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1 Entering Leaf Country(Arashi/Training) on Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:06 am

Akito Miku


It was a bright and sunny day as the wind blew through the bright sky as the trees wavered and the rabbits hopped about. Jamie had been lost for a while, but after his journey through the forest he finally found a gate, a rather large gate that made him wonder if he had ever really been here before as he thought back to the old lady who raised him. Jamie kept looking at the gate for a short while before noticing two people staring at him as he then moved closer towards the entrance as two guys stood there giving him a glaring gaze beneath the passage of the great gate.

"hi..." was all the boy said as he looked down, not sure what he was suppose to do since he always let the old lady deal with them and stood beside her at times. The one guy asked him a question about his name, where he was from and what he was doing there.

"I am Jamie, I don't know where i am from and ..." as he seemed to enter a deep silence as he did not know why he was there to begin with. A part of him said that saying you came there because you thought the really big gate was cool or because you felt hungry and figured there was lots of food beyond the gates would never work out. He was really confused and troubled as they guys just looked at each other sighing, before writing some things down in the book as the one guy patted him on the head.

The guy said its okay to enter and that he must just avoid causing any trouble or bothering people. Jamie finally entered through the gates and began walking down the streets as he watched people pass him by, as well as some shinobi as well as he did not really get to see the village on his own before. It looked so busy and so full of people and then he realized his real problem. He was still hungry as he found a bakery and stared at the loaf of fresh bread not sure what to do about it as he remembered you were suppose to have money and all he had was a small weapon to defend himself and nothing else of worth. If only someone could help him out in his time of need as he looked on as the store owner knew that look.

The store owner knew he could not simply give his bread away, since this was his livelihood.



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2 Re: Entering Leaf Country(Arashi/Training) on Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:46 pm



Arashi sat on the bench outside his... A bakery that he enjoyed? He had gotten two pieces of bread, but he couldn't remember for the life of him why. He wasn't even very hungry; in fact, he hadn't been since he had eaten a weird tasting rice ball, in which he ate enough food for hibernation. Arashi smiled at the thought of sleeping for months at a time, hidden in his own little cave in the middle of nowhere. If he was a bear, he wouldn't have to worry about people walking in on him, he would simply roar and go back to sleep.

For some reason or another, Arashi felt the strong urge to find a bee's nest and consume the honey, though the last time that had happened, bee stings had covered his back and arms for weeks. Shuddering at the thought of not being able to comfortably lay down, he quickly through the thought of raiding bee's homes for honey, and instead decided he would find some of the sweet nectar.

Smiling and staring at his bread, he suddenly frowned, and gripped one of the pieces tightly enough to smush it ever so slightly. If he wasn't going to eat them, they were simply going to be wasted. He attempted to take a bite, and chew, but he had a hard time getting it down. If only there was honey in the vicinity. Glaring at his fresh piece, he had an idea. Helping the less fortunate was a good way to be blessed with honey, and as such it would be important to be a bread friend. Holding up the bread, he waved it around. "B...Bread..." Arashi clears his throat. It had been a while since he's spoken, and it was very clear by the hard time he had forming words. "Does anybody... want some bread?" He looks around for any hungry looking ninja.


3 Re: Entering Leaf Country(Arashi/Training) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:58 am

Akito Miku


The store owner glared at the thought of his bread being given away, but when he realized it was a paying customer he had a strangely good smile on his face. He turned towards Jamie and then took a sigh before telling him to go get the free bread by the boy back there. Jamie was not sure how to go about this, but decided to just listen to the old man as he bowed politely. "Thank you"

Then scurried off towards the strange boy with the bread being waved in the air as his eyes began looking at just the bread as he instinctively began going from a simple scurry to a dash before reaching out his hand and just grabbing the bread before pulling the breaks and stopping right there as he began munching on the bread like he was a hungry little squirrel eating a nut.

He looked at the boy, then at his bread, and then at the boy again as he kept chewing and munching on the bread with reckless abandon not caring about table manners as he had none to begin with. Getting crumbs on his face as he was gobbling like a greedy goblin as he was downing the bread like a bottle of water on a hot summer's day. It then finally hit him as he stopped with only a quarter of the loaf left.

"Thank you"

As he paused for a bit just standing there with the crumbs dripping from his cheeks and from the top of the eaten portion of the bread. He was not sure where to go from here, but he had to say thanks, that was all he knew right now as his mouth was slowly opening a bit as if he was waiting for someone to give him the go ahead to finish off this poor free loaf of bread.



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Staring at his bread, it suddenly disappeared, and by the time he had figured out what had happened with said bread, there was a small boy thanking him. Where did he come from? He seems okay. Staring at the boy for a few seconds, he nodded his head slowly, and held out the squished piece of bread. "You look hungry... This is mashed, but its still a bread." He said, and blinked a few times. "You could have some of this bread... I'm not... empty stomached." Arashi considered what he said, and shook his head, trying to remember how to express thought in word form. "Hungry. I'm not hungry. This is for you." He placed the bread in the boy's hand, and smiled a satisfied smile. Folding his legs, he sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. After falling asleep for 16.5 seconds, he quickly woke up, and once again turned his attention to the boy.

Not sure what else to do, he patted the seat next to himself, smiling again and making a weird sound that he thought would be nice, in order to be as welcoming as he could be. This boy didn't seem loud like most of the other people wandering around this town, and as such perhaps he would be good company. "What... What are you doing?" Arashi couldn't believe how stupid he sounded. "What's happening, I-I mean." Arashi sighed, and held his legs, regarding the boy and blinking. "Also, who's your-- what's your name?"


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Akito Miku


Jamie noticed the boy nodded as he quickly devoured the last bit of the bread before noticing he was being offered a crushed and somewhat mashed portion of bread. He was told he looked hungry and he wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing. The bread was still bread like the boy said as he reached out to take the bread.

He stopped reaching out as the boy shook his head, leaving Jamie a bit confused about the bread. Was it okay to have the bread or was there something else that had to be said. Then the boy spoke weirdly and said he was not hungry but that he may have this bread and then the boy just placed it in Jamie's hands as he got confused as the boy smiled at him. He was not sure how to smile back since he was getting a bit confused simply by the way this boy spoke.

