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1 On the road again! Iwa > Konoha on Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:20 am



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Hanbei had been in Iwa for a couple days now, and he had accomplished first and foremost his mission of handing in the book with the updated bingo book from konoha into the office of the Jounin so that it could be updated at their will. But, it was time for the boy to leave now. The city wasn't for him, the high cliffs carved from nature and converted with chakra were almost stifling to Hanbei as they cut out the natural enrgies of the ground and warped them into the ways of man. It was a city that stood in opposition to the spirits and the gods, not a city that embraced them and lived among them like the nation of konoha, though, he could imagine staying a little longer had he have made any lasting friends while he was there. But, for now, as he arrived back at the caravan, Hanbei was just glad to be back with the people he was with before. The group he had joined were a merry band, and as they looked to head off again, hanbei would run to catch up to the lot of them, their horses picking up speed as Hanbei raced to catch up before finally using a fuuton jutsu to launch himself up into the air and land on the back of the carrage with a thump.

Laughing loudly the group set off, it would take a couple of days to get back home, but there were no incidents along the way. The path through suna, now that they had appointed a new and active Kazekage was beginning to become safer and the criminals more scarse, few and far between. But it didn't mean that the boy was not on high alert when they went through the sands. Especially when they stopped at an oasis along the way. The group were on edge, but as they were, another roaming caravan joined them which had a much larger contingent of mercinary forces other than little old hanbei and the other C rank ninja that was with their crew. Assimilating into one another the parade continued through the sand without abatement or delay. Before long the land of konoha and its monolothing mountain range could be seen rising in the south. Several of the mercs and merchants pointed to it in celebration, finally able to leave the blasted desert behind them once and for all.

The sand gave way to rock, and then finally fertile soil, as desert plants and reeds would give way to green brush and trees as far as the eye could see. Finally, they were back in the land of fire. Hanbei could feel a peace wash over him as they entered, a peace so deep and meaningful that he was lulled to sleep at the feel of it. Only to be awoken by the sound of the caravan arriving in the farming town only a couple miles out from the hidden village. Shunting up, Hanbei rubbed his eyes as he had their location explained to them. Thanking the group heartily, Hanbei would lift himself off the crate he was on and begin to make his way back to his temporary home in the inuzuka compound. Spiritual energy surrounding him as he could see the beings of the forests peaking out from behind the trees in secret, though largely dormant due to the time of day.

But for now, all was well again.



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