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Kai Mishima

Kai Mishima

Symbol:Kansen-Suru [Revamp] OyWr3GX

Kansen-Suru [Revamp] FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Kansen-Suru
Location: Scattered

  • Kansen-Suru [Revamp] SdkTfQI Ninjutsu


  • Kansen-Suru [Revamp] JLfQgT5 Futon
  • Kansen-Suru [Revamp] Tvy0epc Doton
  • Kansen-Suru [Revamp] JHMy3Vk Jiton  

Kansen-Suru [Revamp] HhU72Pp
Clan History: Little is known regarding the origin of the advanced nature long since identified as magnet release. Like many other advanced elements there have historically been a multitude of examples showcasing individuals and families possessing the ability to wield jiton without any apparent blood relation. Once a closely guarded secret held in both Kumogakure and Sunagakure, examples of Magnet release lying dormant and unused, or even weaponized  have been recorded, although exceedingly rare outside of those places. Most in academia agree that Jiton and all of the other advanced natures can all be traced back to the shinju, the progenitor of all chakra. Advocates of this theory cite the existence of advanced nature manipulation inherent in several of the tailed beasts and the ability of Jinchiruki to tap into those same powers as proof. The prevailing theory in such circles subscribes to the notion that residual chakra pollution in the areas the tailed beasts once inhabited before capture could remain for many years after they had left due to its sheer density and power. In some instances, the inhabitants of such areas may have, after continued exposure, had their own chakra pathways irreversibly altered over time, leading to the appearance of the abilities existing in human bloodlines.

In this scenario, Jiton’s appearance in humankind would be directly tied to the presence of the One-Tailed beast Shukaku, seemingly the only example of Jiton predating human use of the advanced nature. Due to Shukaku’s affiliation with the desert, being mostly comprised of sand itself, and its historical significance to Sunagakure, Jiton in humans has come to be widely believed to stem from the deserts of the wind country, with families exhibiting the power believed to have migrated away before the establishment of the shinobi villages. With at least three known cases of Kazekage who were wielders of the rare ability, Jiton is held with a great deal of reverence within Sunagakure.

Members: Aoyagi, Jiwan

Kansen-Suru [Revamp] Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Kansen-Suru [Revamp] JHMy3Vk Magnet Release (磁遁, Jiton, Magnet Style)
Kekkei Genkai Description: An advanced nature transformation utilizing both Doton and futon in order to create and manipulate magnetic forces. An oddity even amongst other advanced nature transformations, magnet release is unique in that it is the only known advanced nature transformation that appears incapable of being used alone as a direct offense, instead using the nature in combination with other jutsu or tools to fulfill a variety of purposes. By far the most common use of Jiton is the magnetization and manipulation of magnetic objects, typically in the form of metals. Those objects are then used offensively or defensively as needed at the whim of the user. Notably, a Kansen-Suru does not need Bukijutsu to infuse an object with a magnetic charge.

User's of jiton rely on a unique magnetic property inherent to their chakra that allows them dominion, theoretically, over all forms of magnetism depending on the strength and mastery the user holds over their power. This is done through the creation and manipulation of magnetic fields using their own chakra. These fields are generated from within the user's person and may be sent out, but always originate from their chakra. Magnet release user's are able to affect any naturally magnetic materials according to their will, as well as magnetize matter which would normally have very weak or no inherent magnetic properties. These charges have, in some cases displayed the ability to be passed on to another object or surface through direct contact. Matter that has been in the possession of magnet release user's for extended periods of time is also known to take on magnetic properties associated with the user's abilities. To this point, there has been no recorded evidence that demonstrates Magnet Release's ability to be used living things.

One of the more common tools utilized with Jiton is metallic sand, whether it be gold, iron ect. These materials, when introduced to a magnetic charge, are easy for the user to control. When molded by a user of Jiton, these tools are able to retain the shape that the user casts them in, so long as the user is in direct contact with them for no additional cost [manipulating them beyond this will still incur a chakra cost]. Additionally, constructs such as weapons that are crafted from sands are able to be wielded in combat as if the user possessed Bukijutsu [though jutsu cannot be used through them unless they wielder actually possesses Bukijutsu as a spec].

Jiton cannot be trained on its own and can only have its ranked increased by ranking up the lowest base element. The rank of an Kansen-Suru's Jiton's is equal to the lowest of its two parent elements. Ie. if an Kansen-Suru has S rank Fuuton and B rank Doton, Jiton is B rank, likewise if an Kansen-Suru has A rank Doton and C rank Fuuton, their Jiton will be C rank. Jiton automatically ranks up when the lowest constituent element does, though; in this way, Jiton may be an SS-rank element. A Kansen-Suru begins with their primary element at C, and their secondary at C.

Drawbacks: The rank of a user’s Jiton element is equivalent to the lowest rank of the required base elements. Jiton cannot be trained on its own and can only have its ranked increased by ranking up the lowest base element. Jiton users are completely incapable of learning or training an element that is not Jiton itself or one of the two required base elements. In addition, members of this clan must take the Hesitant (Specialization) characteristic without a positive counterbalance.

Weapons shaped via iron sand are not quite as durable as those made via the proper forging process. As a result, weapons shaped via magnetic sands are able to be broken by techniques of one rank lower than normal [This is requiring two techniques of one rank below the weapon created].

There exists a clear “tell” in all members of this clan which can be used to identify them as such, as well as, with proper information, be used to prepare for incoming attacks. When using Jiton jutsu above B-Rank, dark circles (similar to those of a tanuki) will appear around the users eyes.

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