He began eating the mashed bread as it mashed all over his face like the mash of potato smashed. The boy then patted the seat next to him as Jamie became a bit suspicious for a moment, then not sure about how to react as he moved a bit closer slowly before the boy began asking him what he was doing as he became startled and stopped dead in his tracks right near to the couch/sofa/chair(forgot which it was, will fix it later when we thread) he was about to sit on. The boy asked what was happening as Jamie was not sure what to say as he had this confused look in his eyes as he did not know how to respond then noticed he was asked who is what of his name was which did not make much sense, but he figured he could start with a name as he spoke up softly.

as he stood there silently in fear that he may have said something wrong or that he would say something wrong. He was not that used to talking to others and this seemed to be causing him a lot of trouble already as he did his best not to move until he knew what he was doing.



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Arashi watched as the boy crammed the bread into his hungry mouth, and made a small smile and gave a nod of approval. He wasn't sure it would be possible for him to fit that much bread into his mouth at once, but the crumbs coating his face quickly confirmed his suspicions, and he let out a soft laugh, and smiled wider. It had been a while since anyone had really attempted to have a real conversation with him, much less figure out what he had to say. It was nice to know that he wasn't alone in this village of loudmouths and powerful ninja. For a brief second he wondered if the boy could understand him, or if he was simply being polite because of the food he had given to him. This caused him to make a bit of a hurt face, thinking of all the people that had called him names or beaten him up due to his clear disability to form sentences, but he quickly stopped, hoping he didn't offend this new boy, hoping to have someone to converse with. He then heard the boy say his name, slowly, and luckily he was able to piece the word together.

"J...Jamie. Hi there, Jamie. I have-- My... name is Arashi." He says, struggling to get out the words, as they had a strange feeling coming off of his lips. He cleared his throat. "You... Smell quiet. Are quiet. It's cool, I am bad at wording too." He coughed and blushed at his failed sentence, and upon observing the boy again, he noticed he was as still as a statue. Did the boy think he was scary? Arashi suddenly panicked, hoping he hadn't passed out or had one of his strange episodes in the past few minutes, why else would the boy look as if he was staring at a bear about to pounce on him? This brought him back to thoughts of being a bear for a few seconds, before he quickly jumped to his feet, and looked down at the boy from his towering height. "Hey! I'm going to... Let's do... Ugh." Arashi sighs, and pulls out a pen and paper from his pocket, and begins scribbling. Perhaps if talking was too much of a pain, he could find away around it, if just for now. After finishing his scribbles, he showed Jamie his notebook.

In very soft, rounded letters read 'Hey, Jamie. I'm sorry I can't speak very well, but I don't have many friends and you seem to be amicable. I was about to go into the woods and listen to the birds for a little while, if you would like to join me. I can also get food or water or whatever you need, though I do not have much money to spare at the moment, I'd be happy to help with your basic needs.' He smiles at how legible his words were, and decided writing would be his new go-to for most conversation.


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Akito Miku


Jamie began getting confused as the nervousness he felt earlier was shifting more to his not so distant friend confusion. Jamie was willing to accept most things, but right now he did not even know what was going on so he had no idea what it was that he would have to accept. The more Jamie thought about it the more confused he became as he thought he heard a name, was it Arashi or was he just hearing voices right now as his heart was beating a bit faster.

The boy now said something that made him even more nervous as he was told he smelt quiet. What is the smell of silence, was it the smell of fear, was he being hunted as prey as he began to wonder if the bread was bait and that he was now about to be eaten like the loaf of bread he ate. He had little experience with others, even though he had met others before, the old lady was always with him back then and if he felt scared he could always hide behind her. Now all he could do was accept his fate and hope to be eaten quickly and silently without pain.

Jamie made a soft yelp sound that could not be heard by anyone, but Arashi who was the only close enough who could have heard that girlish cry for help as his heart was now beating fast and loud as the hunter towered over him. His eyes looked to be building up tears as he began clenching his right fist tightly as he was starting to be a bit shaky. Jamie looked up to the taller boy slowly as he did not know what was going to happen next, he felt the urge to run. However he had nowhere to run to and was not sure what he would be running from. He was a like a rabbit frozen in fear after being cornered by a large grizzly bear.

He closed his eyes for a moment as the bear Arashi pulled out a weapon of ink. Jamie heard scribbling sounds as he opened his eyes again and noticed the bear was writing something. He had this strange image of Arashi being a bear that he just could not shake off. He then got shown the notebook and everything seemed to make less sense now, even though it made more sense as Jamie thought thinking about it would be too confusing and just accepted the letter as it was.

Jamie took a mental note to look up amicable, as he was told to go with the bear into the woods to listen to the birds for just a while. He was being offered food and water as well as whatever he needed besides money. Jamie tried to make sense of it before blushing as he looked down a bit, a part of that made him nervous for a different reason. He was nervous because he was embarrassed, though the reason he was embarrassed was a bit silly to begin with.

"What are basic needs?" as he blushed and looked down. He could not believe he did not know something so simple and basic as basic needs.



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Arashi lets a grin slip, and laughs softly, and pokes the boy's pink cheek. "Pretty much... All with the... Money I contain. If you want." Smiling again, he squishes it before pulling his hand back and making a face. He did not mean to be that weird, but he hopes the boy wouldn't be too disturbed. He seemed to be a little shy, but he was nice enough. He holds out a few coins, and blinks a few times. Putting them in his pocket, he glances around, and walks towards the market district.

Not wanted to spend much time there, he picked up a couple of apples, and covered them in honey from a nearby stall, before biting into them happily. The amount of people here was staggering, and made Arashi feel more than a little bit nauseous. Watching the waves of people flow made him dizzy as they spun around, but suddenly his thoughts turned to Jamie. He didn't know the boy very well but he had a feeling that he wasn't accustomed to these numbers either. Unable to keep track of himself at times, he quickly grabs Jamie's hand and leads him through the bustling crowds, trying his hardest not to lose the boy. Partially, it was for himself. It would not have been the first time that he was stuck in a massive crowd, unsure of when the buildings and shops began and the people ended. Perhaps he was exaggerating, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. He got Jamie whatever he wanted, if he wanted anything, and nodded, before he decided to head into the woods.

