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Is having a rank higher to accompany you on a mission higher ranking than you is debilitating?

47% 47% [ 16 ]
41% 41% [ 14 ]
12% 12% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 34

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1 Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:56 pm



I have been made aware there is some discontent with the mission guidelines revamp. Please take the poll and provide feedback so we can see how our member base feels about these changes and if edits need to be made.



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2 Re: Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:16 pm

Senju Airi


Bit of a difficult choice.

I personally don't think it's a bad change, but it requires fine-tuning/balancing as with current rank rules there's just too much of the 'social' and not enough of the solo. To clarify:

- Team missions are canon, and with Villages having their squad thread, I can see a nice combo. Team missions aren't a bad thing and, in fact, encourage people to work out team tactics and team jutsu rather than creating jutsu solely based on their own ideas. Those things are real: military, war, martial arts and even big companies... most experts will always focus on team building & small but solid teams.
- Since we already require socials and a lot of the people have plots going on related to other people, I don't think it matters much whether player interaction happens in missions or in threads. So shifting some of the interactions to missions shouldn't be much of a bother.

- However, until rank rules have been updated, we require more than 75% of our growth to be socials, which equally rises the risk on 'dead threads' since a lot of people come and go, go on hiatus or have long delays in their activity. No one likes those, and they are an (in)direct killer of motivation to other players. So here I'd prefer to see some balancing both in missions and socials so that growth/ranking up requirements remains balanced.
- Much like staff now created 'Narrator Missions', I think 'Team Missions' could help with that balance. Allow people partially to take on missions like they used to, restricting solo missions to one rank higher, and add a select amount of 'Team Missions' to the growth. Even if it were (taking chuunin as example) 1 D solo mission, 1 C solo missions & 1 C team mission to get to chuunin, it would allow people the liberty they are used to without losing the option of working out team tactics/jutsu through RP. And perhaps, hopefully, this will push squads more into the spotlight.


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3 Re: Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:20 pm



I agree that this poll should exist, but I'd also like to bring up the faults it has. With how forumotion polls work people can vote with multiple accounts (which many people on Saga have a bunch of) and that can be abused pretty heavily. I think this should be changed from your standard poll to where results are calculated from replies. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, I just feel like this isn't the way to vote for something as guideline-changing as this.


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4 Re: Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:28 pm

Kenta Inuzuka


My biggest issue with this is simple. At the medium ranks (chunnin/ spec. Jounin), you're basically screwed. They're barely any active chunnin, let alone tokujo or jounin to let genin get their required missions in. ItS even worse for Chunnin and tokujo, because the numbers are even worse.

I literally have 5 jounin in konoha. That's counting Kashi and nayako, who are both tokujo. We have no squad system that works, so it's either we start overworking the few active ranking toons we have, or the rank up rules have to be changed too.

Solo/rounin/nuke-nin are even harder hit than village ninja here.

I get the reasoning, but it doesn't work in practice.


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5 Re: Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:45 pm

Otter Aiden


Kenta said exactly my thoughts. We're not at that point where we can do something like this and probably won't be for a little bit. There are ways to make this a tad better, such as what Airi said, and there are ways to compensate for this, such as making missions count for socials as well, but overall just slapping something like this on the current mission and rank up guidelines does nothing but make things worse, especially since it doesn't even give the option of another person of equal rank(which is also canon, but apparently people of one rank higher is the only canon thing people care about when they made this). At this moment full out only applying this and nothing else to help settle this in just hurts ranking up, and when there are situations where people can't rank up at all because they don't have anyone of one rank higher to interact with, then the people that are going to hear that person complain is going to be staff and whoever else is in the chatbox at the time.


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6 Re: Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:48 pm



Special Jounin
I agree with Airi and Kenta. As it is, ranking up is only becoming more dependent on threads with other people, and considering how people come and go (which isn't necessarily their fault, it happens), it slows down the process significantly, so it becomes less about the work you put in to rank up, and more about how active other people are and how hard they are trying to rank up. That isn't really the focus, though; the point is, changing the missions so that higher ranking missions cannot be taken alone any longer turns some missions that are obligatory in order to progress into pseudo-social threads. Sure, it makes sense in canon, but considering the varied amounts of activity in different villages and the flow of posts on-site, it isn't a practical setup, and it only gums up the works. I actually really like Airi's idea of team missions. If a proper squad can be formed, perhaps those missions could have higher wc/rewards than usual and count more towards rank-ups than solo missions, so that people who do want that squad RP experience could do that while people who would rather stick to solo missions can still do that as well.


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7 Re: Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:05 pm



Special Jounin
The need to do missions with higher ranked people has drastically increased the difficulty in ranking up. With people either inactive (which can’t be helped sometimes) or not of the appropriate ranks it makes people who are specific higher ranks essentially stuck where they’re at. More and more people are going to have to look to the higher ranked people for help so they can get their requirements done, while the higher ranked people are going to essentially be trapped. This is made worse by the fact that only 2 missions can be done at a time: so if a higher ranked individual is already helping two people then they can’t focus on their own missions.

All around it makes it difficult, and that’s only going to push people away, which will cause more inactivity.

I like the idea of either making missions done as a group count as social threads/toward the social requirement, or allow people to still do solo missions of a rank higher.


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8 Re: Mission Revamp Poll on Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:03 pm



I think focusing on collaborative roleplaying as opposed to solo roleplaying is a good direction for the site as a whole. It is healthy and there should be 'insentives' for roleplaying with others, but there should not be 'restrictions' placed on people who decide to do things alone.

Similar to the structure of criminal missions, i would say that 'team' missions should also be their own thing with a comparable buff. Because if a group of 3 people complete a mission, imo, it takes longer, is better for the site and just overall healthy role-playing, i think that should be insentivised and granted higher reward.

But i don't think that a solo ninja 'shouldn't' be able to do the mission, but they just wont get the added +.


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