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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

So I will be waiting for my clan and also going to do some work on my character so long and think i already know what village i want to start in though i am going to be a wandering around ninja so guess it will not matter so first thing i want is

1. Help me make a short sword for my first ever weapon, it just needs to be able to cut, stab and stuff like that

2. Help me make my first jutsu, a jutsu that makes me faster, or one that makes me dash around or one that makes me move really fast

Not sure if it helps but i want to start Ninjutsu... and probably just get Bukijutsu so i can use cool weapons...

Not sure what elements i want cause they are all cool, but probably getting Wind or Lightning...

Fuuton Raiton... but maybe i will take Fire and Water
Earth seems so rocky and makes me feel like Earth would be slow... so do not want any earth stuff okay...

Thanks to anyone who helps

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Hey there, bud :)

For guidance you can read the jutsu rules here:

Some players offer their help at making jutsu in their shops. You get a free sample or two as well :)

I can recommend you Midori's shop: - check it out and direct your requests there. He rocks.

Good luck and hope that helps :)


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Ok as far as your sword there is a whole list of weaponry that is available in the weapon catalog: Here
If you want a simple weapon then the weapon catalog is the way to go

As far as the Jutsu go i have to agree with Eishi in recommending Midori's Shop

Just remember your weaponry and any Jutsu past your 5 free ones will cost Ryo best way to gain that is posting in the introduction and absence board or by RPing with others. Each post in those will give you 20 Ryo. Good luck with your character.

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