On the walk, Arashi decided to strike up some conversation. "Jamie." He clicked his tongue a few times, and tried to think of a sentence to follow. "You wanna... Help us get stronger?" He blinks. "Each other." He didn't necessarily think that was the best conversation he could come up with, but he decided to roll with it. It was always a good idea to practice with other ninja, especially if they can teach each other a thing or two.

"I can... Have two jutsu people..." Arashi nods proudly, "It's fun to train with." He was referring to the ability of his clans pride, in which he could basically become two separate chakra hosts. "Wanna let me show you?" He plops on the ground, and presses his hands together, sighing deeply, prepared to use it if Jamie was interested.


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Akito Miku


Jamie got frightened by the huge grin and then something hit him. Jamie blinked a few times before noticing that something was poking his cheek as he was told he could have all of Arashi's money which did not make any sense at all.

A sharp pain hit Jamie's cheek as if it was pinched as the strange boy Arashi smiled again. Jamie was scared and began wondering if everyone was like this, even though the boy was nice enough to give free bread as the bread began weighing down on his better judgement. Not that he had any good judgement to begin with since the old lady did all of that for him in the past.

The boy then blinked a few times and showed him a few coins, they looked really shiny as he began to wonder if he would ever have that many shiny coins in the future. Just as he was busy thinking he noticed that Arashi was walking off and fueled mostly by curiosity he followed Arashi as he decided to accept the strange offer.

Jamie followed along as he watched Arashi grab a few apples and had them covered in honey as he bit into them happily. Jamie's eyes seemed to be glistening, though he decided not to embarrass himself or be bad and beg for the apples which looked so shiny and delicious in the honey cover. Jamie was confused and then he felt someone grab his hand as he got pulled through the scores of people as he did not even get what was going on until he realized it was Arashi's hand. Jamie began to blush again with a bright pink shade in his face as he did not understand it himself at the time since he was struggling to keep track of his emotions.

Jamie was too caught up in the moment to think about anything other than his hand being held as they finally made their way out the crowd and that was when he began to get a bit scared as they were in the woods. When did the people end and how did they get this deep into the forest.

Jamie began to wonder if he was being lead somewhere, but part of him would give mild resistance, but not enough to mean anything since he was just feeling that he should go with the flow since he knew no one else. Jamie heard his name get called out as he only gave a muffled "yes?" as an answer to his name being called out. Then he got asked if he would like to help 'us' get stronger as that became really weird for him

Arashi began talking in what seemed like riddles, mentioning us and two jutsu people who are fun to train with. Then offering to show it the young and confused Jamie noticed his hand was now free and then he looked a bit saddened as he then nodded when asked if he wanted to see.

He was too nervous to say much as he thought to himself that lots has happened and that he might as well just let Arashi show him, before he gets himself even more confused then he already is



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(I love Jamie's level of 'wtf is happening rn' i agree on a spiritual level )

Suddenly, a large poof of smoke appears in the air, and sitting in its place was a boy who looked almost exactly like Arashi himself, though his hair was very white, and his eyes were piercing as he got through the final step of the jutsu. Standing up, he regarded Jamie with a warm smile. "Hey! Sorry for dragging you everywhere today; I didn't really know if you wanted anything, so I actually slid an apple into your pocket, so..." He shrugged, before the red haired girl pops up next to him, and glares at Cloud.
'Always rambling.'
"... Yeah, whatever." He throws a rock at Kyoko, which causes her to run off into the woods, and begin to climb a tree. Turning his gaze over to Jamie, he blinked a few times, awaiting what the boy would say. He suddenly remembered his shyness, and tried not to stare him down too hard. "Where are you from, dude?"

Kyoko was swinging from branch to branch, and by the time she had gone through 3, it felt like her arms were on fire. 'Jeez... Didn't think that it would really be difficult. I have confidence, but I have to back it up with skill or I'll be a laughing stock.' Kyoko dropped down from the tree she resided on, and began looking for trees in the area Cloud and Jamie were around , and finding a good tree to start with, she began hammering down on the tree forcefully. The wood was somewhat mossy, and decaying, so she could easily land some punches and kicks, intending to see how much of the trunk she could destroy. Kick punch block I got the funky flow, m i x the flour into the bowl. Wait what? Kyoko suddenly focused on what was happening, two pissed off squirrels popped out of the rotten tree trunk, and began biting Kyoko's arms.

Cloud turned to notice Kyoko's predicament, and laughed, before turning his attention back to Jamie. "She can take care of it, it's just funny to watch to a certain degree." he said (but only if jamie isn't talking, otherwise he quiet)

Kyoko could not handle this. Did that fool realize that if she were to use any of her fire techniques, it would start a forest fire? Confident that she would get no help, she began sprinting at Cloud.
'Blow them off of me! Stop sitting around while I get eaten!' She makes a noise of pain as one of them bites her shoulder.
Cloud nods slowly, and stands, walking past Jamie, and right up to Kyoko. Breathing out, he filled his lungs with air, and blasted the small animals (and Kyoko) back a good distance. Kyoko, prepared for this, does a flip in the air and lands on her feet, grinning. They were going after Cloud, but after in their absentmindedness they didn't realize that Kyoko punted one off into the distance The remaining rabid squirrel scurried quickly back into the destroyed fortress.
"You wouldn't get eaten. Stop being a kid."

This really pissed Kyoko off.
She suddenly puts on a sweet face, and sits next to Jamie, looking him in the eyes. She tries her hardest to make it seem like her eyes sparkle and she smiles at him. She quickly snatches a piece of paper and writing utensil, and scribbles him out a note
'Hey, would you like to climb trees with me? It's very good exercise!"
She left that with him, and then again ran back to the trees, climbing up them and hanging from the branches.


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Akito Miku


Jamie looked on in anticipation, fear and deep confusion as Arashi performed his magical technique. With a large puff of smoke Arashi was now sitting down, but there was something different about him. From black hair to white was a huge change, was this the transformation technique that let's you change how you look, but he began to wonder what that had to do with what was said earlier.

Arashi of the white hair it seems stood up and gave Jamie a warm smile, this was bothering him quite a bit as he looked down with a sad face since he was not really good at smiling at all. What was even weirder was that Arashi began talking normally as he apologized for dragging him all over the place as he only noticed then that his hand was actually had light reddish area where he was held. He also apologized for not knowing if Jamie wanted anything, but in all truth all he really needed was food and a place to stay until he learned how to live on his own in this strange new world.

