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1 A Day on Patrol [Mission] on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:51 am



'Patrol duty, I hate this' Oberon thought to himself, here he was having to walk around the village all day instead of what he had been wanting to do which was train. He only had a day to go before he met up with Nozomi again, and he wanted to train as much as possible to ready himself for what she had in store for him. He had been pushing himself more and more each day since he had met her four days ago, he knew he was no where near her level but he found himself wanting to push himself until he got there. His plan was to train today, that is until he had received a message last night. He was just returning to him home the night before when a young man carrying a large bag of letter had come running up to him with a letter in his outstretched hand. Oberon took the letter from the boy and watched as he took off, before Oberon had a chance to ask him what this was all about. He opened the letter to read:

Oberon, your service has been required. Please report to the administration office tomorrow morning at eight am to report in for Patrol duty.

The message had no name as to who sent it, however it was probably the people he would be meeting with in the morning. "So much for training" Oberon shrugged as he walked into the house and headed upstairs to his bedroom. He looked at the clock to see that it read midnight, "shit I will hardly get any sleep" he sighed as he headed for the shower to wash away today's training. Normally he would shower in the morning however considering how early he was to report in he figured he had better get it out of the way now rather than in the morning. The next morning he rushed off to the administration building in hopes that he could finish the mission quickly and get some training in before he went home to rest for his training with Nozomi the next day. When he arrived however his hope was crushed by the orders that he would be patrolling the village until ten o'clock tonight, not to mention the fact that if something did happen he was not suppose to get involved but rather report it to a higher up. What was the point of giving him the mission if he was not allowed to do anything other than watch and report? Why not just give the job to the person that could do something? Oberon thought as he left the office and began his patrol of the village streets, he could already tell that this was going to be a very long day.


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"Watch where you are going, you damn kids!" Oberon yelled out at a bunch of kids that bumped into him as they ran past. Dusting himself off he continued along his stroll down the road, looking out for any trouble that might happen. Along the walk he not only looked for trouble makers he also took the time to look out for the different high ranking shinobi around the area, so that he might locate the one closest to him faster if something were to actually happen. As he began to pass by some of the restaurants and different food shops he felt his stomach growl in hunger, causing him to realize that he had skipped breakfast this morning in hopes of finishing the mission fast. Now he is hungry and his stomach was making him aware, he reached down for his Ryo pouch to find it missing. "What the hell?" Oberon exclaimed searching around for his pouch, the image of the kids bumping into him caused him to realize they were not playing a game but instead they were covering for stealing his pouch. "Damn it! If I find those kids they are going to regret stealing from me." Oberon quickly jumped up to the rooftop of the nearby building and began scouting the area for any sign of the crafty little punks that stole his money. It was not that long since they had run into him so they could not have gotten very far he thought as he continued to scan the area as he ran back towards where they bumped into him so that he could head in the direction he saw them run. The good new was the fact that he had seen a couple of their faces although he wish he had seen all of their faces, the few that he did see would have to help him track them down.


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It did not talk Oberon long to reach the spot where the kids had bumped into him and he quickly took off down the side street that they had ran down away from him. Oberon scanned the crowd as he ran along the rooftops of the different building of the village, he stopped when he crossed paths with a jounin who asked him what he was doing on the rooftops. Although he would of preferred to of not gotten the higher ups involved, Oberon decided to avoid any conflict he would tell the jounin what had happened with the group of kids and the stolen pouch and how he had not noticed it at first and that he could not waste any more time least they get away. The jounin agreed to help him in the search for he had seen the group Oberon had described pass by not too long ago, with that said the two of them took off in hunt for the group of riff raff. They scanned the area until finally the jounin shouted from the adjacent rooftop that he had found them before jumping down from the roof onto the opposite side of the building where Oberon could not see, forcing the young genin to run over to where he dropped as fast as he could to catch up to him. When he arrived on the ground he was a little disappointed to see that the jounin had already rounded the group up, damn he had been hoping to get in some action or something. But still the jounin thanked Oberon for his service in catching the thieves that had been plaguing the customers of the local shops. Apparently they had been at it for a while now but have always been able to slip away because no one had been able to get a good look at them. With his Ryo pouch now returned to him and the little hoodlums were dealt with he returned to his patrol, his hunger now forgotten for all the excitement. The rest of his day was as boring as he thought it would be and he was just happy to be down with it when it was finally over. He turned in his report about the sticky fingered kids, and received his payment before heading home and getting some rest for his big day of training that started the next day.

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