follow.

She took off, step by step at first, making sure she could keep her concentration, but just like before it became a natural thing almost right off for her, and soon after she was running across the sand, cackling like mad at her success, and fully engulfed in those flames.

Stopping once she was underneath of the darkness of the peir again it was now time to call the shield off. It wasn't as hard as she thought it was going to be, as she simply pulled back the amount of Katon she was feeding into the chakra, otherwise snuffing the fire out, until all that was left was the smoke rising up from the remaining chakra that surrounded herself, before the chakra dissipated too. She took a moment to look over herself, her clothing, her hair; she hadn't felt anything burn, but the idea of making sure was as good as any.

Seeing that nothing had been burnt she felt well accomplished as she started her walk home, knowing she had effectively gained more control over her chakra while learning a new jutsu all at the same time.

Word Count: 2,052 / 2,000 for Chakra Flow
2,052 / 1,500 for Cloak of Blaze


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