He was told there was an apple in his pocket as he took it out he wanted to take a bite out of it, but then someone appeared as Jamie was caught off guard he pulled back a bit and nearly fell as he regained his balance since he knew that falling might hurt a bit. She must have been really fast since he did not even see when she got there at all, was this strange girl Arashi's girlfriend and what did that make him then.

Jamie was feeling a bit out of place now that this girl showed up and said that Arashi was rambling on too much. Arashi then through a rock at the strange girl who then ran off deeper into the woods to climb a tree as Jamie did not understand what was going on right now. Jamie's heart was racing and he did not know why, but he did not like that girl who was being mean to his friend Arashi, though he wondered if they were even friends to begin with. Then Jamie began blushing when he realized that Arashi was staring at him as he got more nervous as he looked down to his side fidgeting slightly because he could not stand being still and a bit because he wanted to know what was going on.

Arashi then asked him where he was from and called him dude. "I am from somewhere..." as he got a bit annoyed and looked up to Arashi. "My name is not dude, it's Jamie", as he placed the palm of his hand on his chest to emphasized it while trying to maintain a determined and resolute face. Though he did not say it out loud so it may have just sounded like he muffled his own name and wanted to make sure Arashi knew his name well.

Jamie did not like not knowing what was going on as the girl was attacked by squirrels and they were both just watching. Jamie began wondering if he was a bad person for not helping her out. Arashi then laughed and said she could take care of herself and that it was funny to watch. Arashi did not seem to notice him and he felt like running away, but instead he ran away inside himself as he had sat down hugging his knees to his chest and was looking down to hide the tears in his eyes as he missed the old lady and missed having someone to play with.

Jamie then blushed as the strange girl sat next to him and looked into his teary eyes as the water began flowing from his eyes and down his cheeks. She then took out some weird note and asked if he would like to climb trees for exercise and before he could even say anything she had already found another tree while Arashi with white hair did not seem the same as nothing made sense. He began crying more as his tears fell on the note as he then whispered.

"I'm sorry" as Jamie got really sad thinking of how he used to play with the old lady and now that he had no one to play with he realized he missed playing with someone. Then his heart could not take it as he jumped up and began running away towards the deeper woods as he passed by Kyoko before tripping his foot over a loose branch. It seemed that Arashi stepped on a landmine of sorts,

and began running off, Arashi had stepped on a landmine of sooooooooorts



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Cloud suddenly panicked as Jamie began to run away, and he quickly got to his feet. 'What have I done...' Cloud felt guilty, wondering what he did wrong. Upon seeing Jamie trip, he frowned and scratched his head. "What are you sorry about? Did I upset you?!" Cloud called to him, and began to chase after the boy, moving deep into the woods in which he saw Jamie run. Kyoko scurried up a tree, and began jumping after Cloud, not sure what was happening. 'You probably just scared him with all of your stupid catch phrases and jerky movements' Kyoko chided helpfully. Cloud seethed, but tried to ignore her, but not without claming 'I didn't use any catch phrases'. Looking for the boy was his main focus, and he called his name, before taking a path into a deeper section of the woods.

    He had run into the thick of it, and it seemed to Cloud that he was now lost. Deep within the leafy trees, they seemed to form a wall in the distance, as the tawny tree branches knit together to form a shroud from the majority of sunlight. Looking around, he suddenly remembered the frantic misdirection of corn mazes he had done as a child, and felt a chill go down his spine. He would be terrified, if not for the song of the birds chirping nearby. He tried called Jamie's name a few times, but no audible response  awaited him. Slowing down from his run, he sighed, sitting on a fallen tree to catch his breath. He had most likely run in a different direction from Jamie, keeping them separate for the time being. Before he knew what was happening, Kyoko fell on top of him, along with the squirrels that had been angry at her earlier. Done with the bullshit, Cloud jabs his hand quickly in attempt to grab one of the squirrels-- and misses, actually punched Kyoko in the ribs. '...' '...' Following the squirrel more carefully, Kyoko quickly grabs one from her chest, while Cloud grabs one in her hair, and they both hold up their adversaries triumphantly. Not wanting to hurt wildlife, but at the same time not a huge fan of constant annoyances, Cloud tries to decide the fate of the two squirrels. Wasting no time, Kyoko tossed the squirrels into the woods, and wipes her hands on Cloud's shirt. 'Payback.'

Once again, the subject of mind turned to Jamie, and they decided to climb the trees, and call his name. "Jamieeeeeeeee! Here, Jamie Jamie!" Cloud calls from the treetops, warranting a slap from Kyoko. 'He's not a puppy.' "I didn't mean it like that." He grumbles, and calls the boy's name again, listening, and swinging towards anything he hears. Hopefully, there weren't too many wolves in the woods today. 'Jamie looks too delicious to wander in the woods alone.' Cloud decides, to multiple sarcastic retorts from Kyoko. "Seriously, I don't think he's been alone this entire time. He's had to have had someone with him, because he doesn't seem to be the independent type. So, the question is... Did he have a bodyguard, or did he lose one of his parents?" Cloud nods, while trying to piece the situation together. Suddenly, he laughs at his own 'independence'. Something strange was going on with his head when he was without Kyoko, though she was at times, insufferable. 'F#$% off, cirrus brains.' Kyoko grumbled. 'You ever think if you stopped thinking trash about me, it'd get easier?' "I don't think that much trash. What would get easier?" Stopping on a branch ahead of him, she poked his head. Cloud sighed, and tried to catch his breath, before the branch beneath him and Kyoko snapped, with them falling into a clearing into the forest.

 Luckily they only fell 6 feet and landed in a bed of leaves, so for the most part they were okay. Pulling themselves to their feet, they regarded the wolf directly ahead of them, and frowned. 'On his own, eh...?' Kyoko nodded. 'He got kicked out of his pack. I wonder what he did wrong.' The dog's blood coated head answered their question decently enough, but it was long dry, and suddenly the wolf looked hungry  "Hopefully, Jamie's nearby and can hear this, because we're going to have to fight this thing." They quickly looked around. It seemed to be a large circular clearing in the woods with a 10 meter diameter, and the wolf was directly ahead of them. 

D-rank wolf

Standing in a position that would give them a dodging advantage, they tried to evaluate their situation. The wolf wasn't advancing much, but instead he crept slowly towards them, shuffling back and forth as it got closer. As it crept within 8 meters of them, they acted fast. Cloud quickly slammed his palms together, and blasted a powerful gust of wind from his hands. The wolf attempted to dodge, but was it hit his shoulder, knocking it back. The distance between them was now 12 meters, and the wolf snarled, and hunched low on its legs. "It should be leaving now, r-right...?" Instead, the wolf charged directly at Cloud, biting at his leg, and attempting to pull him to the ground. Quickly, Kyoko forms the tiger hand seal, taking a deep breath before exhaling a stream of fire, completely encompassing the wolf, and a bit of Cloud's leg. Howling, with all the fur burnt but a small patch on it's butt, the wolf growled, limping across the small arena and continuing to watch them. Cloud felt more panic, as his wounds began to hurt badly. "Maybe he wasn't alone... Damn, my leg hurts." He looks at his shredded pants, and the blood that was coating them. In a panic, he pulled up his pants, and noticed the gruesome looking wounds, with blood slowly trickling down the side. Moving his ankle, he decided it wasn't broken, and ripped off the bottom of his pants, tying it around his wound tightly. Kyoko nods, and keeping an eye on the wolf, slowly blows out highly flammable mist, in case the wolf even tries coming at them again. 

Jutsu Used:
Gale Palm:
Name: Wind Release: Gale Palm (Fūton: Reppūshō ~ 風遁・烈風掌)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Fūton
Range: 15 metres
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: Wind Release: Gale Palm is a technique where the user releases a powerful stream of wind against their opponent. To perform this technique the user merely has to slam the palms of their hands together, holding the pose for at least a second. They then break this pose and immediately thrust the palms of their hands towards the intended target. A powerful gale will fire out from the palms of both hands towards the intended target at 12 m/s. On impact, this gale can send someone flying back 5 metres, as well as shredding clothing and causing countless 1/2-inch deep cuts on exposed flesh. It can easily knock projectiles that clash into it aside, as well as increasing the speed and penetrative power of projectiles travelling within the stream, allowing the weapons to pierce roughly half an inch deeper than normal.

Misty Flame Dance:
Name: Fire Style: Misty Flame Dance (火遁・霞炎舞 ~ Katon: Kasumi Enbu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: D.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: Katon.
Range: 10 cubic meters of gas, expelled in front of the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: The cloud lasts for 2 posts before dissipating. Ignition causes an instant fireball.
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: The user breathes deep, filling their mouth and throat with chakra. They then convert this chakra into a gaseous substance which they exhale rapidly. This gas is highly flammable, and is impossible to see without a Doujutsu. It does however, have a very distinct noxious odor. When exposed to a spark, it ignites, creating a large fireball that causes first-degree burns. This technique can be combined with another Fire Release jutsu to increase its degree of burns by 1 degree. The gas spreads at a rate of 5m/s, as do the flames when it's ignited.
Dragon Fire:
Name: Fire Style: Dragon Fire Jutsu (火遁・龍火の術 ~ Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: Without Wire: 5 meters | With Wire: 40 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 3 posts.
Description: The user forms the Tiger hand seal, filling their throat and lungs with chakra. They then exhale it in a small (max 1m diameter, cone-shaped) stream of intense flames that cause major second-degree burns on impact. While it can be used as an overt flamethrower-type offense (travelling 15m/s), its true strength is revealed when it's combined with wire (needs to be bought separately). The user can channel this attack down the surface of a series of wires, allowing for long range precision strikes that concentrate the technique's power to a single conflagration 2m in diameter, causing minor second-degree burns.
Chakra: 50/75--50/75

13 Re: Entering Leaf Country(Arashi/Training) on Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:57 pm

Akito Miku


Jamie was hurt a bit as he tripped not clearly hearing what Arashi of the white hair said, his ears were ringing a bit as he hit his ear against a stray branch. He was a bit dazed, but decided to keep running as he heard the sound of someone shouting as he ran deeper into the woods.

Jamie kept running and got a bit lost as he thought he heard someone call out his name as he finally stopped and fell with his back against a tree as he began breathing a bit, hyperventilating as his heart was racing. His mind was dizzy as he tried to figure out what was going on as well as trying to figure out why he was running in the first place.

There was not much sunlight beneath the horde of trees, with the large amount of shade it was hard to tell what time of day it was anymore, but at the very least he knew that as long as it was day time he should at least be safe as he started dozing off for a bit. Having been with the old lady he had been a bit carefree with where he sleeps since she would always watch over him, but now he was doing something very dangerous since he was now sleeping alone in the woods.

Jamie was dreaming a bit as he heard birds chirping and some strange voice calling out to him, he kept reaching out but could not find where the sound was coming from. The dream was rather peaceful, but for some reason he felt troubled having not yet realized he was dreaming as he ran through the wheat fields in his dreams.

As some time passed he began hearing voices from the sky, as they kept calling out his name. Jamie was a rather sound sleeper, though part of it was due to hitting his ear earlier. Things were not too good for the small boy as soon a pack of wolves had spotted him, there were at least four of them as they realized they had a free meal for the day. Though even as wolves they were a bit suspicious of a human child asleep in the woods having experienced the loss of other wolf pack members to humans with magical powers known as ninjutsu and strange weapons sharper then a wolf's claws.

The wolf pack were about to engage and eat their prey as they were within a few meters they noticed a fiery light and realized there was fire nearby, and on instinct as well as previous experiences the four wolves retreated as some of the sound and the light itself caused Jamie to wake from his sleep. The fire made him think of the old lady as well as food since fire was used to make food as he began making his way towards the location of the strange fire.

Jamie was just walking and that was when he saw Arashi, Kyoko and the Wolf. Arashi of the white had his pants torn really badly and had some kind of leg wound as Jamie felt a bit worried and decided that he had to accept that they were in danger so he had no time to be running around crying. Even though he did not even understand why he was doing it in the first place, misunderstanding his own emotions.

The wolf was moving closer and that was when Jamie appeared, he performed a quick jutsu as several small little fireballs were flying towards the wolf as it looked on one hit it on the back, another on the tail and the other few hit it on the leg and then again on the back, before the wolf realized this was too much and began running away as the rest of the flames missed. Though the other six were going to miss anyways as he was just aiming to chase it away. The wolf ran with its burnt tail between its legs as Jamie looked down as part of him felt like he was a super hero for a moment. Then he noticed the two of them and moved closer and then stopped to say something.

"Are you okay Arashi?" as he had not heard the other name as well as not fully understanding who this Kyoko was as he still wondered when Arashi would show him that technique, since he did not understand how getting white haired helped at all.

Jutsu Used:

Name: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu (火遁・鳳仙火の術 ~ Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: C.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Katon.
Range: 15 meters.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description: The user inhales deeply, flooding their throat and mouth with chakra. They then expel this chakra in the form of ten tiny spheres of fire. These spheres all travel at 10m/s, and are about the size of a basketball. On impact, each small fireball deals first-degree burns. Projectiles can also be hidden inside the fireballs, though any cuts from them are cauterized. While this is a C-rank technique, it produces many small spheres which each function as E-rank projectile jutsu (meaning 4 of them can break one D-rank defense).

Chakra = 135/150



No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

14 Re: Entering Leaf Country(Arashi/Training) on Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:35 pm



Gritting his teeth, Cloud watched as the once seemingly threatening wolf was pelted by numerous small fireballs, and a look of triumph crossed his face. Plopping down on the ground, he sighed and stared at the ugly wound on his leg. "I should learn medical ninjutsu," he decides, "so I don't have to worry about getting hurt." He looks around for something better to bandage his wound, but decides a trip to the hospital would probably do. He scratched his head, and watched as Jamie walked over to the two of them. He asked if he was okay, causing him to break out in a grin. "Yeah, haha. Thanks little dude." He stretches out on the ground, and looks up at him. "Not to be too confusing, but I usually just go by Cloud. Arashi is what I've been called for so long, but its more of a nickname, not my birthname." He looks at the ground. "It means 'abomination'." Cloud laughs weakly, and glances to the side again, for the first time feeling a little uncomfortable going by Arashi. "I haven't shown this to many people yet, so I could understand if you're a little confused." He nods. "Whenever I use my clan's special technique, I split into two separate chakra entities, which is me, and... her." Kyoko flips Cloud the bird, causing him to laugh a soft laugh. "We don't get along very well, though. So it's a little difficult." He ruffles Kyoko's hair, prompting her to bite him halfheartedly.

Cloud shakes his hand, and looks deep into Jamie's eyes, and smiles a little bit, trying to seem as trustworthy as possible. "So, if I may ask... What prompted you to run earlier? Whats on your mind, I guess." He asks, trying not to bombard the boy with questions. He threw a rock at a tree, and turned back to Jamie. He was very curious about his story, however, but he wouldn't pressure him for answers. Instead he decided to tell a little about himself. "I've been living here for the better part of a year, I was born in a village full of my clan-mates, but..." He made a grimace as he remembered the murderous ninja whom, upon realizing they could not possibly learn the clan's heralded technique, went through and systematically cut all of the important members in half. "... Anyway, I had a brother who lived with me in Kirigakure for a little while, but eventually we went to Konoha on an errand, and..." He grimaces again. "I don't know. I haven't seen him in a long time."
He scratches his wrist, and sighs, feeling a little morose from talking about his dead family, fully ready to listen to Jamie if is willing to talk about himself. Him and Kyoko both scoot a little closer to the soft voiced boy, but hopefully not enough to make him uncomfortable.

"Thats me. Where do you come from? And do you want to head back to the village?" He asks, feeling a weird feeling in his chest all of the sudden, but he quickly ignored it.


15 Re: Entering Leaf Country(Arashi/Training) on Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:14 pm

Akito Miku


Jamie was proud of himself, though he was a bit more worried about his friend Arashi. Watching the wound he wondered if Arashi would be okay. He mentioned something about medical ninjutsu, but it was not something that was easy to learn or at least not that he knew of.

Jamie watched the head scratching and then thought about whether having an itchy head was a good thing or not. Arashi had a weird grin and then said thanks before telling him not to be confused and that he usually goes by the name Cloud, and that he has been called Arashi for a long time which did not make any sense at all.

Cloud Arashi said his name meant abomination as Jamie just tilted his head slightly as if confused or dubious. Though Jamie wondered if it was okay for him not to laugh with Arashi, even though he was not sure if he had to call him Cloud or Arashi.

Jamie finally understood to some degree, though he was not sure why he called himself two chakra entities, when it was more like they were two totally different people. Kyoko did something weird as Cloud began laughing as Jamie decided to just accept that Arashi was two people even though it sounded more like two people who were both crazy at the same time.

Jamie watched as Cloud ruffled Kyoko's hair and then noticed her bite him back as he began to feel a bit jealous of the hair ruffle. Jamie did not realize it immediately as Cloud asked him what made him run away earlier and what was on his mind and as he was thinking that he felt that strange feeling again as he blushed and pulled his hand away not noticing his hand was being held again.

Rock throwing, and looking back to him, Jamie was not really sure what was going on with Cloud and wasn't Kyoko and Cloud similar in a weird way is what he began thinking. Jamie took a deep breathe and was about to say something, but then Cloud began with a monologue of sorts. The story seemed to go that Cloud had been living here for a good long year and was born in a village full of clan members and that he was born in the Hidden Mist village and later traveled with his brother to the village of the Hidden Leaf.

Jamie did not understand all of it and was not sure how he was suppose to react to that. He noticed Cloud scratching his wrist and sighing. Jamie decided to sit down during all this though he was a bit anxious, and then they moved a bit closer as he hugged his knees tighter to his chest. They seemed to stop and gave him some space as his grip on his legs was lessening though he was still hugging them a bit tight.

He was asked if he wanted to go back to the village and was also asked a bit about himself.
"Not sure, I was found somewhere out there", as Jamie looked down at the ground while still hugging his knees tight as he had a pain in his chest, though he felt he had to at least say something to be fair.
"Do you know where the village is?", as he gave an even sadder look as if he was a lost child his hair falling in the middle before blowing to the side slightly from a passing wind. It was then that Cloud and Kyoko may have noticed, but Jamie's feet were bleeding underneath. He had actually stepped on some hard stones and a few thorns while he was running, he had not acquired any shoes yet but it was normally not a problem before. He had been sheltered too long to know that he needed to keep some protection for his feet, or that he had to look more carefully when he was running.

Jamie himself did not even realize that he might not be able to stand anymore cause of this very reason, and even Cloud had some wound himself. The situation may have been getting rather darker and the sun was starting to dim for some reason. Though Jamie had lost track of the time a long time ago, so he did not really know how long it had been since they met or since he got into the village.



No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

16 Re: Entering Leaf Country(Arashi/Training) on Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:14 pm



Although he was still extremely curious about where Jamie came from, it seemed that he didn't really seem to know himself, which Cloud believed to be an acceptable. Trying to get to his feet, he wobbled a little before a biting pain in his leg caused him to shift his weight to his uninjured leg. Testing weight on it again, he quickly sit back down and grimaced. The more weight he put on the worse the pain, and this worried Cloud greatly. He held his leg carefully, and Kyoko gave a slightly panicked look as the sun began to set. Racking her brain for the time, she decided she had no idea and pointed in the direction of the village. ‘Remember that direction.’ Cloud nodded as Kyoko began looking around for something to use as a splint mechanism.

Observing Jamie, he noticed the grass by his feet to be dripping with a crimson liquid that could only be deemed as blood, and he suddenly felt less alone on the pain train. Feeling pity for his friend-o, he gently moved his hair out of his face, and smiled. “Let me see your feet…” He mumbles, and observes his feet, trying to act like it wasn't in bad shape, but Cloud wasn't sure how it felt. It seemed like it wasn't bleeding too heavily, but the sight of his friend in pain felt like an icicle in his heart, and he felt a little sad. “Damn, I didn't realize you didn't have any shoes…” He says quietly, instinctively reaching to rub his back, but stopping halfway, unsure if this boy wanted to be touched at this moment. He felt guilty, still believing it was his fault Jamie ran off. Hoping he didn't cause this, he once again took to looking at his eyes when they were available. For some reason he really enjoyed the soft rust colored pools, and got somewhat lost in them before blushing a deep pink and pretending he was playing with a stick. He felt like a dumbass, and flopped onto his stomach.

Kyoko soon returned with a few branches as well as vines, and set to work on supporting Cloud’s injured leg. Cloud gave her a weak smile, and flipped over, enjoying the respite in the lush grass. Glancing over to Jamie’s feet, Kyoko felt a feeling of dread at all the blood, but upon realizing it wasn't serious enough to hurt him, she felt a little relieved, and thought of how she could fix it. Upon ripping a scarf out of Cloud’s bag, he quickly tried to protest as she ripped it in half, but stopped when he noticed she began to wrap the soft cotton around Jamie’s injured feet, and it began to soak up some stray blood, while stopping the bleeding for the time being. “She says sorry for not having any tape, just don't move your feet too much.”

At this point, Kyoko looked at the sky, and noticed that the tangerine sun was sinking deeper into the horizon, and came dangerously close to being blocked by the thick groves of trees. Unable to jump through the trees with Cloud’s injured leg she quickly decided that the sooner they moved back through the woods, the better off they would be when it came to wild animals or bandits. A howl in the distance confirmed her thoughts, and she quickly turned to Cloud. ‘We have to leave now’ she communicated somewhat frantically, and Cloud nodded slightly, and tried once again to stand. This time, he was able to stay on his feet, and slowly tested equally distributing his weight. Upon success, he smiled.

Right as Kyoko was about to start walking ahead, Cloud asked her to carry Jamie, causing her to sigh deeply, and give Cloud a look that says ‘do it yourself’. She was slightly salty for a bit before looking back to the leg Cloud was limping on. She sighed again, and looked over to Jamie. She wasn't usually a pack mule, but as it seemed Jamie could not walk and Cloud could hardly stand, it was her duty to help the boy back to safety. She crouched in front of him, exposing her back and butt (accidentally) before gesturing for him to get on her back. Cloud nodded at Jamie, and began to make his way back through the woods.

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Akito Miku


Jamie watched as Cloud tried to get to his feet and was wobbling, as Jamie wanted to help him up he tried to stand, but as soon as he pressed his foot on the ground a sharp pain hit him. Jamie was flinching slightly as he stopped trying to stand and sat with his legs crossed for a moment to see his own feet as he had a bewildered and confused look on his face.

Jamie began observing the strange girl Kyoko, she seemed a bit cool looking. Though he started thinking she was a squirrel with how hyperactive she seemed, not realizing he could be just as hyper as her when given the chance. Jamie was watching Kyoko, completely clueless to the other gaze that was placing itself upon him. Then something moved his hair out of his face as he turned and saw Cloud's face up close as his heart began pacing and his face flushed pink straight away as Cloud was smiling at him. He was not sure what to do and was asked to let him see his feet as he hugged his knees to his chest again and simply lifted the front of his foot to angle it up a bit so he could look at it.

When Cloud mentioned that he did not realize he had no shoes he blushed even more then looked to the side. He felt like this meant that it was bad not to have shoes, but he did not really like shoes that much to begin with since most of them were too hard for him to wear. Jamie noticed Cloud came even closer not realizing there was arm behind him as he leaned back only to feel it as he felt a sharp pins and needles feeling running up his spine, which was simply a reflex of fear and shock since it was unexpected. Cloud kept looking into Jamie's eyes and feeling like it was an attempt at a hug, Jamie leaned forward and snuggled his forehead against the top of Cloud's stomach just below the chest area.

For some reason Cloud went and plopped down on his stomach and began playing with a stick. Jamie nearly looked like he was going to laugh, but a strange expression showed his mind was not actually sure how to react to it. He tried to laugh, but the laugh was not coming out and he did not even realize he made an attempt at it.

Then the fiery red hair returned as he looked on as she stood with a presence that made her seem like a really strong girl. Though Jamie was not too accustomed to interacting with girls even though he was raised by an old lady and at one point got taught a few ninjutsu by a wandering lady. She had a few branches and some vines as he began to wander if they were seaweed since they had a similar appearance. She began doing something strange as he watched her placing the sticks and vines around Cloud's leg. Did this mean she was like the old lady and did some basic first aid of sorts as he watched her thinking she was skillful, even though the old lady was also just a basic first aider and nowhere near the level of a medical shinobi.

Jamie's mind was trailing off when all of a sudden he heard the sound of some clothing being pulled out as he looked and saw a large scarf, then she ripped it in half like it was nothing as he began to wonder if Kyoko was really strong or if the scarf was really weak. Before he could react, Jamie fell back as he flinched a bit in pain as he felt some soft cloth wrapping around his right foot as he gripped the ground with his hands. His look of pain was rather clear but he was blushing as well since he felt some embarrassment about this. As he was resisting it he felt the other foot getting wrapped as well as he just laid back his fingers hurt a bit since the ground was not soft enough for him to grip into it as weak as he was right now.

He felt the pain stop and then heard Kyoko apologize about not having any tape as he thought about tape and started feeling dread at how painful that may have been. As he was thinking this he noticed her look up to the sky and as if contagious he also looked up to the sky, the beautiful colors of the sun which always changed colors and he began to wonder where he would be sleeping now.

Just as things were looking dark, in a literal sense he noticed that Kyoko was crouching in front of him, as he looked at her back and then wondered why she was pushing out her butt so much. He struggled to move his feet to the back of him as he shifted them sideways to get onto his knees and then he grabbed hold of her shoulder and the other hand pressed on her back accidentally tugging on her hair. He carefully climbed up on her back as his knee hit her against the butt as he wrapped the one leg around her waist and his other knee hit her softly in the back as he got his other leg wrapped around her waist as well. He was used to being carried around as he held her around her neck gently showing he was experienced when it came to riding on someone's back. Though the old lady would sometimes just tie him to her back since when he got really tired he would sometimes slide back and start strangling her accidentally, before losing grip and completely falling off. Either way Jamie held on and her back felt warm as he opened his mouth. "Kyoko is nice" as he ended up falling asleep as it was time for them to head back to the village, or at the very least find a safe spot to camp out for the night or get to the nearest hospital.

Thus Jamie started dreaming again


(( Kyoko's hair is red like Jamie's? they might look like brother and sister lols ))


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Trekking through the trees, Clouds mind began wandering as he watched the branches shake as squirrels hopped between their branches, and smiled, looking at Jamie and Kyoko. They kind of looked like squirrels as well. Since Kyoko was carrying Jamie, she was unable to hit Cloud, and as such she glared instead, and shifted the boys weight on her back. Cloud picked up a stick to lean some of his weight on, and continued his journey through the leaves. Hearing a rustling beside them, Cloud quickly turns to see what the commotion is, hoping it isn't a pack of wolves. Luckily, it was just a small family of rabbits. They hopped about, causing Cloud to break out in another smile. Looking around, it seemed they were out of the thick of it, and Cloud now knew the direction back into town.

After some more walking, Cloud was nearly limping as they reached the hospital, and he breathed a sigh of relief as day turned to night. Safely inside the village, Cloud felt all of his worries dissappear, and he gave a quick thumbs up to jamie. "We made it! And in onE piece, too." He grinned. Walking inside, Cloud tried to get service while Kyoko put Jamie down on the seat beside herself, and waited. The waiting room seemed extremely clean, and they suddenly became concious of how they were covered in mud, leaves, and various sized twigs. Pulling a few out of her hair, Kyoko sighed, and got a few out of Jamie''s hair as well, putting them gently on the table besife them. She wasn't very injured herself, so she decided she would wait in the waiting room until they were finished. Quickly falling asleep, Cloud turned and looked at Jamie. “Hope they can heal your feet. See you soon, buddy.”


Stat Training:
Speed: E -> D3 (-1925)
Endurance: E -> D (-750)
Perception: E -> E3 (-450)
Reaction Time E - D (-750)

800 words, C rank Fire Clone Jutsu (20% clan reduction for clone techniques)

64 words remaining
- 200 ryo

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Akito Miku


Jamie was dreaming as he laid upon Kyoko's back, he had been exhausted as well from the adventure he had that day. He found his first village with the large gate, he met the two strange men by the gate and he later met the store owner of the bakery. He tasted some deliciously plain bread as he was vaguely dreaming of the day that had just passed.

Then in his dream he saw a cool looking guy with jet black hair holding a sword made of bread as he shouted out that he should accept this sword and face him in battle. Jamie simply nodded as he seemed to be going with the flow of the dream as the wind began to blow as the world around them transformed into a field of tall bamboo trees and they stood facing each other each equipped with a sword made of bread.

They dashed towards one another before they made contact as the bread clashed the fluffy fluff and the crunchy crust laid splattered on the battle field as Jamie looked back with sadness and apologized as the words could not come out. The man with jet black hair split in half by the might of his bread coated sword slash. As tears rolled down Jamie's eyes the man with jet black hair fell into two halfs and then something strange happened.

From the first half came a ghost of hair as white as snow and eyes as blue as the ocean depths, then from the other half came a feral demon with hair red like fire and eyes burning with the passion of a wild beast in heat as she vanished leaving a trail of destruction before battling giant kung fu squirrels, A voice from the sky spoke to him and told him to run away.

Jamie ran and ran as the explosions of the heated battle between the squirrels, the feral demon girl and the ghostly boy continued. Then before Jamie stood a giant house sized wolf who glared down at the small boy and howled as a voice came out saying that none shall pass. With no other choice Jamie had to fight to run away as he unleashed a giant fire jutsu of ten fire balls that hit the wolf as it tilted to the side there was a gap as Jamie dashed through before feeling a pain

His feet were drenched in flames as they were burning, then the feral demon and the ghost appeared as the feral demon removed the fires with her magic and the ghost gave some of his spirit to protect the boy's feet as the feral demon wrapped them around. A voice told him not to run away, for they were his friends.

After that long dream he thought he heard someone say everything would be alright, before passing out again as he was carried to a hospital bed.


2000 [Fire Element Training C -> B]
+1925 [Reaction Training E -> D3 (75 + 150 + 225 + 300 + 325 + 400 + 450)]
+1000 [C-Rank Jutsu Training Whirlwind]
+1000 [C-Rank Jutsu Training Galeforce]

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No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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